This 50-mile HDTV antenna could help you boot cable once and for all

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With all the streaming services you’re subscribed to now, do you really need cable anymore? Sure, local channels provide content that streamers can’t match, but what else are you watching on cable channels that justifies that massive monthly cable bill?

We’re all trying to save cash, so cut the cord permanently but smartly, but dumping cable while retaining all your local programming for free with the Liger HDTV 50-Mile Ultra-Thin Antenna and Amplifier.… Read the rest

Check out this cool Japanese guitar from the 80s with a built-in cassette player

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A friend shared this Reverb link to a vintage 1984 Casio EG-5 from Japan, an electric guitar with a built-in speaker and built-in cassette player. The tape deck could be used to record loops of your own playing, or with pre-recorded accompaniment ¬ó and you could control the speed/pitch of the playback, too.… Read the rest

Gorgeous macro photography of titanium aura crystals

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Photographer Tomas Rak took some really remarkable shots of so-called “aura crystals,” popular among new-agey types and collectors of rocks and minerals.

What is a titanium aura crystal, you ask? Take a nice piece of regular quartz and add a layer of titanium using a little magnetron ionization, and you get a lovely titanium aura crystal.… Read the rest

Book a live cooking class with 84-year-old Italian grandma and pasta expert Nonna Nerina

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In our new reality, you’ve undoubtedly been looking for fun and inventive new ways to enjoy an evening. So if you’re not exactly feeling comfortable spending a night out at your favorite Italian restaurant right now, why not have an inspired date night or host a small gathering of social distanced friends while an 84-year-old…

Knife Aid’s sharpening by mail service will feel like you bought a new set of knives

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If you’ve been hacking away at meat or vegetables with blunted kitchen knives, annoyed that they’re so dull that it’s starting to feel more like tenderizing than slicing, you should probably stop. Dull knives are more than just a nuisance. They aren’t safe. The worn-down edge of your blade requires more force from you to…

Gallery of jazz album lettering

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Designer Reagan Ray isolated the lettering from various jazz album covers for a bunch of artists and made an online gallery of little cards. I love the variety and colors. But the most influential designer was probably¬†Reid Miles, who created over 500 album covers for Blue Note Records. He pioneered the use of creatively-arranged type…

Moog book explains how to use synths

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The walls of knobs and dials on a classic synthesizer are forbidding to newcomers. Coming from the all-done-on-computers generation, I’ve never quite gotten into the old-school because of it. Synth-maker Moog’s published a new book, Patch & Tweak with Moog, that aims to explain analog synths with detailed charts, glossaries and explanations of what each…

The typography of Star Trek

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Dave Addey is author of Typeset in the Future: Typography and Design in Science Fiction Movies, a book exploring the typography of films like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, WALL-E, and other classics. In an excerpt on his site, Addey studies the typography of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. From Typeset in the Future:…

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