A meditative online game where you draw gorgeous flowers

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Untitled (the flower game) is a gorgeous game — playable online, or via a downloadable app — where you draw a gradually evolving flower, using the left-right keys.

It offers two styles of play — an “arcade mode”, where you race to hit as many red targets as possible, and a “drawing machine” mode, where you just use the game to draw gorgeous, symmetrical designs. I’ve been zoning out for fifteen minutes using the latter, and I’m calmer than I’ve felt all week, heh.

The game is a creation of KR Pipkin and Loren Schmidt, who describe it thusly:

This small game is half drawing machine and half bullet-hell. Player characters, enemies and barriers are duplicated geometrically around a center point, creating a kaleidoscopic structure. As these objects are moved through space, they leave trails which are permanent until erased by an enemy or another moving element, drawing patterns in space.