Amazon’s Super Bowl ad imagines a world where Cardi B and Anthony Hopkins are Alexa

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The Super Bowl isn’t for another few days, but Amazon is getting a jump on the big game with the release of a star-studded Super Bowl ad. The commercial imagines a world in which the company’s Alexa assistant has “lost her voice,” leading a frantic Jeff Bezos to seek out replacements in the forms of various celebrities.

As the minute-and-a-half ad unfolds, Alexa users discover that instead of Alexa’s neutral, semi-robotic tones, their requests to, say, get a recipe for grilled cheese are met by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey, while he hurls abusive remarks at them about their inabilities to cook.

Jeff takes the news that Alexa isn’t working really well.

Cardi B shows up to play her hit song “Bodak Yellow,” instead of…

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