Original Content podcast: Just don’t watch Netflix’s ‘Holidate’ with your parents

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You might think that a new Netflix film called “Holidate” offers holiday-themed romance that’s perfect for a family watch party. You’d be wrong. The film stars Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey as a pair of strangers who agree (in classic romantic comedy style) to keep each other company on holidays. And while the movie can’t […]

Black Friday on track for $8.9B+ in online sales as shoppers stay away from brick-and-mortar stores

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Black Friday — the day that launched 1,000 other shopping holidays — may have lost its place as the “start” of the Christmas shopping season by now (it gets bigger and earlier with each passing year). But the day after Thanksgiving still pulls in a crowd of buyers looking for a bargain and remains a major […]

From Sennheiser to Sony, here are 15 of the best Black Friday headphone deals happening right now

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When you’re working from home, there are two fantastic reasons for picking up a quality pair of over-ear headphones. First, they can help you focus in on your work, like listening or communicating intently during a video conference. Second, they can be a great barrier against the rest of the world, blocking out the pets, kids, and other distractions that can come with a home office. — Read the rest

Alto’s Adventure and Odyssey quietly arrive on Nintendo Switch, on sale for $7.49

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In early August, we learned the lovely Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey would come to Nintendo Switch, but we didn’t know exactly when. It turns out yesterday (Thanksgiving) was the day! You can now pick up The Alto Collection from the Nintendo eShop for $7.49, a temporary 25 percent launch discount over what will become its standard $9.99 price.

(Check out the video above to get a pretty good sense of what the games are like; we called Alto’s Adventure “the next great iPad game” in our review way back in 2015.)

Originally, you’d control Alto and his snowboarding / sandboarding friends by simply tapping the iPhone, iPad or Android touchscreen to jump and perform tricks, but the games now have full controller support as well. You’ve…

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Samsung may have just spilled the beans on how its next earbuds won’t be beans

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Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

We kind of loved the beans. The Galaxy Buds Live’s bean-like shape made sense! But though it originally seemed like Samsung was in on the joke — the company called them beans internally, and even printed the word on the circuitry — Samsung’s next earbuds may take a take a different tack.

Today, Indonesia’s telecommunications certification authority has revealed the company has a new “Galaxy Buds Pro” set of earbuds waiting in the wings (via MySmartPrice), and SamMobile may have already revealed what to expect: a source says they’ll be a set of sealed in-ear buds with the same design as the earlier Galaxy Buds+, only now with active noise cancellation and “an improved Ambient mode” to let you hear more of your surroundings.

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These top DNA kits are now on sale for Black Friday prices for an extra 20% off

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If you haven’t already done a DNA test to find out about all the hidden nooks and crannies inside you (or your dog) that make you you, then you’ve certainly at least considered it.

With just some spit in a tube, each of us can unlock all kinds of hidden information stashed away inside our building block matter, information that can stretch back centuries. — Read the rest

This 98-inch Samsung TV is $50,000 off for Black Friday and yes that’s a comma not a period

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The Verge would greatly appreciate it if you bought a certain Samsung TV today. We make some of our money from affiliate revenue, and Black Friday in particular helps pay some of the bills! And today only, this particular TV is fifty thousand dollars off. That should make it easy for you, right?

You think it’s a typo? Some pricing error, maybe a scam where you’ll owe the full amount when all’s said and done? Nope! It’s just that the 98-inch Q900 normally costs $100,000, and Samsung is making it a win-win for everyone (particularly us!) by offering it half-off.

Wait, you’re telling me you don’t have $50,000 for a new TV? How are you going to afford a 98-inch 8K television with that kind of thinking? You can’t, of course: at the bargain…

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27 Black Friday deals on DIY kits and projects that are on sale for an extra 20% off

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We’ve all got some young minds on our holiday shopping list. Heck, buying for kids is a whole lot more fun than buying for adults anyway.

Considering the wealth of gift possibilities out there, challenge yourself to only give your favorite youngsters gifts that will challenge their intellect and ingenuity. — Read the rest

Gorgeous video of digitally-enhanced dancers cavorting through Istanbul

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Screengrab of video by Gökalp Gönen of dancers in Istanbul

This video starts off with dancers grooving away in the streets of Istanbul, wearing what, at first, appear to be regular costumes — cool-looking ones, but made out of ordinary materials.

Then the costumes start morphing and growing and throwing off crazy CGI effects, and the whole thing becomes a lovely, hallucinogenic riot of color, movement and song. — Read the rest

Hackaday Podcast 095: Booting FreeDOS from a Vinyl Record, Floating on Mushrooms, and Tunneling Through a Living Room

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Hackaday editors Mike Szczys and Elliot Williams are talking turkey about the world of hardware hacking. This short episode brings news updates about the Nintendo Game and Watch hacking progress, the sad farewell to Areceibo, the new chip from Espressif, and the awesome circuit sculptures from our recent contest. We …read more

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