Improving ui-select Control

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The ui-select directive to a select and multi-select control with a search feature, I have to say is a control very useful. You can use it with a static list or dynamically getting data from a server.

In this post, I want to show you how to configure and to use ui-select directive to add a paging behavior (NOTA: by default the ui-select directive have no paging functionality).

VSDC Video Editor Pro might be the last video editing suite you ever need

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With so many different video editing software packages available with so many varying price points, it’s always difficult to know which one will offer you the best value for your particular editing needs.

That’s where reviews come in very handy. So when a respected outlet like CNET says of VSDC Video Editor Pro that “this video editor gives you tons of control and editing power,” that instantly makes it worthy of some attention. — Read the rest

Don’t worry, you can still buy a dot-shaped Echo Dot

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Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

Amazon unveiled a radically redesigned $49.99 fourth-generation Echo Dot smart speaker today that doesn’t look like a dot at all — instead, the new Dot is shaped like a ball, or maybe an orb. The new design is a notable departure from the look of previous Echo Dots, which were short, puck-like cylinders that could be said to resemble, well, dots.

If you just can’t get on board with having a ball-shaped smart speaker but are in the market for a new Dot, I have good news for you: Amazon is still selling that dot-shaped third-generation Echo Dot. Amazon confirmed to The Verge that it’s keeping the older Dot in its lineup in part to provide an option for those who want to mount their Dot to a wall. An Echo Flex, a small Echo speaker that…

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You can now return Apple’s Solo Loop for a new size, without sending back the Watch

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Call it Apple Bandgate, if you must. It’s the latest online dustup, following Apple’s recent Watch Series 6 release. The announcement of the Solo Loop was more or less glossed over during last week’s big event, because, well, watch bands don’t often take center stage at hardware events. As is often the case, retail availability […]

Get a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Z Flip for 42 percent off at Back Market

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Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip usually costs $1,380 if you buy it new, but Back Market is selling refurbished units for $799. If you’ve wanted to own one of these but couldn’t justify spending the equivalent of two Xbox Series X consoles and a PS5 digital edition on a phone, now’s your chance to jump in.

This version of the Z Flip is compatible with GSM carriers, including AT&T and T-Mobile. This isn’t the Z Flip 5G that was announced more recently; it’s the one that supports LTE. In the review, which you can watch above or read here, The Verge’s Dieter Bohn lauds its performance and battery life, as well as its “solid-feeling, smooth hinge” design. Keep in mind, though, that its foldable glass is still fragile to scratches, and its cameras…

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We have a few questions about Amazon’s flying indoor security camera drone

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Should we invite Amazon’s internet-connected cameras and voice assistants into our homes? That’s been a contentious topic for years — but today, Amazon effectively said “screw it” and announced an entire automated flying indoor robot security system.

Yes, that’s right: Amazon’s Ring division now has a camera that can theoretically go anywhere in your home, not just the direction you initially point it. Or, in Amazon’s words: An Innovative New Approach to Always Being Home.

Needless to say, the staff of The Verge has a few questions about that.

In no particular order and without naming names:

  • Can it go up and down stairs?
  • Why does it look like an air humidifier?
  • What’s battery life like?
  • Does the drone play slap bass?
  • How does it map…

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Fitbit Sense review

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The Versa helped Fitbit reverse its fortunes after a long, gradual slide. The company was slow to embrace the smartwatch, and stumbled somewhat out of the gate with the Ionic. But the Versa found a perfect sweet spot that build atop generations of wearable health knowhow, key acquisitions like Pebble and a pricing sweet spot […]

Amazon’s new Ring drone stops the world’s most hapless thief in bass-slapping ad

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Ring’s flying drone camera, the Always Home Cam, was easily the most surprising hardware announcement at today’s Amazon event. It won’t actually be available until next year, but the company has already put together a short ad to demonstrate how the camera can give you a flying, go-anywhere perspective on whatever’s happening in your home.

In the video, we see Ring’s security system tripped when a burglar breaks in, and the homeowner immediately dispatches the Always Home Cam to check in. As soon as the careless thief sees Ring’s “compact, lightweight, autonomously flying indoor camera,” he immediately flees.

If you were hoping to get an idea of just how noisy the Always Home Cam is, well, this doesn’t really provide that. You can hear…

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If you need to pass the SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT or other standardized tests, this training package can help you prep

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Standardized testing is the worst. The stress during the buildup. The worry about whether you’re learning and studying the exact items that will show up on the test. And perhaps the worst part, the knowing that this single performance, with no context for who you are, where you came from, how much you’ve grown or what you’ve overcome, will determine pathways open to you in your immediate future.— Read the rest

PS5s will be available to preorder tomorrow at GameStop

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Let’s be honest: trying to preorder a PS5 has been anything but easy. That said, if you want to try to secure Sony’s next-gen console ahead of its November 12th launch, you’ll have another shot at nabbing one at GameStop tomorrow. Both models of the PS5 will be in stock on GameStop’s website, though the retailer has yet to mention what time it will open preorders online.

If you’d rather try your luck in person, you can always go to a GameStop near you. And if you decide to brave the line at a physical store, you can either pay for your PS5 in full or drop a $50 down payment to make sure you get one. (Although it’s unclear how many or which units each store will have.)

Whatever you choose, remember that it’s still really difficult to get…

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How to Render Your Website

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A little history

Back in the days, rendering a website was simple. You needed a web server that served HTML files. Those were static sites. Then developers started using databases and authentication. To achieve that, they needed to manipulate the HTML file before serving it. That’s how server-side rendering was born. Let’s fast forward until 2010, when Backbone got released. The front-end got richer and more complex. Then the era of client-side applications begin. Developers migrated their data and routing logic to the client side. They could, because Google "understood" JavaScript. The servers became slimmer, but the websites became more complex. Yet, recently server-side rendering became a trend again. All thanks to React and its server-side hydration feature.

Static sites

Static sites are the simplest way to render a website. You code your website in HTML/CSS, and serve those files from a web server. This is the simplest way to render your website, but it comes with pros and cons.

Amazon’s fall hardware event: the 13 biggest announcements

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Amazon just wrapped up its fall hardware event, and it was packed with a number of big announcements. There are a number of new Echo devices, such as a spherical redesign of the tried-and-true Echo. Amazon also showed off improvements for Alexa, including new security features. We saw a bunch of new Ring devices — one of which was a drone that can autonomously fly around inside your home. And Amazon finally took the wraps off its long-rumored cloud gaming service, Luna.

If you want the play-by-play, check out our live blog with commentary from Dieter Bohn and Nilay Patel. And if you want the rundown of the biggest news from the show, check it out right here:

Amazon showed off a new, spherical Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Dot…

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How to preorder all of the new Amazon products

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Image: Amazon

Amazon announced a load of new devices today at its hardware event, as expected. The new Echo Show 10 smart display, shown above, that can follow your movements around the room and Ring’s new Always Home Cam drone are just a sampling. And now, we found out when you can buy them and how much they’ll cost. We’ll be reviewing most, if not all, of these products before they make their way onto store shelves, but if you want to place an order ahead of time, here are the links.

If Amazon’s Prime Day 2020 goes on in mid-October, as is rumored, it’s possible that we’ll see a few of these products at a lower price. Not all of them will have released by then, but it’s good to at least keep in mind.

We’ll add more links for the Ring products…

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