This expert-led training can help you figure out how to work in any environment

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Time management and self-motivation, the ability to stay on task and achieve in the office or when you’re working with home, is the true test of any person’s professional mettle. While that’s easier said than done, those skills can be taught and developed as you’ll find in The 2020 Work From Anywhere Hacker Bundle.

The collection brings together seven courses covering nearly 100 hours of material aimed at maximizing your abilities in core personal skills like time management, working remotely, writing, and more.

With courses like Time Management, Learn How to Get Stuff Done and 10 Soft Skills You Need, you’ll develop the skills that will enhance your productivity and efficiency, no matter where you’re working. The training will help you devise a personalized productivity plan to get your life in balance while you develop the people skills, communication, attitudes, and social and emotional intelligence to chart your own destiny professionally and personally.

With Critical Thinking and Communication Strategies, you’ll develop key innovations using analytical thought systems and creative thinking techniques to further your goals. With all that in place, Learn Advanced Writing Skills and Building an Online Business can help further sharpen your vision, push your goals forward and maybe even strike out on your own as a self-made, self-driven web entrepreneur of your own.

The training is regularly a $199 package, but right now, the entire path to understanding and working smart is available for only $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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This dual Bluetooth speaker set is twice the power at less than half the price

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It’s easy to be instantly dismissive about most Bluetooth speakers, especially small travel-sized units. Over the past few years, makers of every shape, size, and variety have started pounding out Bluetooth speakers, many barely able to sound much better than your smartphone speaker, let alone provide the bass and volume heft of legitimate portable speakers from name brands like Bose or Sony.

But buyers of the Earhoox Dual Bluetooth Speaker Set are usually so charmed by this cute little tandem that they don’t even realize the quality of this package until it’s blazing away on their favorite tracks.

And yes, this set includes two speakers, a pair of sound pumpers both equipped to trade-off solos and split the workload that can send lowlier speakers running. Crafted from brushed metal, PU leather and other premium materials, these six-inch powerhouses don’t look or feel like anything less than top-quality audio equipment.

Of course, it’s only after they’re synced to your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device that their true colors really come to the surface. Each built around a formidable double magnetic 16 core speaker with bottom passive vibration film design and enhanced bass capabilities, these units each come together to deliver their parts in a great surround sound tag team. While most portable Bluetooth speakers strain to deliver the full depth of the music, these two are perfectly synchronized partners, pounding out dynamic stereo audio separated as it should be.

With 3 watts of power and 80dB intensity, these speakers have enough juice to be serving up your music while sitting on a desk, or hanging from the handlebars of your bike while trucking through the great outdoors.  Read the rest

What to Choose to Implement Audio/Video Calls Solution Using WebRTC

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We at Mad Devs have been working with WebRTC since 2013. We have implemented several projects with video or audio calls enabled. That’s why I want to share my thoughts on when to build your own solution from scratch, when to use open source alternatives and when to order a custom solution from a third-party vendor.

First, let me say a few words on the experience we gained with WebRTC in the recent few years.

Watch Bono and The Edge mung up “Stairway to Heaven”

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In this tongue-in-cheek rendition to amuse their crew, The Edge does OK, and Bono has a couple of good moments, but the whole things falls apart a couple of minutes in.

Bono explains why they have never tried it till now:

There’s one annoying aspect of an Irish crew that has to be said. Wherever you go in the world, whatever venue you’re playing — whether it’s the Olympia, or 3 Arena, or Madison Square Garden — you walk into the venue and it’s a big moment, and you’ll hear a song that we said, “We’ll never, ever play this.” And that’s right, “Stairway to Heaven.” These professionals believe they play this better than the band. And you know, it might be true.

For a chaser, here’s Heart blowing the doors off the song in front of the band’s surviving members:

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Errol Morris has uploaded his ‘First Person’ documentary series to YouTube

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Documentarian Errol Morris made an acclaimed documentary series on eccentric people 20 years ago, and now you can watch it online for free. First Person includes a fascinating ep on Mark’s high school classmate and supergenius pal Rick Rosner (shown above).

The episode centers around Rick’s fight over losing on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

What could possibly make a tormented teenage genius want to relive the horrors of high school … over and over again? Peek inside the mind of Rick Rosner to find out why the class Brainiac became a serial senior. And watch as Rosner prepares to take his place in the hallowed hotseat of TV game show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” in what could turn out to be Rosner’s ultimate revenge for nerds everywhere.

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Watch Kachi Chan’s spare, trippy, otherworldly visuals

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Modern Jazz musician Olivier Cong’s two-part song “Delusion” inspire designer Kachi Chan to create a black and white space-themed series of visuals. Prepare to leave your body!

Kachi has also done some gorgeous color work in the same vein, like Amelioration, a collaboration between visual designer Chan and fashion designer Matt Hui:

It’s a story about one tries to breakthrough his shackles and express his true self underneath. The fashion piece is composed of 2 pieces, the outer one is a metallic-look cape made with reflective PU material; the inner is a soft, light tulle dress with controllable LED lights. The runway performance depicts the process of the metallic shell being broken through and the inner true self is revealed as the tulle dress. The video as part of the performance interacts with the fashion model to stage the process of transformation.

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Here’s why you should consider changing your auto insurance

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Did you know that you are free to change your auto insurance at any time? Maybe you do know that, but don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of changing providers. Or maybe you simply already think you have a great deal.

The fact is that your car insurance is one of those expenses that should stay under constant surveillance. Company rates shift constantly, so the carrier you’ve been with forever may not be offering you the best deal anymore. 

And cost isn’t the only reason to make a change. Online insurance provider Clearcover helps set you up with the best plan at the best rates available, all right from your phone, laptop, or favorite digital device. You read that right: no speaking to a soul over the phone.

And with their digital claims services, you can file a claim right through the Clearcover app immediately after an accident, expediting the process to resolve the situation and move on.

If you’re in one of the eight states that Clearcover serves (Arizona, California, Illinois, Louisiana, Ohio, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin — with several more to come in late 2020), all you have to do is go to the Clearcover website, enter some basic information and see what they have to offer.

As a company, Clearcover’s mission is to serve low-cost premium policies with top-rated technology. So while there are no guarantees that Clearcover will beat your current provider, it’s not uncommon for new Clearcover customers to save $500 or more annually compared to their previous plans and get better coverage. Read the rest

Alt-ending to Shel Silverstein’s ‘The Giving Tree’: Tree sets boundaries

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The tree sets some much-needed boundaries with the boy in this spot-on alternate ending to Shel Silverstein’s kid’s book, The Giving Tree. The Tree Who Set Healthy Boundaries is the work of playwright/screenwriter Topher Payne and it’s part of his “fixed it” series:

Just read “The Giving Tree” as usual, right up to the point where the Boy comes hustling for a house. Then feel free to print these pages and paste them over everything that follows.

(Also look at how he hilariously fixed The Rainbow Fish.)

images via Topher Payne

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Restflix thinks it’s cracked the code to a good night’s sleep and is now on sale for 50% off

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According to researchers, stay-at-home orders in the US and around the globe are helping those working from home grab an extra 15 minutes of sleep per night. For college students, it’s even up to 30 extra minutes each night.

Meeting your quality sleep threshold is actually one of the greatest indicators of your overall health. For those who find themselves struggling, the Restflix Restful Sleep Streaming Service might just present a path for solving those problems.

Restflix is just what it sounds like — it’s Netflix for sleep. They offer over 20 personalized video channels full of meditative music, bedtime stories, soothing sounds, and restful images to help users fall asleep faster and get a deeper, more restful sleep.

The Restflix formula centers on using binaural beats, an approach that brings together two slightly different sound frequencies that your brain interprets as a single new frequency tone.

The Restflix videos utilizing the binaural beat method can then alter the brain’s degree of arousal, with almost three out of four subjects experiencing higher levels of melatonin, the brain chemical that regulates your sleep.

Through guided meditations, bedtime stories, and peaceful and serene natural views and sounds, Restflix can reshape your sleep habits and stave off insomnia, ill-effects of sleep disorders like weight gain, memory and cognition issues, a weakened immune system, and heart disease, among others. 

Just launched last month, you can watch Restflix now on bedroom TV or mobile device via  Google Play, Roku, Apple TV, and other streaming options. Read the rest

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