Watch Kachi Chan’s spare, trippy, otherworldly visuals

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Modern Jazz musician Olivier Cong’s two-part song “Delusion” inspire designer Kachi Chan to create a black and white space-themed series of visuals. Prepare to leave your body!

Kachi has also done some gorgeous color work in the same vein, like Amelioration, a collaboration between visual designer Chan and fashion designer Matt Hui:

It’s a story about one tries to breakthrough his shackles and express his true self underneath. The fashion piece is composed of 2 pieces, the outer one is a metallic-look cape made with reflective PU material; the inner is a soft, light tulle dress with controllable LED lights. The runway performance depicts the process of the metallic shell being broken through and the inner true self is revealed as the tulle dress. The video as part of the performance interacts with the fashion model to stage the process of transformation.

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Here’s why you should consider changing your auto insurance

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Did you know that you are free to change your auto insurance at any time? Maybe you do know that, but don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of changing providers. Or maybe you simply already think you have a great deal.

The fact is that your car insurance is one of those expenses that should stay under constant surveillance. Company rates shift constantly, so the carrier you’ve been with forever may not be offering you the best deal anymore. 

And cost isn’t the only reason to make a change. Online insurance provider Clearcover helps set you up with the best plan at the best rates available, all right from your phone, laptop, or favorite digital device. You read that right: no speaking to a soul over the phone.

And with their digital claims services, you can file a claim right through the Clearcover app immediately after an accident, expediting the process to resolve the situation and move on.

If you’re in one of the eight states that Clearcover serves (Arizona, California, Illinois, Louisiana, Ohio, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin — with several more to come in late 2020), all you have to do is go to the Clearcover website, enter some basic information and see what they have to offer.

As a company, Clearcover’s mission is to serve low-cost premium policies with top-rated technology. So while there are no guarantees that Clearcover will beat your current provider, it’s not uncommon for new Clearcover customers to save $500 or more annually compared to their previous plans and get better coverage. Read the rest

Alt-ending to Shel Silverstein’s ‘The Giving Tree’: Tree sets boundaries

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The tree sets some much-needed boundaries with the boy in this spot-on alternate ending to Shel Silverstein’s kid’s book, The Giving Tree. The Tree Who Set Healthy Boundaries is the work of playwright/screenwriter Topher Payne and it’s part of his “fixed it” series:

Just read “The Giving Tree” as usual, right up to the point where the Boy comes hustling for a house. Then feel free to print these pages and paste them over everything that follows.

(Also look at how he hilariously fixed The Rainbow Fish.)

images via Topher Payne

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Restflix thinks it’s cracked the code to a good night’s sleep and is now on sale for 50% off

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According to researchers, stay-at-home orders in the US and around the globe are helping those working from home grab an extra 15 minutes of sleep per night. For college students, it’s even up to 30 extra minutes each night.

Meeting your quality sleep threshold is actually one of the greatest indicators of your overall health. For those who find themselves struggling, the Restflix Restful Sleep Streaming Service might just present a path for solving those problems.

Restflix is just what it sounds like — it’s Netflix for sleep. They offer over 20 personalized video channels full of meditative music, bedtime stories, soothing sounds, and restful images to help users fall asleep faster and get a deeper, more restful sleep.

The Restflix formula centers on using binaural beats, an approach that brings together two slightly different sound frequencies that your brain interprets as a single new frequency tone.

The Restflix videos utilizing the binaural beat method can then alter the brain’s degree of arousal, with almost three out of four subjects experiencing higher levels of melatonin, the brain chemical that regulates your sleep.

Through guided meditations, bedtime stories, and peaceful and serene natural views and sounds, Restflix can reshape your sleep habits and stave off insomnia, ill-effects of sleep disorders like weight gain, memory and cognition issues, a weakened immune system, and heart disease, among others. 

Just launched last month, you can watch Restflix now on bedroom TV or mobile device via  Google Play, Roku, Apple TV, and other streaming options. Read the rest

Learn data analysis with this eight-course, 38-hour package of training

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Businesses used to thrive on the instincts of entrepreneurs. Guile, moxie, and a conviction to trust the gut was often the driving force behind a business’s biggest successes.

Today, there’s too much on the line to leave anything to chance, including betting your future on a whim. Instead, the stat-heads have taken over, data analysts who can break down every scrap of available information, tell you what it means and give you the clearest path to success. They can’t make business a sure thing, but data analytics might just be the closest thing to a sure thing most businesses ever see.

The Exclusive Business Analysis Certification Bundle with Jeremy Achenbrenner is the training that just might help data analytics make sense to you and even put you in a position to get hired as a highly paid statistical mastermind.

This eight-course, 38-hour package of training is led by Jerry Aschenbrenner, a business analyst who’s plied his craft in a variety of industries, including everything from health care and communications to financial services, and food and beverages. Holder of a 4.5 out of 5-star rating from reviews offered by nearly 166,000 of his students, Aschenbrenner is the guide who can make the numbers clear and examine to you what to do with them to drive our business forward.

Your introduction begins with Business Analysis Fundamentals, a beginner-friendly guide to basic elements that drive any business analyst’s career. Learn what a Business Analyst does, understand the project methodology, and make the case to properly launch an impactful business project. Read the rest

Here’s a startlingly simple way to keep house painting from becoming a huge mess

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We’ve all dealt with paint cans — and keeping all those metal buckets full of sloshing paint from turning into a giant mess is pretty close to impossible. But you stand a better chance of finishing your project without the entire room looking like a Jackson Pollock painting with the help of the ingeniously simple Grip Drips Paint Can Rim Cover.

The Grip Drips is a low-density polyethylene ring that easily slips over the rim of any standard open U.S. one gallon paint can.

The ring’s primary job is a simple one, keeping the rim of the can from filling with paint. That protection not only helps keep paint from dripping around the edges of the can, but more importantly, maintains a clean-edged seal when the lid is replaced, ensuring your paint remains fresh, secure, and untainted until the can is reopened.

With the Grip Drips in place, you can get a better handle on a full can while still being able to easily pour paint from the can into a pan or use it as a firm edge to help scrape excess paint off your brush. 

And while figuring out where to set your brush down always turns into an issue when it’s loaded with paint, the Grip Drips also features a magnetic brush holder that snaps on and holds your brush in place for a moment without leaving a mess behind.

Once you’re done painting, the Grip Drips slips right off and the acetone-free ring can be washed with simple soap and water so it’s always ready for your next painting project. Read the rest

This is how you keep your energy costs under control

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According to the World Energy Council, the typical American home slurps down about 11,700 kWh of electricity per year. That’s over three times the average global household consumption, far outdistancing  from France (6,400 kWh), the UK (4,600 kWh), and China (1,300 kWh).

Somebody’s gotta pay for all that power — and often, it’s you, our dear American Homeowner. And with summer here, economic uncertainty, and the need to cut costs more critical than ever, those monthly power bills can be pricey.

But what many homeowners and renters don’t realize is that in several states, you actually have some real control over how much you spend for energy — and even how that power is produced.

Arcadia is your weapon for leveling the playing field. It’s a technology platform that matches your energy use to renewable energy sources like solar and wind. It even helps those states with open power markets look for better energy rates that can save you money on your monthly power costs while helping to save the planet. And unlike solar installation or other green energy routes, no one needs to come to your home. It all works through your existing power bill, so you don’t even need to call your power company.

After opening your free Arcadia account and linking your current power provider, just enter your ZIP code and Arcadia will show you what clean energy options are available in your area. That could include matching your power usage with wind energy, looking for a better energy rate, or joining a nearby community solar project. Read the rest

The Polycade Home is the arcade cabinet 2.0 for your house that will leave you floored

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If you ever dropped a quarter into a Space Invaders game, you’ve likely fantasized about having your own arcade cabinet in your house. Of course, you likely thought better of it for several reasons, including the idea that a giant cabinet dedicated to just one game isn’t very practical.  

Polycade understands the urge though very, very well. So what if they could make you a home arcade machine that played all of your favorite classics, plus the biggest hits of today? And what if it was packed with top-of-the-line equipment and controls? And it was less than half the size of a bulky old cabinet?

At a sticker price of $3,899, the Polycade Home Plug and Play Mounted Arcade is definitely pricey, but once you factor in the cost of modern gaming platforms and games as well as the Polycade’s versatility, the economics don’t feel quite so impossible anymore.

Professionally mounted in your home, it actually feels like having an ATM on the wall of your house — except this super-slim gaming system can play literally thousands of your favorite arcade and home platform games right out of the box.

With a 27-inch screen running a gaming-grade PC using a customized, optimized version of Steam as its interface, you can download new games from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s with ease and start playing. From Pac Man to Street Fighter and thousands more, all your favorite games for the NES, SNES, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx16, and more are all here. Read the rest

Are your deposits quietly funding fossil fuels? Not with this new type of account.

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Most of us have a love-hate relationship with banks. Okay, it’s actually probably more like a tolerate-hate relationship. We understand their role in holding and securing our money so we don’t have to stuff it in a mattress somewhere. But we don’t trust the bank not to gouge us on fees whenever they can. And we certainly don’t trust MegaCorp X to be a responsible steward of our funds to make the world a better place.

For example, the four biggest global backers of fossil fuels are all U.S banks1.. So if you have money with any of those institutions, you’re tacitly endorsing those practices, whether you agree with them or not.

If that doesn’t sit well with you, you may want to consider an alternative, like Aspiration’s Spend and Save account.

Aspiration isn’t a bank. They’re a hybrid check and save cash management account that offers you an alternative to traditional banking services and protections of one of those institutions, but with a conscience you can feel good about backing.

When you open an Aspiration Spend and Save account and deposit money, you get a debit card linked to your new FDIC-insured2 cash accounts with all the buying power of a financial/cash account — but you decide how much their services should cost you. Their policy is that they trust customers to “Pay What is Fair,” even if that means zero on their basic monthly banking services. 

Of course, if fair to you is $7 a month for their Aspiration Plus service, you get features like up to 1.00% APY interest3 on your savings and no fees at over 55,000+ free in-network Allpoint ATMs, and carbon offsets for when you drive. Read the rest

Making arrowheads, knives, and stone tools out of slate

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I found this video absolutely mesmerizing. It in, a primitive tech enthusiast from the Pacific Northwest fashions some beautiful and lethal- and effective-looking arrowheads, knives, and tools using ground and polished slate.

As he points out in the lengthy video description, he doesn’t have access to the more superior, knappable flint in his area, so he learned the technique for grinding and polishing slate which has been used by indigenous people in that area and around the world for ages. It is astounding what you can make with a piece of slate, water and grinding sand, and a world of patience and time.

Trigger warning: A skinned chicken was shot through with arrows and cut up with slate knives in the making of this video.

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Get access to nearly 300,000 professionally-produced audio clips for all your projects

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If you’ve ever worked on a video project or engineered a podcast and thought you’d make your own sound effects… how’d that go for ya?  We assume it was a bigger undertaking than you’d probably bargained for.

From using stalks of celery to replicate breaking tree limbs to frying bacon to reproduce the sound of rain, foley artists are just that — artists. And it’s no small feat to properly create, record, and mix all that sound into a realistic, balanced soundscape.

Instead of going DIY, you can leave all of your sound effect worries up to the professionals with a one-year subscription to Soundsnap Stock Audio and Sounds.

Soundsnap is 0ne of the most popular sound effects library online, offering more than 280,000 separate sound clips for unlimited downloading. That’s an archive more than twice as large as almost all the other major sfx options available. With clients like Disney, HBO, CBS, Pixar, and more using Soundsnap, you can feel confident they’ll have what you’re looking for.

And these are not lukewarm, poorly recorded files recorded off YouTube. All of Soundsnap’s audio is recorded by professional sound designers and engineers, including a collection of working Hollywood pros responsible for working on films like “The Dark Knight,” “Tron Legacy,” “Baby Driver” and more. 

All it takes is a quick spin through Soundsnap’s library to understand the scope of their offerings. If your work needs a crack of thunder, they’ve got over 800 different variations to choose from. If you need the sounds of a restaurant to create ambiance in your production, there are over 650 to try. Read the rest

This devastating video encapsulates the Trump/GOP horror show in 3 minutes

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A Boing Boing reader said this video by Juice Media is better than what The Lincoln Project is doing. I agree — it’s scarier and more entertaining than the Lincoln Project’s videos. However, I think Juice Media’s videos and the Lincoln Project videos are geared toward different audiences. The video above is designed to convert unlikely voters into Biden voters, while the Lincoln Project videos are for an audience of one, with a goal to demoralize and destabilize him.

Juice media is an Australian organization, and here’s what they had to say about this video:

We’ve had so many Americans begging us to make an Honest Government Ad for their government. So we decided to give it a go. I hope we did your shit government justice. It almost makes ours feel benign by comparison. Despite the levity, we’re genuinely concerned about what’s happening in your country and we hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe. I hope this doesn’t come across as “FoReIgN InTeRfeReNcE!” If it does, well… let’s call it even… the US Government has been interfering with our shit here ever since 1975, when it helped to oust our Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam. But on a more serious note: even though we’re all the way down here in Australia, the result of this election will impact everyone on earth. In terms of climate action alone, this could be the most important election of our lifetimes. So I figure it’s one of those all hands on deck, let’s lend a hand to our friends in the USA – kind of thing.

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Cosplay at a 1966 Science Fiction Convention

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What’s not to love about this gallery of images from the 1966 World Science Fiction Convention in Cleveland, OH? The cameras may have acquired color and the cosplay may have become a bit more sophisticated, but the spirit of the players seems to have remained unchanged.

These images were taken by the late photographer, and sci-fi mega-fan, Jay Kay Klein. You can see the massive collection of Klein’s photos and papers of science fiction fandom on the Calisphere website.

Image: Composite of images from the Jay Kay Klein collection, via Cosplay Central Read the rest

The Royal Brew Nitro Coffee Maker is the at-home java game-changer you’ve been looking for

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Always looking to put a new spin on a cup of joe, infusing your coffee with a blast of nitrogen produces a thicker, more full-bodied, naturally creamy, frothy variation on java that has been picking up steam with fans for the past decade.

 Of course, most of us don’t have nitrogen injectors just lying around, so if we want our burst of nitro-fueled beans, we have to head over to a coffe shop and plunk down $4 or $5 a cup.

Fortunately, the Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Machine and Dispenser offers perfect cold brew with all the nitro effects done right from your own kitchen or office.

By injecting those nitrogen gas bubbles, the coffee takes on a smoother, sweeter, foam-like texture that many often compare to the taste of a thick beer like Guinness Stout. The Royal Brew was the original home nitro system based on dispensers used for stouts, creating a special gas blend and pressurized faucet valve to produce the iced, rich, heady brew on your own.

Just add your coffee, shake well, inject nitro cartridges, then put it back in the fridge for about 90 minutes and you’re all set — just tap your keg and serve.

In addition to the 64 oz. keg and nitrogen holders, the whole system also comes with its own carry bag so you can take it anywhere.

Regular coffee gets diluted with water, milk, and sugar, which also cuts down on your beverage’s caffeine potency. But nitro brewing makes the coffee so tasty it eliminates the need for additives like cream or sugar. Read the rest

Eight hours of rain and the “Blade Runner Blues” is the soundtrack we need, here in the cyberpunk now

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I posted this on Adafruit yesterday, but I’ve been digging it so much, I wanted to share it here on Boing Boing, too. This is eight hours of “perpetual rain” and Vangelis’ “Blade Runner Blues,” taken from the soundtrack to the film.

It’s gorgeous and relaxing music to work to, sleep to, or continuously wafting through the rooms and hallways of your under-quarantine hab unit.

The channel this video is from has dozens of other ambient Blade Runner offerings (“’I’ve seen things …’ – Tears in Rain ambiance (1 hour),” “The ambient sounds of the city, 2019,” “Deckard’s apartment sounds (12 hours),” and many more.)

Image: YouTube Read the rest

Man with no fingers on one hand is making his own mechanical prosthetic hand, and it’s incredible

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Three years ago, Ian Davis was diagnosed with a cancer that weakens the bones. Shortly after, the engineer had an accident in his machine shop that resulted in physicians amputating four fingers on his dominant hand.

“When I was still in the hospital I started designing a prosthetic hand,” Davis told KOBI News last year. “It was kind of my day job. That’s what I used to maintain my sanity.”

Davis’s work-in-progress is an elegant feat of engineering. Coincidentally though, this isn’t new maker territory for him. Long before he lost his fingers; he built a prosthetic arm as a high school science project.

You can follow the project’s development on Davis’s YouTube channel and Instagram.

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Out in the wild, figuring out different hand gestures.

A post shared by Ian Davis (@acmeworksfab) on Jul 23, 2020 at 9:52pm PDT

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After many weeks of designing and prototyping, I finally have the splay feature pretty well dialed! There were points during this process that I was getting concerned I was chasing a frivolous function, but after using it for half a day so far, I have no doubt that it was completely worth the time and effort.

A post shared by Ian Davis (@acmeworksfab) on Jul 1, 2020 at 10:52am PDT

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