Ariana Grande and the Galaxy Note 5 just dropped a new music video

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Ariana Grande has a new music video for a single called “Focus.” This is its story.

SCENE: Samsung marketing team crisis management meeting after Drake performed the most viral song of the year whilst holding an iPhone in each hand.

Man 1: Okay I’m tired of negativity, let’s have some solutions.

Man 2: We just need to do the exact same thing but with a different celebrity, right?

Man 1: Yes, but who is famous other than Drake… Adele?

Man 2: Flip phone.

Man 1: Justin Bieber?

Man 2: He’s with Drake now.

Man 1: Ariana Grande?

Man 2: Yes, that is a person.

Man 1: What if she used the stylus and she wrote a sexy note on the Note 5… with the stylus?

Man 2: It’s called an “S Pen,” but yes, perfect. What if, and bear…

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