How to back up your Gmail

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You may be switching jobs, or maybe you’ve decided to stop using a specific email account, or maybe you just want a copy of all your email just in case. Whatever your reasons, it’s not a bad idea to back up and export your Gmail and other Google accounts using Google’s Takeout feature. In fact, you can set your accounts to back up regularly, which is a good practice in general.

One note: if you’re backing up a company account, you may find that your company has disabled Takeout. There are third-party apps that say they can back up your Gmail, but you should check your company’s policies before you try them out.

How to back up your Gmail:

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Why do cats “slow blink” at people

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We have three rescue cats, and one of them slow blinks at me every time I look at him. According to this article, cats slow blink to Indicate that they do not feel threatened by you.

Rae Paoletta writes:

If a cat closes its eyes around like it’s falling asleep, it’s signaling that it doesn’t view you as a threat. This is similar to the way some cats expose their bellies to their humans, which signals trust and vulnerability. For kitties, the absence of extreme hatred is love, and as cat owners know, there is no in-between.

Now I want someone to explain why my cat stretches and raises his paw to me like he’s saying hello.

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Arduino Plays NES Games

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Watching the advancement of technology is interesting enough by looking at improved specifications for various components as the years go by. But clock speeds, memory size, and power consumption are all fairly intangible compared to actual implementation of modern technology when compared to days of yore. For example, this $40 …read more

Audeze’s latest gaming headset is made with the PS5 and Xbox Series X in mind

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Audeze Penrose

Image: Audeze

Audeze has a new gaming headset called the Penrose, which will cost $299.99 when it is released in September, but the company is knocking $50 off if you preorder it before then.

Audeze is making two different versions. The first has blue outlining the ear cups and is compatible with the PS5, PS4, Windows 10, and macOS. The other model has green detailing and works with Microsoft’s consoles, the Xbox Series X and the current Xbox One lineup, as well as Windows PC.

Despite that there’s a separate model for Xbox, an Audeze spokesperson told me that the headphones are exactly the same; it’s the included dongle that’s different. One supports Microsoft’s wireless protocol, whereas the other does not. Either dongle will work when plugged into…

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Zoom announces a $599 touchscreen device for remote workers

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Image: Zoom

Zoom, whose user base exploded with the onset of COVID-19, is expanding into hardware. The company has announced a new touchscreen device designed to help with remote work. The appliance, called Zoom For Home — DTEN ME, will cost $599 and will ship in August.

The DTEN ME is a 27-inch touchscreen device with three smart webcams and eight noise-reducing microphones built in, and it comes preloaded with the Zoom software. Zoom isn’t actually building the hardware; the product comes from DTEN, a San Jose-based company that makes videoconferencing appliances.

Image: Zoom

The DTEN appears to have a pretty simple interface that provides quick access to Zoom’s various features, including meetings, whiteboards, and contacts….

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Why everyone’s talking about the new PALM SPRINGS movie

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Back in January, the new movie Palm Springs broke a record for the highest sale at the Sundance Film Festival — by exactly 69 cents.

We should have seen that as an omen.

The movie began streaming on Hulu this past Friday, July 10th, and in less than a week, it has an 84% on MetaCritic and a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. Those are some impressively high accolades for any movie, but especially for a RomCom by a first-time director starring Andy Samberg. But, in my humble opinion, the film deserves it.

The elevator pitch for Palm Springs is essentially Groundhog’s Day meets Hot Tub Time Machine meets Wedding Crashers — again, not the type of film you’d expect to garner such critical acclaim. Andy Samberg’s character, Nyles, has been trapped in a time loop at a wedding where he doesn’t know anyone except his girlfriend, who’s in the wedding party, and also cheating on him. He is stuck at the resort, living the day over and over and over and over again, eventually resigning himself to the situation and trying to have some fun before the loop resets. When he tries to hook up with Sarah (Cristin Milioti), the older sister of the bride, he accidentally brings her into the time loop as well. And we soon learn that there are other wedding guests whose fates are now locked into this same endless repeating pattern. (Spoiler: one is JK Simmons, delightful as ever.)

Palm Springs does the expected job of working through all the humor of time travel and repetition; of course, the timeliness of its release during our collective societal quarantine probably helps to make that monotony feel even relatable. Read the rest

CBD For Immune Support: Protecting Seniors Through Lab Tested CBD

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Boing Boing presents these words from our sponsor, Real Tested CBD!

Given there is a global pandemic, ways to boost the immune system are even more sought after than usual. Having a strong immune system is the base for staying healthy, and though there are a lot of products people use to aid in immune wellness, CBD is on the rise as a top choice in boosting immune health. So how can this ever-growing in popularity compound help you with health and wellness, specifically boosting your immune system? Here is a breakdown of what you need to know.

What Is The Immune System?

Our bodies have a built-in system that keeps invaders at bay. On a daily basis we are exposed to streams of diseases, infections, viruses and bacteria. Our immune systems, a network of cells, organs and tissues that work together to destroy these foreign cells or particles, keeping us healthy and alive. The heroes of our immune system are the white blood cells, which fall into two categories. There are the lymphocytes and phagocytes. Lymphocytes are also known as B or T-cells, and are responsible for destroying toxins and identifying foreign substances within the body. Phagocytes help to absorb these invaders, neutralizing and preventing further spread of toxins. Out immune system also works to eliminate dead or non-functioning cells, preventing multiplication and tumor growth.

What Is CBD?

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound derived from cannabis or hemp plants. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is the cousin to its well-known intoxicating counterpart, THC. Read the rest

Four-mile long hopscotch course coming to San Francisco neighborhood

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This Saturday, some San Francisco families will be bringing a four-mile long hopscotch course to their neighborhood. With their day-long “Hopscotch Your Block” event, the North of Panhandle Neighborhood Association (NOPNA) hopes to chalk the playground game over a 30-block area.

NOPNA thinks this will be really fun and a way to help build community, support our local merchants, and improve morale…all while keeping a safe social distance from each other! And… we could potentially even break the Guiness World Record for the longest hopscotch course (currently 3.8 miles)! Let’s make history together by breaking this record!

The four mile course runs East-West (Turk, Golden Gate, McAllister, Fulton, Grove, Hayes and Fell) and connects north-south along Divisadero and Masonic. We’ll be “chalking up the blocks” and connecting them all together; please only chalk the north side of sidewalk (if on an east-west street) or east side of sidewalk (if on a north-south street).

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Paper Mario: The Origami King is a laugh-out-loud funny RPG on the Switch

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Super Mario’s roleplaying adventures have always been playful twists on the genre. RPGs can be uptight, all melodrama and end-of-the-world theatrics. But games like Super Mario RPG and the Mario & Luigi series took what made RPGs great — the strategic battles, lengthy adventures, and vast stories — and infused them with humor and charm. Paper Mario: The Origami King continues this tradition but updates it in lots of clever ways. It’s the rare game where being funny is its biggest strength.

As with most Mario adventures, The Origami King involves trouble with Princess Peach, but not in the typical damsel in distress way. At the outset, Mario and his brother arrive at Toad Town for an origami festival, only to discover the city is mostly…

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How to stream Peacock

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Peacock is here. The last of the major 2020 streaming services to launch, Peacock looks to unite NBC’s shows, Universal’s films, and original content into a single service that will put a much bigger emphasis on live, curated content than nearly any other competing service.

But Peacock is arriving late to a very crowded party, one that’s already filled with Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, CBS All Access, HBO Max, Apple TV Plus, and Amazon Prime Video — which means it’s going to have a big challenge to break through to customers.

Peacock does have a trick up its sleeve, though: a completely free, ad-supported tier that will offer thousands of hours of content to customers.

Interested in trying it out? Here’s everything you need to know about…

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Google Nest Mini speakers are buy one, get one free for Verge readers

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Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Google recently ran a promotion that offered two of its Nest Mini speakers for $78. That’s technically a deal since one usually costs around $50, though Daily Steals is doing it better for Verge readers today with a two-pack of Nest Minis for just $40. Just make sure to enter the code VERGENEST2 once you go to checkout. It currently has the chalk, charcoal, and coral colorways available, and these are all brand-new devices with their original one-year warranty from Google.

Another good deal from Daily Steals is on the Beats Solo 3 on-ear wireless headphones that released a few years ago. It’s offering them in a few colors for just $117, which is close to half off the original $200 price. Just enter the offer code VERGECLUB…

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Top 3 Reasons to Build a Website with Wix

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With all the website builders on the market, it can feel overwhelming to choose the best one for your needs. The most important things to look for are usability, flexibility and a professional look and feel. That’s why over 180 million people use Wix to create the website of their dreams.

Here are the top 3 reasons to build your website with Wix.

Wix caters to everyone, from beginners to professionals

Whether you’re creating your very first or your 100th website, Wix has a solution for you. If you’re a beginner, one option is to let Wix do the work for you with its advanced design intelligence (ADI) tool. Simply answer a few questions about the type of website you want to create and ADI will create it for you. The other option is to use Wix’s editor that lets you choose from hundreds of templates that you can customize yourself. If you have lots of experience creating websites, Corvid by Wix gives you the freedom to code and build your own advanced web applications.

Wix offers professional features for any kind of website

Wix has over 500 templates for a wide range of industries including eCommerce, health, beauty, fitness, hospitality, food, design, creative arts, and more. You can customize any template to fit the look and feel of your brand. In addition, Wix has an App Market with hundreds of Wix and third-party apps to meet your needs and enhance your business.

Wix helps you get site traffic

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Glass algae and other oddities of Antarctica’s microworld

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For five years, Boing Boing contributor Ariel Waldman, an artist-turned-science hacker developed the skills necessary to become a “wildlife filmmaker at the microbial scale.” Finally, she spent more than a month in Antarctica documenting the strange, beautiful, and “invisible” creatures that live there. Her project, “Life Under Ice,” was meant to be the subject of her TED2020 talk in Vancouver in April. Of course, TED2020 was changed to an entirely online event. Above is Ariel’s wonderful talk about the incredibly curious and beautiful lifeforms she encountered in Antarctica. From TED:

In this tour of the microscopic world, explorer and artist Ariel Waldman introduces the charismatic creatures lurking beneath Antarctica’s massive ice sheet, the largest on earth. From “cuddly” water bears to geometric algae made of glass, Waldman shows how this seemingly barren landmass is actually a polar oasis of life — if we just know where to look.

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Footage of The Cure when they were still Easy Cure (1977)

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This bit of grainy film footage with bad audio wouldn’t be notable except that it depicts Easy Cure playing a 1977 show in Crawley, UK. The following year, Easy Cure dropped “Easy” from their name, recorded the demos below, signed to Polydor Records’ Fiction label, and released their first single, “Killing An Arab.” The rest is post-punk, proto-goth history.

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The LG V60 and VELVET Review: A Classic & A Design Restart

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It’s been a few months since LG has released the LG V60, and since then the company has also finally managed to launch the new Velvet phone to western markets outside of Korea, such as Germany. The two new 2020 phones are quite contrasting devices for LG – representing what one could say the company’s classic design philosophy versus a newer, more refreshing design language. They’re also contrasting devices in terms of their specifications and positioning, with the V60 being a successor flagship devices with a high-end SoC, whilst the new Velvet is a “premium” design with the new Snapdragon 765, coming at a lower price point and some compromises in terms of specification – but not too many as to call it a mid-range phone.

Both phones are overdue a closer look, and that’s precisely what we’ll be doing today.

Cornish pub installs an electric fence around its bar for safer distancing

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Star Inn, a pub in Cornwall, has installed electric fencing around its bar. Jonny McFadden, who runs the bar, says it’s a “normal electric fence that you would find in the field.” When asked if it’s turned on, he responded, “Come and find out. There’s a fear factor and it works. People keep away from it. People are like sheep. They know it’s a fence. They don’t want to touch it to find out if it’s on or off.”

image via Canva

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