Apple Launches Public Beta of macOS Big Sur, Its Biggest Desktop OS Update in Years

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The public beta of macOS Big Sur, the next major release of Apple’s Mac operating system, is now available. From a report: The new update brings a big visual overhaul to macOS while also adding a number of brand-new enhancements. If you’re thinking about installing the macOS Big Sur public beta, be warned that it’s still, well, a beta. That means you could experience some unexpected bugs, and software you rely on may not work with the new OS just yet. Before you install Big Sur, make sure all of your important documents are backed up somewhere safe, and if at all possible, you should only install this on a secondary Mac. But if you do roll the dice and install the Big Sur beta, you’ll immediately see that it looks much different than previous versions of macOS, as Apple has made significant design changes across the entire operating system. Windows have a whole lot more white, for example (unless you’re using dark mode, in which case, there’s still a lot of black). Apple’s app icons have received a major facelift and are now rounded squares, like iOS’s app icons. And the menu bar is now translucent, blending into your wallpaper.

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