Evolution in Software Development

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Evolution can be cited as a metaphor for iterative development: every new iteration (or commit at an ideal smallest scale) produces a shippable, new version of the software that has evolved from the previous one. Really simplifying the process, and skipping some steps for simplicity, we can see something like:
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Evolution can be…

Bayes Factors vs P-values

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Bayesian analysis and Frequentist analysis often lead to the same conclusions by different routes. But sometimes the two forms of analysis lead to starkly different conclusions.

The following illustration of this difference comes from a talk by Luis Pericci last week. He attributes the example to “Bernardo (2010)” though I have not been able to find the exact reference.

How to Stop Worrying and Get Productive

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Whatever you make of self-help, and whether you take this to constitute a form of it or not, I here present the top-most three means that I found over the years to get productive. I believe they are the simplest, yet most effective, of all methods to be productive and efficient. But do not limit yourself to any, this offers but good start.

Productivity is certainly relative. For our purposes a…

Geek Reading April 23, 2015

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Three great articles lead off our day. First, Seth Godin prompts us to raise our standards and to make sure we have a boss that wants the same. In business, complacency can mean death. Fred Wilson at AVC talks about “dumbing things down”. More appropriately, if you really want to win you need to make complex things much simpler. Google finally announces their “wireless plan” called Fi. It…

Geek Reading April 22, 2015

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There are plenty of interesting articles today. First, WordPress releases v4.1.2, which is mostly a security release. Mobilegeddon began and Google Webmaster Central has a nice FAQ about the update. Mattias Geniar talks about Magento eCommerce PHP remote code execution. NCC Group tells a story about recovering user data from a TrueCrypt drive. Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not include an…

Goodbye to the Knowledge Worker?

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It’s now almost five decades since Peter Drucker discussed the concept of the knowledge worker in his 1966 book The Effective Executive, as he emphasised the growing importance of the “team”, and encouraged recognition of the value of employees. The term was created as an antonym of the “manual worker”, as a way to describe those people within the organisation whose value…

Code Golf: Digit Print

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When it comes to ingenuity, Code Golf is my absolute favorite thing in the developer space. Code Golf, like the game of golf, is an exercise in brevity – the fewest lines of code and the smaller the file size, the better. It requires creativity, knowledge of your craft, and perseverance.So in order to showcase the brightest members of our community, DZone will be holding a weekly Code Golf…

3 Tips for Picking the Right Test Automation Tool

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For app developers across different industries, software testing and defect mitigation has often been seen as a chore. As agile operations become more important for businesses, quality assurance teams not only have to fix bugs, but they are expected to do so much faster than ever before. The only way to accomplish this is to have automation assets like test management tools that will keep track…

What Computer Games Can Teach Us About Maturity Models: Choose Your Own Devops Adventure

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To use maturity models or not is an eternal question that Agile and DevOps coaches struggle with. We all know that maturity models have some weaknesses, they can easily be gamed if they are used to incentivise and/or punish people, they are very prone to the Dunning-Kruger effect and often they are vague.
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Who would have thought that…

One on Ones or “Get to Know Your Team”

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After blogging about advice for individual contributors and performance rating preparation, I will spend the next few months blogging about good practices for supervisors. This is close to my heart as I fully subscribe to what a former boss once told me: “There is no point complaining about our work culture, start with your part of the organisation and make it a great place to work. The further…

Spliting a Node in a Tree

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If we grow a tree with standard functions in R, on the same dataset used to introduce classification tree in some previous post,

> MYOCARDE=read.table(
+ “http://freakonometrics.free.fr/saporta.csv”,
+ head=TRUE,sep=”;”)
> library(rpart)
> cart<-rpart(PRONO~.,data=MYOCARDE)

we get
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Different ways of splitting a node…

iPad Changing the Way You Learn

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How did
you learn your subjects? All of us would state books and notebooks to
be the primary sources. Boring and uneventful, we spent a lot many
hours behind those pages. Not any longer. iPad is changing the way we
learn and interact with studies.

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How did you learn your subjects? All of us would state books and notebooks to be the…

Geek Reading April 17, 2015

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Well, it is obviously data day because there are a lot of data-related articles today. Google Cloud Platform announced the availability of Google Cloud Dataflow. Docker and Microsoft released a Docker Client for Windows. For those of you who want some light reading, High Scalability talks about the Google Borg paper.

As always, enjoy today’s items, and please participate in the discussions on…

Geek Reading April 16, 2015

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I normally don’t talk much about acquisitions, but the Nokia purchase of Alcatel-Lucent is for a large $16.6 Billion. You don’t see those types of deals too often, and it shows the direction that Nokia is moving in. Gina Maini talks about no longer being an inspiration, or more directly, becoming part of programming culture. It is an excellent read with a different perspective on the “women…

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