Angular 1.5 Packages for Sublime Text 3

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One of my friends was using Sublime Text 3 as an editor for an Angular JS application but he was using it without packages, so he had to do everything manually. I suggested to him a few packages and now he is much more productive than ever. So in the blog post, I’m going to share a few tips and packages for working with SublimeText.

Installing Packages on Sublime Text 3

Sublime Text 3 support packages that make it a great choice for any kind of Web Development project. This makes a developer’s life easier allowing us to be much more productive than ever. Sublime Text does not come with an inbuilt package manager but there is a third party package manager called “Package Control”. You can find more information about that on the following location:

There is also instruction provided for installation at the following link:

Angular JS 1.5 Packages for Sublime Text

JS Hint:
If you have ever work with JavaScript you should know about using linters. JS Hint is a JavaScript linter which will lookat  your code and verify that it has proper styling, proper syntax, and report any errors related to JavaScript best practices.

To make sure that this plugin works correctly. You need to install JS Hint installed globally via npm:

 npm install -g jshint 

Then type Ctrl+ Shift + P and select install package.

Once you click on Install, it will load the extension from the repository and you can install the extension you choose.

This package was developed by the Angular UI Team. It contains lots of functionality like:

  • Code completion for built-in Angular libraries
  • Angular-related snippets
  • Directive completion of Custom Defined Directives

To Take advantage of this plugin’s syntax highlighting You need to change the view type of your HTML page file: View-> Syntax-> HTML(Angular.js).
And then you can utilize code completion like the following.
This package helps you format your JavaScript and JSON. It is based on JS Beautifier. It is highly configurable and you can also define your preferences. There are plenty of options available which you can see using the following link:

John Papa’s Angular Snippets for Sublime Text:
John Papa has created great snippets for Angular JS and they are very useful. He has written a nice blog post about how to install it with Sublime Text. You can refer to that using the following link:

After installing that, you can create lots of angular boilerplate code very easily. For example, If you want to create an angular controller just type ngcontroller.

Upon pressing tab, it will create an Angular controller like below. It will also follow the best practices written in John Papa’s style guide.

That’s it. Now you should be much more productive with Angular and Sublime Text editor. Hope you like this post. Stay tuned for more!