Am I a data scientist?

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Last night I gave a very short talk (less than 5 min­utes) at the Mel­bourne Ana­lyt­ics Char­ity Christ­mas Gala, a com­bined event of the Sta­tis­ti­cal Soci­ety of Aus­tralia, Data Sci­ence Mel­bourne, Big Data Ana­lyt­ics and&nbs
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Sta­tis­ti­cians seem to go through reg­u­lar peri­ods…

Agile Newspeak

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Every time and again, I go back to the “4 ways that agile is declining post” to see if it is still relevant. I don’t get disappointed.
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They are doing scrum, they’ll tell you. The top management who brought trainers and coaches before to introduce scrum, don’t understand why scrum doesn’t work. This is not a scrum-but….

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) for dummies

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Although there is a lot of buzz
around cloud computing, it will not solve the problems of all the IT companies.
One size fits all is not yet valid in
the information technology world, which is disparate and needs several
solutions to address its various problems. The traditional data centers that
operate in-house will continue to be relevant to certain types of
organizations. It is also a fact…

Big data – interpreting unstructured information

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One of the main points emphasized when describing big
data is that it processes large volumes of unstructured data. Some experts on this subject disagree with this. Log
files and click streams are not actually unstructured, according to them. They
lack clarity and have variable structures at times, they opine. It is a
different matter, however, that even if this data was structured and…

Promises You Can Trust

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JavaScript Promises provide a strong programming model for the future of JavaScript development.

So here I’m playing with promises.

First I need a bit of a package.json file: {
“name”: “promises”,
“scripts”: {
“test”: “node node_modules/mocha/bin/mocha”
“devDependencies”: {
“chai”: “^1.10.0”,
“mocha”: “^2.0.1”

Hadoop 101: An Explanation of the Hadoop Ecosystem

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Big data is taking off in 2014. More companies than ever are finding uses for it, both for managing everyday business routines and for finding solutions to complex business problems. It’s quickly moving away from it’s position as a hype word and establishing itself as a viable technology for businesses and entities both big and small.
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Internationalization using

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Internationalization refers to automatically showing localized text in your pages for users visiting your site from different regions in the world or localizing the site content based on the language preference chosen by the user.
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This article provides details about using plugin to localize the content at…

An Introduction to BDD Test Automation with Serenity and JUnit

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Serenity BDD (previously known as Thucydides) is an open source reporting library that helps you write better structured, more maintainable automated acceptance criteria, and also produces rich meaningful test reports (or “living documentation”) that not only report on the test results, but also what features have been tested.
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QUIZ: What’s Your Developer Personality?

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Welcome to the Developer Personality Quiz! After some inspiration from Alistair Doulin’s Programmer Personality Test, I’ve created my own more extensive personality test for developers. Below are links to the short and full versions of the quiz.  The short version is 25 questions (approx. 4 min.) and the full version has 62 (approx. 9 min.).
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Web, Mobile and IoT distributed database requirements

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Excitement and interest in mobile apps and the Internet of Things continues to grow at an accelerated pace. Vendors are rushing to lay claim to these terms in any way they can. Today DataStax is the latest to jump on the bandwagon, announcing “DSE 4.6 – The Leading Database Platform for IOT, Web and Mobile Applications”.  That is a lofty claim, followed by a press release that nowhere…

Agile teams deliver continuously

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Agile teams deliver
continuously. Which means;
must be integrated continuously 
must be tested continuously
Each story is
integrated to the master or develop branch once competed. Ideally small code
increments are integrated to master/develop as progress is made within a
story. Each story is tested
immediately. First with unit tests, then with integration tests…

On Setting Your Initial WIP Limits

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During a recent training course, I was asked how their team should calculate the initial WIP limits for a team starting out with Kanban. Now, the correct answer is that you need to experiment; find the WIP limit that is low enough to identify bottlenecks & promote a smooth flow, but is still high enough not to artificially create bottlenecks. This answer is all well & good to refine the…

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