Minecraft for Nintendo Switch is having a $24 pre-sale

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Now that I’ve killed Calamity Gannon in Zelda: Breath of the Wild (it took 4 months of playing everyday and I loved it), I’m ready to try something else on the Nintendo Switch. Any suggestions? I’m thinking of Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch. It’s been available as a downloadable game for a while, but I prefer cartridges. It’s going to be released on Thursday and prime members can get it for $24. It’s currently the top-selling Switch title.

Chris Cornell’s daughter Toni released their stunning duet of Prince’s “Nothing Compare 2 U”

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Toni Cornell, daughter of the late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, released this duet yesterday of she and her dad singing one of his favorite Prince tunes. From Chris Cornell’s YouTube account:


I love you and miss you so much. You were the best father anyone could ask for. Our relationship was so special, and you were always there for me. You gave me courage when I didn’t have any. You believed in me when I didn’t. I miss your love everyday. Recording this song with you was a special and amazing experience I wish I could repeat 100 times over and I know you would too. Happy Father’s Day daddy, nothing compares to you.

– Toni

Interview with Alex Norris, of “oh no” Webcomic Name fame

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Jenny Robins interviews Alex Norris

NORRIS: My comics have always largely been about exploring the link between joy and sadness, and finding humour in despair, so I think when I started this format the mix of heartbreak and silliness just sort of came naturally and I like to take it as far as I can. Interesting things happen when you say two opposing things at the same time. I’ve always seen Webcomic Name as a sort of celebration of failure, and I think the mental twist in that prevents the repeated “oh no” from becoming completely depressing!

… and finds out what the “oh no” voice sounds like.

NORRIS: This is probably my most-asked question, and I usually say it sounds like someone who is disappointed but used to being disappointed, or reading from a script. If I ever turned Webcomic Name into a video format, I would probably get readers to send in their version of the “oh no” and use a different one each time. I like that the “oh no” speech bubble is basically a visual motif now – because you see it so often as you read my comics it loses the verbal meaning and just becomes a symbol.

Shiny animal sculptures from Jud Turner

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Sculptor Jud Turner (previously) writes, “Been playing with shiny chrome parts in the studio lately (motorcycle parts, mostly) to conjure up things that are currently scaring me: “Stanislav the Russian Boar” and “Hera the Mud Dauber Wasp.” Don’t worry, I’m using plenty of ventilation and respirator when welding up this toxic but super-fun material.

Doom as an eye-melting Magic Eye puzzle

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Remember Doom? Remember Magic Eye puzzles that required you to unfocus your eyes and see forever in a field of stereographic static? Now you can do both at once with OMDO, a free download at Itch.

OMDO plays just like DOOM, except every frame is a random dot autostereogram. If you don’t know what that is, you should read more about it here, but the gist is that you have to either go cross-eyed or wall-eyed in order to see the game. Otherwise it just looks like a bunch of random dots.

Fraser Brown:

Not surprisingly, this is not a particularly effective or fun way to play DOOM. Depending on your favoured method, you’ll be spending the whole time with your face almost pressed against the screen, or you’ll be cross-eyed. I’ve tried both methods, along with their accompanying game modes, and I’ve yet to see more than the gun.

This flexible camera pinpoints problems at the source

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The human eye is a powerful thing, but it’s not so great at seeing in the dark or around tight spaces, which is partially why most of us struggle with unplugging drains, cleaning under the fridge, and other hard-to-reach jobs. This 1080p HD Waterproof WiFi Wireless Endoscopic Camera, however, gives you the flexibility necessary to get to where your work is, and it’s available in the Boing Boing store for $39.99.

Similar to the cameras doctors use to peek inside patients, this device gives you a generous three meters of cable to snake into tight spaces to stream footage straight to your smartphone via WiFi. Its IP68 waterproof rating makes it ideal for working in damp areas like drains, while the eight powerful LEDs let you easily see in dark spaces.

You can start diagnosing problems at the source with this 1080p HD Waterproof WiFi Wireless Endoscopic Camera, available in the Boing Boing store for $39.99.

It’s often cheaper to pay cash for your prescriptions rather than the co-pay, but the pharmacy is legally prohibited from suggesting it

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America’s health care is totally screwed up, Part Ten Gazillion: in many cases, the medicines your doctor prescribes are cheaper than the co-pay your health insurance charges, which means that if you just buy the meds instead of charging them to insurance, you save money.

Here are 15 privacy settings you should change from defaults, from Linkedin to cellphones to smart TVs

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The Washington Post rounds up 15 privacy defaults that no one in their right mind would want to leave as-is, and provides direct links to change ’em (hilariously and predictably, Verizon/Oath/Yahoo’s privacy settings dashboard times out when you try to load it) — once you’re done with that, go back and follow his links to unfuck the privacy defaults for Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and #DeleteFacebook. (via Reddit)

These top-rated apps can elevate your Mac’s potential

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Macs are undeniably some of the most versatile computers on the market, but they can do so much more than what their stock apps allow. For those looking to get the most out of their Mac hardware, the Pay What You Want 2018 Super Mac Bundle features 10 of the industry’s top apps, including photo editors and writing tools, and they’re available for a price you get to pick.

Here’s how the deal works, simply pay what you want, and you’ll instantly unlock one of the collection’s 10 apps. Beat the average price paid, and you’ll get the remaining nine at no extra charge. Read on below for a few app highlights.

1. WhiteSmoke Premium:

Writing doesn’t come to us all naturally, which is why many of us struggle when it comes to drafting emails, creating blog posts, and the like. WhiteSmoke uses patented artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze your content for English grammar, style, spelling, and punctuation, making you a better writer with every keystroke.

2. Disk Drill PRO 3:

All it takes is one system crash to wipe all of that precious data on your computer. Disk Drill PRO makes it easy to recover documents, music, photos, videos, or even whole partitions that have gone missing from your computer—and with just the single push of a button.

3. Aurora HDR 2018 Express

All to often, the only thing standing between a good photo and great one are a few tweaks made in the editing stage. Aurora HDR is the world’s leading HDR photo editor and gives you the tools to turn your ordinary photos into stunning HDR photos with minimal fuss.

Simply choose your price and you can net these apps and eight others today with the Pay What You Want 2018 Super Mac Bundle.

Weekend Tunes: Sean Rowe – Old Black Dodge

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Sean Rowe travels under the radar of many a music aficionado. This is a damn shame.

Playing songs from an early age, Rowe cut his musical teeth playing bass in a local band before he was even 12 years old. A year before hitting his teenage years, he was gifted an acoustic guitar by his father – perhaps as a ploy to get a stack of amps out of his house. New axe in hand, Rowe started playing solo gigs, punctuated by appearances with a percussionist. He wrote his first song at the age of 18 and well, here we are.

If you’re digging it, Old Black Dodge appears on Rowe’s 2009 album Magic.

When he’s not out hammering on his guitar, Rowe spends his time teaching wilderness survival and wild foraging skills. If you want to learn more about his music, book a private house concert or learn how to survive off of the land, hitting up his website is the best bet you have for fulfilling those needs.

Gifted clarinetist’s prestigious scholarship sabotaged by ex-girlfriend

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Eric Abramovitz is a gifted musician, who can currently be found fulfilling the role of associate principal/E flat clarinetist at the Toronto Symphony: a position that thousands of musicians around the world would kill for. Back in 2014, he applied for another position that these same musicians would think kill-worthy, too: a placement with the Colburn Conservatory as a student. The conservatory is insanely hard to get into – only two students are accepted a year. When Abramovitz received an email from the Conservatory that denied him a spot with them, along with the scholarship he had applied for, he was gutted like a fish: music was his life and being able to study under renowned clarinet instructor Yehuda Gilad was a dream that was so close to coming true. To have it snatched away? Ouch.

But here’s the thing: Abramovitz was accepted into the program, scholarship and all. His girlfriend at the time, fellow musician Jennifer Lee, didn’t want him to leave her to further his education. So, she did what any young sociopath in love would do: she accessed his email account and deleted the acceptance message from the Colburn Conservatory. Next, she opened up a fake Gmail account in Yehuda Gilad’s name and used it to write to Abramovitz, saying, more or less, “tough shit, keep playing music, but you won’t being doing it at the Colburn School.” Pretending to be Gilad, Lee offered her sweet baboo the chance to attend one of Gilead’s other classes at the University of Southern California, knowing full well that he would not be able to afford the tuition required to do so.

But that didn’t stop Abramovitz from studying under Yehuda Gilad.

A few months later, he auditioned for a program that would give him access to the teacher of his dreams. By that time, he’d broken up with Lee, and was ready to go where ever his career as a musician would take him. Abramovitz was accepted into the program. Upon finally meeting Gilad, he asked him why he had been rejected by the Colburn Conservatory.

From The National Post:

“It was at his second audition before Gilad, in which they had a brief and strange interaction, when Gilad said, ‘Why did you reject me?’
“It was a fair question. As Abramovitz put it, ‘You don’t reject him.’ But having done nothing of the sort, Abramovitz asked in return, ‘Why did you reject me?’

“They could not sort it out then and there, but over time, the wonder lingered. Another student of Gilad’s asked him about it. Eventually, Abramovitz forwarded the fake [rejection] email to Gilad, who replied: ‘I’ve never seen that in my life.’

“‘That’s when I knew that something underhanded was afoot,’ Abramovitz said. One day in 2015, he and a friend set about trying to gain access to the fake email account, and because Abramovitz and Lee once shared a computer, he knew one of her passwords, which he tried.

“‘Miraculously, it logged right in,’ he said. Her email was listed as the recovery email, her phone was the recovery phone. ‘We felt like Sherlock Holmes.'”

Holy shit.

So, flash forward to the present: Abramovitz sued his ex-girlfirend, who didn’t bother to turn up in court to defend herself (honestly though, would you?) over the loss of his scholarship and the emotional torment that she had put him through. The judge presiding over the case awarded Abramovitz $260,000 USD in damages, which translates into $350,000 Canadian.

From NPR:

A judge in Ontario concluded that he lost at least that much, between the scholarship money he missed out on and the delay to his musical career. The judge added an additional $25,000 Canadian as punishment for “morally reprehensible conduct” and another $25,000 in damages for “the incompensable personal loss suffered by Mr Abramovitz by having a closely held personal dream snatched from him by a person he trusted.”

So yeah: change your email passwords frequently and be careful of who you provide access to your account.

Image via MaxPixel

An Irish band’s tribute to Aaron Swartz

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Brian writes, “I play in band in Dublin, Ireland. In January 2017 we released an album called ‘Long Gone’ and on it we had a song called ‘Papaya‘ which I wrote after watching The Internet’s Own Boy. It is a tribute to Aaron Swartz. The title came when I was singing ‘The panic is spreading like fire’ I really spat out the ‘like fire’ and the rest of the guys in the band thought I was saying ‘papaya’. The ‘Simple, really, simple reallys…’ came from RSS.”


How these Salesforce courses can improve your job prospects

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Salesforce has reinvented the way companies manage customer information, close deals, and ultimately drive revenue, so it should come as no surprise that it’s one of the more valuable skills you can list on your resume today. In fact, according to research from Burning Glass, this platform is now the 7th most in-demand software skill, beating out tech staples, like Python and C++.

That said, getting savvy with this tool doesn’t mean slogging through a pricey bootcamp. The Essential Salesforce Certification Training Bundle can train you to get certified with three courses, and it’s available in the Boing Boing Store for $39.

This collection is designed to take you from beginner to expert as you master the Salesforce concepts critical to becoming a certified expert. You’ll foster core skills in customizing apps, managing users, and data, and preparing reports and workflows, all the while developing the knowledge necessary to pass the Salesforce Certified Administrator, Salesforce Advanced Administrator, Salesforce App Builder certification exams.

You can take the first step toward stronger job prospects today with the Essential Salesforce Certification Training Bundle, available now in the Boing Boing Store for $39.

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