LinkedIn Launches Its First Standalone Job Search App

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 13.42.35 LinkedIn says that today 40% of its 300 million users access the site on mobile devices, so its bid to tap into the wave of users accessing the site via smartphones and tablets continues apace: today the company is launching LinkedIn Job Search, an iOS app that will let people search and apply for jobs on the social network. This is LinkedIn’s first standalone app dedicated to… Read More

Puppet Labs Raises $40M More To Take Its IT Automation Business Global

11189803153_2a7421916d_b Puppet Labs, whose IT automation software is used by the likes of Google, Twitter, Salesforce and AT&T among 18,000 others, is today announcing another $40 million in venture backing, money that it will be investing in “engineering, product and international expansion,” CEO and founder Luke Kanies tells TechCrunch.
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The 10 best designs for the Moto 360 watch face

While Motorola prepares for the release of its Moto 360 smartwatch this summer, hundreds of designers have been battling it out in a contest to win one of the Android Wear-powered devices. A total of 1300 entries have been submitted to a panel of judges in the competition, providing some stunning examples of watch face design for this very modern smartwatch. With a judging panel full of Motorola’s UX and UI designers for Moto 360, and even its design chief Jim Wicks, it’s not an easy…

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Why is Node.js so Popular?

I am pretty sure you have heard about Node.js. Basically EVERYONE is talking about it right now; everyone wants to learn it, web development trends seem to be moving towards it and even huge sites like LinkedIn, eBay and PayPal have their entire infrastructure based on it.
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Basically EVERYONE is talking about it right now….

War breaks out in the final trailer for ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’

Rise of the Planet of the Apes surprised everyone in 2011 by being the rare reboot that actually had something to say. Now it’s time for the inevitable follow-up, only this time Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, Let Me In) is the person in the director’s chair. Andy Serkis, the talented actor behind memorable motion-capture performances like Gollum and King Kong, returns as the ape Caesar, and from the looks of things tensions between humanity and the hyper-intelligent apes have only escalated in the years since the first film. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes opens on July 11th.

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Court Rules That Non-Relevant Files Seized Under A Warrant Cannot Be Held Indefinitely

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 5.34.55 PM Say the government gets a warrant for some of your data. They come to your house, image your computers, and then hold that data — even the data that isn’t pertinent to their warrant — for several years. That’s not okay, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled. This is a good ruling, as it limits the ability of the government to hold files that are not party… Read More

A close-up look at Amazon’s Fire Phone

Amazon’s smartphone is no longer a rumor. The device, which was announced at an event earlier today in Seattle, is very real and coming to the US beginning July 25th on AT&T starting at $199.99 with a two-year contract. The handset is a first for Amazon, which so far has only dabbled in Kindle e-ink readers and tablets. The Fire Phone is the logical next step in that process, and has a lot in common with its Fire tablets, which also run a heavily modified version of Google’s Android.


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Harley-Davidson is making an electric motorcycle

Harley-Davidson appears to be just a day away from unveiling an electric motorcycle, and it’s teasing the new bike on YouTube. In a video, a (relatively) quiet motorcycle whizzes down a highway, letting out a sharp, almost sci-fi sound that you certainly don’t hear from noisy gas vehicles. That it’s an electric cycle is all speculation for now, but there’s some reason beyond the video to suspect that this is in fact what’s coming. Fueling the suspicion are spy shots published from the set of the next Avengers film that show a stunt double riding an electric bike from Harley-Davidson, which auto publications seem to think looks street legal and surprisingly realistic for a supposed prop.

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Amazon Fire Phone: hands-on with the ultimate buying machine

Amazon stepped into the smartphone race this afternoon with the unveiling of the Fire Phone, its very first attempt at building a smartphone. By most outward appearances, it’s a strong first attempt: the 4.7-inch phone has a simple black body, a 720p display, a fast 13-megapixel camera, and plenty of processing power to keep things moving. Naturally, it’s running a version of Fire OS, the highly modified version of Android that Amazon has been using on its Kindle Fire tablets for a couple…

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