21+ Mobile App Ideas 2020: Steal Them Before Anyone Else Does

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By 2020, mobile apps are projected to generate $188.9 Billion in revenues via app stores and in-app advertising. How about you steal some of the digital shelf space? If you are a struggling entrepreneur searching for a fantastic app idea, here is your chance to steal a million-dollar idea from 21+ mobile app ideas and make a fortune out of it.

  1. Reserve a spot in the restaurant.
  2. NOT to visit places.
  3. Exchange the goods.
  4. Check the freshness of food.
  5. Have we met the app?
  6. Read it out aloud.
  7. What should I cook?
  8. Is the product original or not?
  9. Never eat alone.
  10. Trash it out.
  11. Shoot them or buy them.
  12. Find me a parking spot.
  13. Silence my phone.
  14. A dollar for negativity.
  15. How do I feel?
  16. Suggest a song.
  17. Instant invite.
  18. Help me out!
  19. Real-time translation app.
  20. The perfect match.
  21. An Uber for trucks.
  22. Forget me not.
  23. Find a tenant.

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1. Reserve a Spot in a Restaurant

It’s Saturday evening, and you’re all set for your first date. The only problem is that you don’t know anything about the cuisines he or she is into. Upon meeting them, you ask what type of food they like.