Big Java news in late summer 2014

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As is typical when JavaOne is imminent, there has been much big news in the Java community recently. This post briefly references three of these items (Java SE 8 updates, Java SE 9, and Java EE 8) and a “bonus” reference to a post I found to be one of the clearer ones I have seen on classpath/classloader issues.

String deduplication in Oracle Java 8 JVM

In “String Deduplication – A new feature in Java 8 Update 20,” Fabian Lange introduces String Deduplication for the G1 Garbage Collector using the JVM option -XX:+UseStringDeduplication that was introduced with JDK 8 Update 20. The tools page for the Java launcher has been updated to mention the JVM options -XX:+UseStringDeduplication-XX:+PrintStringDeduplicationStatistics, and -XX:StringDeduplicationAgeThreshold. More details on JDK 8 Update 20 are available in the blog post “Release: Oracle Java Development Kit 8, Update 20.” The Lange post has also sparked discussion on this and related JVM options on the Java subreddit

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