The Best Tools for Angular Development

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Let me guess, you are probably an Angular developer or a soon to be website owner who is planning to build a website using Angular. Well, here I have an informative post for you which will possibly help you in finding the right tools for AngularJS development. Therefore, without any further delay let me introduce to you the best AngularJS development tools and services of 2018.

For the ease of the reader I have bifurcated the list of tools into the different phases of AngularJS development. So let us go in the chronological order of how and where you would need these AngularJS development tools.

What is Our Martian Quarantine Protocol?

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If you somehow haven’t read or watched War of the Worlds, here’s a spoiler alert. The Martians are brought down by the common cold. You can argue if alien biology would be susceptible to human pathogens, but if they were, it wouldn’t be surprising if aliens had little defense against our bugs. The worrisome part of that is the reverse. Could an astronaut or a space probe bring back something that would ravage the Earth with some disease? This is not science fiction, it is both a historically serious question and one we’ll face in the near future. If we …read more

The Scuf Vantage is a Fortnite player’s dream PS4 controller

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Scuf Gaming, one of the leading makers of custom game controllers for competitive play, has a new device coming out next month that promises to even further enhance the ability of gamepad users. The device is called the Scuf Vantage, and it’s a custom PS4 controller with back paddles, two additional side buttons, and an instant remapping feature that lets you customize every one of those additional input mechanisms on the fly.

It sounds like an obvious upgrade for serious competitive players and aspiring streamers, but the question remains: do you really need a controller that costs as much as $200 to improve your game? Last week at E3 in Los Angeles, I got my hands on a finalized version of the Vantage. I demoed it on the one game most…

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Nintendo doesn’t think Labo has reached its full potential yet

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Back in April, Nintendo launched a bold new initiative called Labo. A collection of DIY cardboard accessories for the Switch, Labo was designed primarily to reach brand-new audiences outside of the traditional game-playing demographic. While the company says that the first two iterations of Labo have sold well — the “variety kit” reached the top 10 on the NPD sales chart during launch month — there’s still a lot of work to do.

While more typical games like Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey tend to have a surge of sales at launch, Nintendo believes Labo will have a longer lifespan. “Labo represents something else entirely,” says Shinya Takahashi, general manager of the company’s software division, Nintendo EPD.

While Labo is…

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Google launches a podcast app for Android with personalized recommendations

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Google today is introducing its first standalone podcast app for Android. The app, called simply Google Podcasts, will use Google’s recommendation algorithms in an effort to connect people with shows they might enjoy, based on their listening habits. While podcasts have previously been available on Android through Google Play Music and third-party apps, Google says the company expects Podcasts to bring the form to hundreds of millions of new listeners around the world. It’ll be available starting at 12PM ET.

“There’s still tons of room for growth when it comes to podcast listening,” said Zack Reneau-Wedeen, product manager on the app. Creating a native first-party Android app for podcasts ”could as much as double worldwide listenership…

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Bible Stories, with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

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FOR THE KIDS IN YOUR LIFE, AND THEIR SUMMER READING:  Get Ruben Bolling’s hit book series for kids, The EMU Club Adventures.

“The EMU Club inhabits exactly the world I always hoped to live in when I was 12, when the answer to questions like ‘Where did I put my toy’ led inevitably to alien conspiracies and secret underground tunnels. A book for the curious and adventurous!” -Cory Doctorow, author of “For the Win” and “Little Brother”

“The type of non-stop action and improbably hilarious fun that only a kid could dream up. … The EMU Club’s adventures perfectly capture the intersection of imagination and wonder – the crossroad that’s so often found in cardboard boxes, pillow forts and backyards everywhere.” -GeekDad

Get Book the First, “Alien Invasion in My Backyard,” here.  

Get Book the Second, “Ghostly Thief of Time,” here.

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The Rabbit Charger is a simpler way to integrate chargers into your wall outlets

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I like the idea of having extra chargers around my apartment, but I live in a rental unit, so I’m not exactly keen to start replacing the outlets with ones that have USB ports or wireless chargers just yet. However, the Rabbit Charger looks like a pretty good alternative that’s as easy to install as changing a faceplate on a regular outlet.

The Rabbit Charger is a outlet-sized block that plugs into your existing outlet. It covers both plugs, but it replaces one with a passthrough plug, so you’re not losing the whole outlet. In exchange for the other plug, you get a Y-shaped charging hub on top of the device with two charging tips. The clever part is that the entire charging cable is retractable, so you aren’t stuck with an ugly cord in…

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There’s a Hawaiian shirt of Chunk doing the “Truffle Shuffle”

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I came across the strangest Aloha shirt on Instagram the other day, one called the “Hawaiian Shuffle” ($55). It depicts Chunk of The Goonies, amongst the shirt’s tropical foliage, doing his “Truffle Shuffle.”

Two things:

1. I’m 99.9% sure this is an unlicensed Goonies product, which means child-actor-turned-entertainment-lawyer Jeff Cohen (aka Chunk) won’t see a dime from its sales (maybe I’m wrong!);

2. A 2015 UPROXX article describes how the film’s director Richard Donner felt about that scene and what he did to help Cohen later in life:

Watching the movie as kids, we probably weren’t too aware of how mean the “Truffle Shuffle” was, mainly because Chunk reluctantly performed it for his friends and then went about his business… However, Donner recalls it as a “painful” scene to film and it was ultimately the catalyst for his lasting relationship with Cohen.

“There was no direction,” Donner explained. “I don’t take any credit for that, it was just Jeff. He had to stand on that stump and be ridiculed by his friends so he could come in the house, and he did it as best as that character could do it. So much humor comes from pain. Although, I’m sure he was too young to be analytical about it, but I’m sure that was part of his instincts. It was a painful scene.”

In fact, Cohen told us that Donner hiring him as a production assistant when he was jobless was what opened the door for him to “learn the business of show business.”

“Jeff became very special as an individual for me when he did the Truffle Shuffle because there was an honest pain in that scene for that little boy in front of those little kids,” Donner said. “When I saw that, and you could see it, my heart went out. When I told Lauren about it we decided we’re going to have to help him go to work on his body and his mind. So, I got him a gym and some instruction and someone to work with. He lost lots of weight and built this great physique and became captain of his wrestling team in high school, captain of his football team, and president of his school class for two years in a row. I’m not saying I did it, but I know that when he started putting pride into his body and self a lot of things changed. I was probably closer to him.”

There’s more to battle royale games than Fortnite and PUBG

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Fortnite is the biggest game on the planet right now. It’s played by more than 125 million people, including a host of celebrities, and it dominates services like Twitch. While Fortnite and its predecessor PUBG popularized the battle royale genre — where groups of 100 fight until only one player remains — that kind of success leads to plenty of imitators. Even blockbuster shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield are getting in on the action.

Amid this deluge, it can be tough to separate what’s actually cool from the games that are simply following a fad. There are a number of other experiences doing interesting things in this space. And since many of them also happen to be free, they’re worth checking out to see what else is possible…

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X-Men: Grand Design 12 – One Fateful Day

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Ed Piskor‘s offering an annotated page-by-page look at the first part of X-Men: Grand Design, his epic retelling of how Marvel comics’ pantheon of heroes came to be. Catch up here. — Eds.

Director’s commentary…

This post concludes our director’s commentary feature for X-Men: Grand Design. Putting actual words to many of the creative choices that went into making these strips has proven really valuable to my process personally, and it’s inspired an artillery of questions that I have in regards to the way my favorite cartoonists operate.

Lots of seemingly random cartooning influences have affected me while putting this page together but I realize that a common thread they all share is that they were covered in the ‘80s documentary, Comic Book Confidential. I’ve gone on at length about the effect this film had on me but I’ll leave it up to you to google that if you’re curious. I guess another common thread these cartoonists possess is that they’re just some of the best the medium has to offer.

The mud on Xavier’s boots is a detail that Jack Davis would incorporate in his EC war books. The third panel is a riff on a Jaime Hernandez back cover to a fairly recent issue of Love and rockets. The stark red and black panel 4 is inspired by an iconic Jaime Hernandez front cover to an older issue of Love and Rockets. In panel 5 the first image of the helmeted Cain Mariko looks like a Harvey Kurtzman soldier from his Two-Fisted Tales series from EC comics in the 1950s. That giant hand in the second to last panel is unapologetically Jack Kirby-inspired. Frank Miller and his mentor Will Eisner would often use an all-black panel to create a beat or pause in the action.

If there’s anything to learn from the commentaries that I’ve been posting these past 12 weeks, it’s that I steal from the best. In comics it’s often called “swiping”. In Hip Hop it’s called “sampling”. I’m like a DJ, my comics collection acts my records, and the books I make are my albums.

The first X-Men Grand Design collection is now available for purchase on Amazon! Stay tuned for another strip this time next week.

You can pre-order X-Men: Grand Design, Second Genesis on Amazon today.

The secret RPG history of an enabler of America’s border child kidnapping policy

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When Bryant Durrell was in college, he played D&D with an amazing Dungeon Master, Eric, who was obsessed with the moral dimension of the game, constructing thoughtful, elaborate campaigns to get the players to reflect on the nature of good and evil — the players jokingly called the setting Eric created “Catholic World.”

Louis Vuitton Windows CE pocket computer on eBay

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Louis Vuitton’s Windows CE gadget was a misstep. Pocket PCs were unpopular gadgets of questionable utility even in their day: obsolete in a heartbeat and now draped with the comical stink of Microsoft at its nadir. It hardly speaks to the timeless quality a luxury brand wants to conjure, even as a promotional stocking stuffer.

As an artifact, though, what an oddity! I’d get it for sheer ironic magnitude – with a WiFi CF Card [Amazon] you should be able to get it online – but it’s listed for $680, OBO and a Jornada 728 would be a better choice.

Perhaps Louis Vuitton should make a branded case for the Gemini PDA, a far classier (and more functional) expression of the ultra-mobile PC concept.

An Arduino Powered Tank Built To Pull Planes

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Surely our readers are well aware of all the downsides of owning an airplane. Certainly the cost of fuel is a big one. Birds are a problem, probably. That bill from the traveling propeller sharpener is a killer too…right? Alright fine, we admit it, nobody here at Hackaday owns an airplane. But probably neither do most of you; so don’t look so smug, pal.

But if you did own a plane, or at least work at a small airport, you’d know that moving the things around on the ground is kind of a hassle. Smaller planes can be pulled by …read more

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