9 new trailers you should watch this week

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Image: Disney

I got around to watching The Old Man & the Gun the other week, the newest film from A Ghost Story director David Lowery. The film stars Robert Redford as an older man who can’t stop robbing banks (and being incredibly charming while doing it).

It’s a lovely little movie, and watching it, I continually felt stunned that it was made in 2018. It has a warmth, low stakes, and casual pacing that make it feel like a film from an older era, when special effects were harder to do and budgets where much lower as a rule. (It also has a relatively brief hour-and-a-half runtime.)

I wish I could pinpoint exactly what it is that gives the film its throwback feel, but I’m not sure it’s any one thing. But watching the movie certainly made me wish there…

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