Automate CRUD Operations and Focus on What Matters

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I have written about Magic here previously, but on the 5th of January we came out with a significant upgrade to the Magic wand — the ability to automatically scaffold up an entire Angular frontend. This means that you can now start out with only a database, click one button, and Magic creates your entire backend. The result is that every single database table becomes wrapped inside of CRUD HTTP REST endpoints. Click another button, and Magic gives you a ZIP file that contains an entire Angular frontend, tailored specifically to your backend. See the process in the video below, or download Magic and try it out on your own database if you wish.

According to an article I read here at DZone, a highly skilled software developer can produce roughly 750 lines of code per month. When I tested Magic on a database with 122 tables, Magic produced almost 100,000 lines of code for me automatically. That becomes the equivalent of 8.8 years of software development for a human being, and my computer created this code in less than 60 seconds. Add to that the fact that human beings will write an occasional error into their code, and a computer will never create an error — and you get the point.