Let Shigeru Miyamoto take you on a tour of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan

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God-Emperor of Nintendo Shigeru Miyamoto gave Nintendo fans a 15-minute tour of the new Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan. The candy-colored pocket universe looks just like Nintendo’s famous games. It’s a shame that flesh-and-blood human beings will be there to spoil the effect. — Read the rest

30-minute interview with Frostgrave creator, Joseph McCullough

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As part of a week-long series on the tabletop fantasy skirmish game, Frostgrave, gamesite OnTableTable kicks things off with an interview with the game’s creator, Joseph McCullough.

Frostgrave 2nd edition was recently released and there is a new adventure book for the game, The Red King, and a new set of miniatures to accompany it. — Read the rest

With this ultra-nifty tracking system, you’ll never lose your AirPods ever again

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The worst thing about Apple AirPods has nothing to do with their sound. They sound great. And, it has nothing to do with their functionality. They’re packed with all the Apple goodies they pack into all their products.

No, the worst thing about Apple AirPods is that they’re so small that it often isn’t a matter of if they’ll ultimately get lost, but when. — Read the rest

The E-40 and Too $hort Verzuz battle is more popular than Christmas this year

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e40 and too short

Timbaland and Swizz Beatz created Verzuz TV to keep us entertained with virtual DJ and MC battles while we’re stuck in pandemic purgatory. Since March, they’ve streamed battles between the likes of Gucci Mane and Jeezy, Snoop Dogg and DMX, RZA and DJ Premier, Erykah Badu and Jill Scott, Brandy and Monica, among others. — Read the rest

Plastic-teeth synthesizer

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Photo of plastic teeth synthesizer, by Love Hulten

In one sense, the voc-25 is just a keyboard controller triggering a synthesizer, with some visual yuks thrown in.

But when I heard it played, I realized there’s a loud clack every time a note is sounded. I think it’s produced by the solenoid that’s opening the teeth — but since it sounds like the CLACK of creepy horror teeth, it adds a nicely (and fittingly) crepuscular element to the project. — Read the rest

Is Cyberpunk 2077 anything more than a reskinned GTA? Wired UK says not really

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Anyone who’s been paying attention to all of the controversies leading up to the release of the open-world cyberpunk videogame, Cyberpunk 2077 (seven long years in the making) can’t help but be gobsmacked by the disaster of its release.

But, all of pre-release drama and tech issues aside, is it the game-charger of a game that is was tirelessly billed as? — Read the rest

Comics Beat’s choices for best comics of 2020

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The Beat has published their list of the best comic books of 2020. It’s a nicely diverse list, from mainstream spandex to obscure indies.

Crisis Zone by Simon Hanselmann (Self-published)

During the pandemic, Simon Hanselmann has updated his Instagram nearly every day with 10 new panels of comics, which is by my count 250+ pages, dating all the way back to March 13.

Read the rest

This training collection can make you a Six Sigma project management black-belt

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Anybody can be on the receiving end of a good idea or a lightning bolt revelation. It might be about a software project. It could be a method for reorganizing your business operations. It could be a new product idea or a major initiative that could have a huge impact on a business and everyone that works there. — Read the rest

The Icebreaker Nordic Pop is the ice cube tray you’ve waited your whole life for

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For all its basicness, it’s surprising how many people have amazingly strong opinions about their ice. And after reading that sentence, you probably had a visceral reaction to the right ways and wrong ways for using ice too. Because, for something as fundamental as hardened water, we’ve all got a position. — Read the rest

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