A carrying case for your snowman

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Screenshot of video of Yuko Matsuzawa crafting a carrying case for a snowman

The designer/artisan Yuko Matsuzawa created a gorgeous insulated tote bag in which to carry around your snowman.

Apologies for the undoubtedly-dodgy machine translation here, but this is how Google translate renders the description on their site:

Carry a snowman
In the morning when the warm soup heals you, the first snow comes when you look at the window.

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13-minute mini-doc on the cult of the Criterion Collection

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You probably know a few Criterion cultists. They’re a curious breed of obsessive collector and media citizen who just can’t get enough of these video products, with their extensive special features and thoughtful booklets of deep-dive essays and lovely packaging. Or maybe it’s the cultured, urbane air that enthusiasts believe owning such a collection imparts. — Read the rest

Super-Fun-Pak Comix, feat. “Marshmallow Test,” and MORE!

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YOU can buy the two new Tom the Dancing Bug books, Tom the Dancing Bug: Into the Trumpverse, and The Super-Fun-Pak Comix Reader! Information here.

Memberships are now open for Tom the Dancing Bug’s INNER HIVE. Join the team that makes Tom the Dancing Bug a reality, and get exclusive access to comics before they are published, sneak peeks, insider scoops, and lots of other stuff. — Read the rest

Telegram gets Discord-like group voice chats

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Telegram is adding a new group voice chats feature that’s similar to an always-on Discord room. Voice chats are now part of existing text chats, and operate as a persistent option to speak live with friends or family. As they’re always available, you can dip in and out of voice chats just like you would in a Discord room or call.

Telegram is supporting “a few thousand participants,” so even bigger groups for things like live events will include voice chats. The feature appears at the top of an existing group chat, if enabled, allowing anyone to join the conversation freely. On the desktop versions of Telegram for Windows and Mac, you can also use a push-to-talk key for voice chats to control your microphone input.


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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra S Pen support confirmed by FCC

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Samsung Galaxy S21
The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. | Photo: WinFuture

An FCC listing confirms that Samsung’s S Pen stylus can be used with the company’s upcoming flagship Galaxy S21 Ultra phone. The confirmation, first discovered by Android Authority, comes in a test report for model number SMG998B. The discovery lends clarity to recent statements from Samsung mobile president TM Roh, who said that some of the “most well-loved features” of the Galaxy Note will be coming to other Samsung devices in 2021.

The FCC test report explicitly describes an EUT (Equipment Under Test) device that can be used with an S Pen in both hover and click modes. “The EUT can also used with a stylus device (S Pen). The EUT operates with the S Pen in two different inductive coupling modes of S Pen motion detection (Hover and…

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Maker (Faire Producer) Spotlight: Ian Cole

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Ian Cole has been at the helm of Maker Faire Orlando, and its parent organization The Maker Effect Foundation, since its inception. While this spectacular, volunteer run event did not take place in November as usual, Ian has been no less busy manifesting maker experiences for others. Florida has more […]

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In just 100 hours, Speakly says they’ll have you speaking confidently in a foreign language

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You may have heard of the 10,000 Hour Rule, popularized by noted journalist and author Malcolm Gladwell. It supposes that it takes 10,000 hours of active, intense focus on a talent or skill to attain expert-level mastery.

There’s debate over whether that theory is actually true or not, but it’s also spawned a lesser-known spinoff, the 100 Hour Rule. — Read the rest

Sony says it’s already seeing some benefits from WarnerMedia’s big HBO Max bet

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Photo: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Sony Pictures saw a “bit of a boom” in interest from Hollywood creatives who want to work with a studio committed to theatrical releases, according to the company’s CEO.

The uptick in interest comes just after WarnerMedia announced its 17 movies planned for 2021 will premiere on HBO Max the same day they hit theaters. For WarnerMedia executives trying to figure out how to bolster subscribers for its new streaming service and release films in an era when the return to theaters is uncertain, the move makes sense. Plus, WarnerMedia executives will tell you they’re still committed to theatrical releases, pointing to Tenet’s release. Others in the industry will point to Tenet as a reason for the HBO Max move.

While Sony could sell a title…

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Steam’s winter sale is live — here are the best games to get

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fall guys

Steam’s annual winter sale is live. If you’ve been meaning to buy some games, either for yourself or as a gift for upcoming holidays, now’s the time to take a look around. There are thousands of games up for sale in the Steam Store (and you can vote for the 2020 Steam Awards while you’re there).

While you’re browsing, the Epic Games store is also in the midst of its holiday sale. In addition to discounts of up to 75 percent, the sale provides endless $10 coupons — that is, you can apply one to a purchase (on “eligible games” priced at $14.99 and up), apply another to your next purchase, and so on. And the store will be giving away games for free until December 31st. As of this writing, the current freebie is Metro: 2033 Redux (usually…

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Google and Nickelback really want you to look at your photographs

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Image: Google

Nickelback has created a parody version of its own song “Photograph” for a new Google Photos ad, and it’s a lot more entertaining than you might suspect. In the ad, Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroeger mercilessly makes fun of himself, fully leaning into the “Photograph” meme and its usefulness in explaining all sorts of graphs and in illustrating framed copies of other memes, as Kroeger instructs viewers to “look at them” in his unmistakable, raspy voice.

The ad’s lyrics and photos touch on Kroeger’s “noodle hair” and his passion for photographing dessert. That it manages to both be a nice example of Google Photos’ features and a cute use of the old meme makes it worth a watch.

“Photograph” is 15 years old, and the meme connected to it…

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A OnePlus smartwatch is finally coming in 2021

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Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

OnePlus will finally be making a smartwatch in 2021, CEO Pete Lau has announced on Twitter, marking the first foray into wearable devices for the smartphone company. There’s not many details yet on the upcoming device, including what smartwatch OS it’ll run, a price, or even a firm release date — Lau only notes that it’ll be “released early next year.”

The idea of a OnePlus smartwatch isn’t a new one; the company had reportedly designed a Wear OS (then still called Android Wear) smartwatch a few years ago. OnePlus ultimately nixed that product, though” “We had completed the design but we still decided to scrap it,” Lau said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. “We have to be focused.”

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The New York Times’ crossword can now haunt your living room in augmented reality

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A solved mini New York Times crossword overlaid on my couch, with a banner that says “Congrats! You solved the puzzle!”
I’ve done it. | New York Times

A miniature New York Times crossword can now float above your couch, courtesy of an augmented reality effect available on the Times’ Instagram page. Pull up the effect on your phone, and a prompt will appear saying, “The crossword has shattered into pieces!” A small crossword sits on whatever surface you’ve picked, while a cloud of letter shards hovers above it. As you move your camera around, the change in perspective will reveal the words that solve the puzzle.

It uses the same principle of perspective, anamorphosis, that some artists play with to make work that creates an optical illusion when viewed from a specific vantage point. It’s a neat concept, but it’s not exactly the same as actually solving a crossword. Fiddling with your…

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