These California beaches have long been off-limits. But public outrage is changing the tide

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Behind the exclusive gates of Hollister Ranch are some of California’s most-coveted beaches and surf breaks. Few have had the chance to visit them.

But earlier this month, after decades of pushback and stalemates, state officials passed through these gates with the cooperation of the ranch’s powerful…

Heated tobacco product touted as safer alternative to cigarettes is no less dangerous than smoking, studies find

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In 30 countries around the world, consumers can slide a roll of dried tobacco into a sleek device, heat it to 350 degrees and inhale. The result is a hit of nicotine that feels like it’s coming from a traditional cigarette without producing any smoke.

Tobacco giant Philip Morris International wants…

MacArthur winner Sarah Stewart explores how random collisions shaped our planet and solar system

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As a young Trekkie, Sarah Stewart knew she wanted to study distant worlds. But as a kid, she never imagined where that interest would lead.

“Nobody as a little child thinks, I’m going to grow up and have a lab full of cannons,” said Stewart, a planetary scientist who was awarded a “genius” fellowship…

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