The more humans spread, the smaller other mammals get. Elephants, rhinos and hippos had better watch out

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Thirteen thousand years ago Southern California was crawling with enormous mammals — all of which are extinct today.

There were massive mammoths three times bigger than modern-day elephants, giant ground sloths up to 20 feet in length, and strange, armadillo-like beasts known as glyptodons that…

Organs from drug overdose victims could save the lives of patients on transplant waiting list

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The widening tragedy that is the U.S. drug-overdose epidemic could have an improbable silver lining: for the 120,000 desperate Americans on the waiting list for a donated organ, the line could get a little shorter.

In 2000, only 149 organs from donors who suffered a fatal drug overdose were transplanted…

Take a little off the top: How visits to the barbershop helped reduce blood pressure in African American men

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When a customer opens the well-worn door to Eric Muhammad’s barbershop in Inglewood, he’ll be looking to relax in the comfort and camaraderie of a neighborhood meeting place and maybe to take a little off the top or sides.

If that visitor is among the close to 40% of African American men with high…

Danger posed by drivers who smoke pot on 4/20 is similar to drunk drivers on Super Bowl Sunday

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Here’s a pro tip from a couple of doctors: Be sure to make special plans on April 20.

That date, of course, is the unofficial holiday devoted to celebrating all things marijuana. (You might know it better as “4/20.”)

The two physicians — John Staples of the University of British Columbia and Donald…

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