Are you ready to write and publish your own book? It’s not as crazy as it sounds…

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For all its downsides, you have to admit all this extra time spent at home has to have boosted your creativity. More time to sit and think means more time to develop new original ideas. Trust us, you wouldn’t be the first to find that a global emergency has fueled the need to start a great new creative project.

A book. You need to write a book. However, just the thought of taking on a project like that is enough to make you break out in hives. First, the process of bringing your thoughts and concepts together into an actual written manuscript is daunting, to say the least. Then once it’s finished…well, then what?

It’s no cause for alarm. In fact, the training in a package like The Creative Writing eBook Self-Publishing Bundle can efficiently lead you by the hand through the entire book writing process, from ideation and writing to publication to bringing that work to the public.

This collection features 10 courses that should help you get a strong idea of some of the most popular and profitable routes for authoring your own eBook.

If your work is non-fiction, you’ve got plenty of work to do before you even write word no. 1. In Novel Writing 101, students examine the essential phases of writing a novel, from research through starting your draft to the ongoing editing and polishing phases.  The Scrivener Simplified course can help with that, showing how one published author creates a path for you to follow to use the popular writing software to gather notes, outline, write, rewrite and edit your work. Read the rest