New UE Fits true wireless earbuds can mold to your ear shape for a perfect fit

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GIF: Ultimate Ears

Most of us stick with the silicone ear tips that come in the box with our earbuds; usually one of the small / medium / large sizes makes for a good enough seal to enhance bass and increase noise isolation. Stepping up from that, you get foam tips like those from Comply that expand to fill your ear canal for top-notch sound. But the pinnacle of earbud listening comes when you have a completely custom, personalized ear tip that’s perfectly fitted to the contours of your ear.

Ultimate Ears wants to offer that option to more people — without making them go to their local audiologist for a ear mold. The company’s new $249 UE Fits have gel-filled tips that, through a 60-second process initiated on your smartphone, will permanently harden in…

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You can get a refurbished Sonos Playbar for $120 off at Best Buy

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sonos wrap

The Sonos Playbar soundbar isn’t as new as the Beam (by a long shot, it was released in 2013), but it’s a more powerful option. If you want to pick one up, Best Buy has refurbished models for $379, which is drastically cheaper than Sonos’ own $499 refurbished price. The soundbar debuted for $699 and Sonos products don’t usually drop in price this much.

The Sonos Playbar houses six mid-woofers and three tweeters. We didn’t think it met the bar in terms of powerful sound with its high $699 price. But considering that it’s at $379, and given that you can easily add in other Sonos speakers to make a fuller sound, now is a good time to jump in if your home theater needs a boost. Keep in mind, though, that it only has an digital optical audio…

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Microsoft updates its Arm-based Surface Pro X tablet with a faster CPU

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Microsoft today announced the second generation of its Arm-based Surface Pro X tablet. The first generation of the Pro X launched last October and since then, Microsoft worked with Qualcomm to design the second generation of the SQ2 processor that powers it. The SQ2 doesn’t fully replace the first-generation SQ1 chip, though. Instead, Microsoft is […]

Star Wars: Squadrons is as good (and as hard) as actually flying an X-Wing

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There’s an enemy fighter on my tail. I glance out the window of my X-Wing, and call out to two of my wingmates in Vanguard Squadron to pick the TIEs off my back, restock on missiles, and then perfectly drift around a chunk of debris to continue bombarding an enemy cruiser. Or at least, that was the plan, until I clip the side of the cruiser, spin around, and explode.

It turns out that flying an X-Wing is harder than I had thought.

For as long as Star Wars has existed, fans have dreamed of jumping into the cockpit of the iconic starfighters of the franchise and following in the footsteps of Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader to dogfight it out among the stars and Death Stars. Luke and Vader had the force, though, to augment their flying…

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The Pixel 5 and 4A 5G play it safe

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Image: Google

Google’s fall hardware presentation was a slickly-produced 30-minute affair with four products, as expected. You can experience it with our liveblog here or catch up on the biggest announcements here. Outside of some very neat software tricks, there were no big surprises.

But it turns out that we didn’t know every single detail there was to know about the Pixel 5 and the Pixel 4A 5G. And with every new small detail it became clear that Google has decided to play it extremely safe with these phones. Every decision it made was about bringing costs down without compromising the fundamentals.

“What the world doesn’t seem like it needs right now is another $1,000 phone,” hardware boss Rick Osterloh told a small group of reporters after the…

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Can the Pixel 5 camera still compete using the same old aging sensor?

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Google’s new Pixel phones are here, as is the annual round of speculation over how their cameras will perform. The Pixel cameras have been in a weird spot for a couple of years; the Pixel 2 in 2017 was an incredible leap forward for smartphone photography, but features like Night Sight aside, the 3 and 4 were mostly evolutions on the same hardware and software formula, making what sometimes felt like subjective tweaks more than clear improvements to image quality. It’s to Google’s credit that they’ve still remained among the very best phone cameras you can buy.

It’s impossible to pass real judgment on the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A 5G, which share the same front and back cameras, until we’re able to test them out for ourselves. From what…

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New Chromecast works as a cheap but unsupported xCloud streamer

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The new Chromecast

The new Chromecast includes both a dongle and remote. | Google

Google’s new Chromecast can run Microsoft’s xCloud if you’re prepared to sideload the game streaming service, The Verge can confirm. The functionality was previously demonstrated over on Reddit by u/kiddj55, and we’ve since been able to install the Xbox Game Pass app on our own hardware and access cloud streaming to play Gears of War 5.

Much like Google’s Stadia game streaming service which also works, xCloud isn’t yet officially supported on Google’s new hardware. That means you’ll have to sideload xCloud if you want to install it. The process involves finding an APK for the Xbox Game Pass app online, finding a way to transfer it to your dongle (here’s a guide from Android Police on doing exactly that), and then change the Chromecast…

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Astro’s A03 is its first set of in-ear headphones made for gaming

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Astro is debuting its first set of in-ear headphones, the A03. It’s an unexpected step for the company, which traditionally makes over-ear gaming headsets, like the new A20 Gen 2 and the mainstay A40. They’re $49.99, so while not the most affordable wired option, it’s a reasonable price considering they offer punchy sound, and a snug fit with three sets of silicon tips included, each of which provide quality sound isolation. And if you want to use them to listen to music, or stay on the phone, while you game with an over-ear headset, the A03 has a flat cable to sit comfortably between your skin and the ear cup.

The A03 plugs in via 3.5mm, so another perk is that it’s compatible with every current platform, like the PC, PS4, Xbox One,…

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