Break into Android app development with this Jetpack training bundle

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If you want to be an app developer for Android, there’s never been a better time. Languages like Kotlin are tailor-made for functionality, and the Jetpack suite of tools makes the whole process easier.

The only hurdle is learning your way around these tools, and that’s where the Android Jetpack & App Development Certification Bundle can pave your way to a career on the creative side of the tech economy.

These linked courses not only teach you every aspect of these platforms but get you certified in their use. Check out what you get:

Android Jetpack Masterclass in Java – A complete walkthrough on Jetpack’s functionalities, including (most importantly) the latest on its vast array of libraries.
State-of-the-Art Android App Development in Kotlin – Kotlin is the language behind a range of tools that you’ll need for any kind of development, both server and client-side. This course gets you familiar with its core concepts and how it works with JSON, Dagger 2 and other key programs.
Build a Twitter-like App for Android – There’s no education like experience. This hands-on walkthrough will let you use your newfound Kotlin and Firebase knowledge to create a working social media platform.
Android Jetpack Masterclass in Kotlin – The perfect course to show you how well Jetpack works with the primary Android coding language. By the end of the lectures, you’ll have first-hand understanding of concepts like data binding and the AndroidX libraries.
Build a Tinder Clone for Android from Scratch – Ready to put your skills to work? Read the rest

Archie McPhee digs deep into their weird product archives

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“Who bought this? Who wanted this?”

Seattle-based novelty company Archie McPhee is bringing out the weird with a new web series that is reminiscent of the low-budget cable shows of yore, and I mean that in the best way possible. The Archie McPhee Archives with Mr. Q premiere starts with a guy in a leopard-print fez and a black sweatshirt emblazoned with a big white question mark (“Mr. Q”) digging through cryptically-marked banker boxes in the company’s warehouse. We’re then shown each of the bizarro items he chose, one by one. Of course, he saves the best for last. Two words: Mutant. Farm.

As someone who has toured that very warehouse and has dreamt about rifling around in each one of those boxes, I really appreciate this new show. Can’t wait to see what they showcase next.

The series was inspired by the items they share in their “too weird” for their “main [Instagram] account,” Cult of Bibo. Here’s a taste:

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Inspiration for 2020

A post shared by Bibo Weirdmaker (@cultofbibo) on Sep 1, 2019 at 10:12am PDT

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Usually everything is better with googly eyes. Usually. #thrifthorror

A post shared by Bibo Weirdmaker (@cultofbibo) on Nov 7, 2019 at 8:59am PST

Long live, Archie McPhee! Read the rest

10 charging cables that can actually stand up to everyday life

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Need a power solution for your devices that won’t quit on you after it bends the wrong way? We’ve all been frustrated with cheap charging cables, but a more permanent solution actually isn’t much more expensive. Here are 10 sale-priced charging cables that can actually stand up to daily use.

Nylon Braided iPhone Lightning Cable

The reliable 8-pin connector keeps things charging safely while the Kevlar fiber core keeps the wiring safe and flexible. It’s the perfect 3.3-foot cable for any Apple device.

Sale Price: $9.99

MSRP: $15.99

Voice Reactive LED Glowing Data Cables: 2-Pack

The sound-activated chip in these cables allows it to pulse with colorful lights in time to any ambient music. That’s not just cool-looking, it’s constant reassurance that they’re working and keeping your gadgets charged.

Sale Price: $16.99

MSRP: $29.99

Nomad 0.3M Lightning Cable

These Apple MFi-Certified cords are braided with ballistic-grade nylon, but they’re protected against more than just tearing and stripping. They’ve also got an extra dose of RF shielding that makes your data transfers that much faster.

Sale Price: $10.99

MSRP: $24.95

JunoPower Kaebo Braided Anti-Tear Charging Cable: 3-Pack

Take these cables on the go and breathe easy. The nylon cloth covers hold up miles better than typical lightning cables, and the slim aluminum heads fit into most iPhone cases.

Sale Price: $13.00

MSRP: $29.99

Just Mobile AluCable Duo for iOS & Android Devices

This 5′ cable offers plenty of length, but that’s the least of its conveniences. The adjustable cables work with both Micro-USB or Lightning ports, making it great for families who own both Apple and Android devices. Read the rest

Dive into data analysis with this R programming master class

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Does your company do data analytics? Chances are that at least part of that infrastructure is coded in R. There’s simply no better programming environment for working with statistics, which makes it invaluable in an economy where data equals money.

Want to put your coding skills to the best use? The Complete R Programming Certification Bundle can help get you in the door as a valuable member of any data analytics team.

This 6-course training bundle tackles all the main functionalities of R, including several that can be essential to machine learning. You’ll learn how to sort and classify massive chunks of data, then wrangle and visualize it with tools like Dpylr and Ggplot2.

You’ll also learn the same techniques used by major tech companies to mine social media platforms for valuable data. And a comprehensive course on regression analysis will let you sift through that data for meaningful answers.

The full course package contains 35 hours of lectures and hands-on workshops. The entire bundle is now on sale for 97% off the MSRP. Read the rest

“Hide the Pain Harold” describes what it is like to become a famous meme

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If you have a pulse, you’ve seen memes starring “Hide the Pain Harold,” an older man sitting at a desk, one hand holding a coffee cup, the other on a laptop keyboard. He is smiling, but his eyes tell a different story, one filled with regret, self-doubt, fear, and sadness. The man behind the meme is András Arató (74), a former electrical engineer, who says he is actually a happy person. He wrote an essay for The Guardian about what it is like to become accidentally famous. Wisely, Arató took control of the meme by starting a Facebook fan page and uploading videos and stories to it.

That started everything going. People noticed that I had taken ownership of the meme and got in contact to offer me work. I was given a role in a television commercial for a Hungarian car dealer. In one of the adverts, I travelled to Germany to buy a used car and it broke down halfway home; if I had bought the same car through their company, the brand claimed, it wouldn’t have happened. The fee for that commercial changed my wife’s mind about the meme.

Now my life has changed dramatically. People ask me to talk about my story, to demonstrate the power of memes. A football website flew me to England to make a video about Manchester City; I got to tour the ground and watch them play a Champions League game. The German mail-order giant Otto flew me out to make commercials for them.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger as Anton Chigurh

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In making No Country for Old Men, the Coen Brothers were concerned that the implacable, affectless hit-man Anton Chigurh would be too reminiscent of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s legendary turn as The Terminator. So they tasked actor Javier Bardem with approaching the role as a murderous eccentric, a performance that would earn a Best Supporting Actor nod at the following year’s Oscars. And now, a decade later, the face of Arnold himself, deepfaked into the movie’s most famous scene.

Voice over by Joe Gaudet

ctrl shift face

You know, the gas station scene is the most misunderstood scene in modern cinema.

Consider this: you’re a hitman on the way to a $3m job, you just killed a cop and a bystander, then stole a car, and pulled into a gas station on a stretch of desert road hundreds of miles long. A nosy attendant makes a point of having seen you and where you came from. You, a criminal who does it for a living, would kill him immediately.

Not this weirdo:

Here’s the original:

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Rapper Lil Pump bitten by live snake while shooting music video

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No touchie snek.

Snek no like Lil Pump.

Photos here. They’re yucky.

Rapper and noted idiot Lil Pump was shooting a music video on Thursday night, with, for no good reason, a live snake. Snakes aren’t props. They’re living creatures.

TMZ (I know, I know) reports that the attack “left him a bloody mess.”

From TMZ:

The rapper was shooting a music video Thursday night and the crew was handing off a snake to Lil Pump, who was sitting on some sort of stair-like throne. Then, it happened.

The snake, out of nowhere, whipped around and sunk its fangs into Pump’s left hand. The scary moment was captured by podcast host Adam Grandmaison — aka Adam22. You can see Pump flail as he extricates himself from the reptile. He then shows off the gnarly injury.

LP’s left hand is covered in blood. And, if you look closely near the end of the vid … it appears as if the snake’s setting its sights on a second victim.

Good news for Lil Pump … he doesn’t seem that hurt, saying, “I just got bit by a snake WTF.” He threw in a snake emoji on the caption and a few laughing ones before adding, “I can’t f**k [with] no snakes. I hope I don’t die.”

Totally deserved it. Team snek.

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See behind the scenes of Disneyland’s massive holiday decor system

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In this video, Disney shows what it takes to deck the Disneyland Resort’s halls by bringing us inside the warehouse where they store all of their holiday decorations. Mark Apepe, the lead of this impressive production, hosts this behind-the-scenes peep and shares that they use an estimated 2,000 feet of garland and 80,000 ornaments for the “Main Street package” alone.

The Disney Parks Blog adds to his numbers:

The exterior of Main Street, U.S.A., features approximately 220 garlands that measure more than four miles long, with approximately 80 wreaths and 120 bows bringing the season to life on this charming street.

It takes nearly three dozen cast members 35 days to install the glittering façade of “it’s a small world” Holiday and nearly 18 days to decorate the holiday attraction’s dazzling interior.

The Disneyland Christmas tree stands 60-feet tall on Main Street, U.S.A. and features 1,500 Victorian-inspired ornaments with 100 oversized faux candles.

Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle shimmers during the day and is illuminated each night with more than 126,000 twinkling LED lights, sparkling “icicles” and shimmering snow-capped turrets.

A 50-foot Christmas tree adorns Carthay Circle to help guests get in the holiday spirit. The tree and surrounding buildings are decorated with vintage-style ornaments in keeping with the theme of Buena Vista Street, inspired by Los Angeles as it appeared when Walt Disney arrived in the 1920s.

Like I said, impressive.

(Hey wait, are those rubber chickens dressed in Santa suits at the 1:18 mark?) Read the rest

Hi-res 3D printing just got affordable with this new maker

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We all knew that 3D printing was too cool of an innovation to stay out of the hands of the masses for long. Sure, there are makers out there who are willing to save up for a decent SLR printer, but when will we have something that hits the trifecta: Easy to use, affordable and a quality end product?

Looks like that leap is happening sooner than we thought. The SparkMaker Original SLA 3D Printer Starter Bundle is on the market, and it definitely lives up to the crowdfunding hype.

The SparkMaker guys promised plenty when they raked in over $500,000 in Kickstarter pledges in 2018, and they seem to have delivered. Their starter bundle boasts a max molding size of 3.9″ x 2.2″ x 0.5″ and it makes the most of it. Designs can be rendered in 100µm XY resolution and up to 20µm Z layer thickness with no fuss. In other words, it’s packed with some incredible tech that produces amazingly sharp designs. Just press the button and watch as an LED light keeps tabs on your progress.

Designs are fed to the SparkMaker via a simple SD card, which means you can print offline. Best of all, the whole package is available for well under the $500 you might expect. Even the UV LCD resins it uses are affordable.

The SparkMaker Original SLA 3D Printer Starter Bundle is now available for nearly 25% off the MSRP. Read the rest

To do in San Francisco: Charlie Jane Anders and Annalee Newitz at SF in SF, November 10

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This Sunday, November 10th, see the wonderful science fiction writers Charlie Jane Anders (previously) and Annalee Newitz (previously) in conversation with Terry Bisson at the always-great SF in SF lecture series; doors open at 6PM at the American Bookbinders Museum (366 Clementina Alley) ($10/$8 students) with a post-show podcast from Somafm, and books on sale from our friends at Borderlands Books.

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Jamf Now Is Changing the Way Companies Handle Their IT Needs

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Tech-wise, the modern office employee has never had so much freedom. More and more businesses are kicking away from the desk and getting work done remotely on tablets, laptops, and phones.

That’s great for the worker. But for management — and especially IT — it can be a real hassle configuring settings, installing security protocols and keeping up with updates.

For Apple users, there’s an easy fix with Jamf Now. For those out of the loop, Jamf Now is a mobile device management solution that’s perfect for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It works specifically with Apple products and can deploy company apps directly onto your team’s devices with minimal fuss. After it’s installed and settings are tweaked to management specifications, Jamf Now keeps everyone on the same page by automatically taking care of updates and license changes.

All of this gets done remotely, taking a ton off the plate of management and the IT team. Need to make a major change or switch out team members? Jamf Now ensures you’re still in the driver’s seat with the ability to lock devices or set restrictions.

It adds up to huge savings in time and money. And with a new deal that allows companies to manage three devices for free, Jamf Now is definitely worth checking out. Read the rest

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