Apple Arcade’s latest surprise is Guildlings, a cute fantasy game from the creator of Threes

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We’re nearly two months out from the launch of Apple Arcade, and things haven’t slowed down much: excellent new games from well-known creators still regularly hit the subscription service. The latest is Guildlings, a quirky fantasy adventure game developed by some of the minds behind Threes and The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom, which launches today. The RPG takes place in a world that blends high fantasy with modern day YA tropes; the creators describe it as “a world of wizards and Wi-Fi.”

Here’s how the creators describe what you’ll actually be doing in the game:

Leverage your Guild members’ abilities in playful turn-based combat, using unique powers tied to each party member’s personality and mood. Keeping your team happy will make…

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