Amazon doesn’t have a wearable — yet — but Bezos also isn’t saying ‘no’ to the idea

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For an online retailer Amazon has made a lot of hardware products, some having been more successful than others. But there’s one category that Amazon hasn’t officially entered yet: wearables.

I had the rare opportunity to ask Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos about his interest in this area at Code Conference this evening, following his on-stage interview with Walt Mossberg (which you should really watch in full, if you have the time). Bezos, not surprisingly, declined to comment on the company’s product roadmap — but he also didn’t say Amazon wasn’t working on wearable tech, either.

‘I don’t think you’ve seen the tip of the iceberg yet,’ Bezos said

“I think it’s a super market, and I obviously can’t talk about our future roadmap,”…

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