Adding Authentication to a Native Desktop C# App with JWTs

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There are different frameworks for building native desktop C# apps. We have WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and Universal Windows. Universal Windows apps enable you to target every Windows device in one solution. You develop once, share most of your code, and deploy on Windows, Windows Phone, or Xbox. It reduces the effort needed in building and maintaining an app for each type of device.

The limitation of Universal Windows right now is that it only works from Windows 8 and above. Meanwhile, WPF has been around for a very long time. It was introduced with .NET Framework 3.0. It uses Direct3D rendering, which employs graphics cards to render the output on the screen. Thus, the drawing in the form will be smooth and there is also a chance to utilize the hardware capabilities installed in your machine. WPF controls are actually drawn over the screen, hence you can totally customize controls and modify their behavior when required.