Learn how to podcast like a boss from these experts

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Entrepreneurs looking for new avenues to reach customers may not have considered one of the fastest-growing content mediums today: podcasting. And we don’t mean just dropping an advertisement for your product or service in the middle of a popular show.

Right now, there are about 850,000 active podcasts reaching 165 million Americans. Those listeners are predominantly educated, affluent and technologically savvy. So could you craft an entertaining, engaging podcast around your business to attract attention and bring some of those smart, upscale listeners into your camp?

Business is one of the most popular podcast genres for listeners — and the training in the Podcast Like a Boss course offers motivated students all the direction needed to get a podcast off the ground. However, this course asks the even more important question: how can this podcast help drive your business forward?

Unlike other instruction training, this 7-module course doesn’t center exclusively on well-worn tips for would-be podcasters. This training is about creating and launching a podcast idea that bolsters business success, regardless of your industry. 

This training is led by a quartet of experienced business podcast pros, who collectively created podcasts that amassed over 7.5 million downloads while generating nearly $1 million in revenue. Kathleen Shannon, Emily Thompson, Paul Jarvis and Jason Zook break down the entire process, from clarifying a podcast’s purpose, defining the point of view, identifying the prime audience and shaping what a listener can expect before they ever even hit the subscribe button.

Through these lectures, workbooks, PDF checklists and more, you’ll learn how to create compelling content around your business; how to handle the tech and logistics of podcast recording and distribution; how to get attention to your podcast through iTunes and other platforms; how to monetize your show through sponsors and more; and how to grow and nurture around the program. Read the rest

Samsung’s rotating mobile-friendly TV goes on sale for $1,999

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Images: Samsung

Samsung’s Sero TV, which rotates between landscape and portrait orientations depending on what kind of content you’re watching, has gone on sale in the US and UK. Samsung says that the 43-inch TV is available for $1,999.99 / £1,599. That’s a lot considering the TV’s relatively small screen size, but you’re still getting a 4K QLED panel.

The Sero has been available in Korea for a little while now, but back at CES 2020, Samsung announced that it would be bringing the TV to the US and other global markets. The thinking is that the TV’s portrait orientation will mean it’s better at showing Instagram stories, TikTok videos, Snapchat content, and any other videos typically shot vertically rather than horizontally.


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Minneapolis police have allegedly blinded a photojournalist permanently in one eye

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Linda Tirado is a photographer and the author of Hand to Mouth: The Truth About Being Poor in a Wealthy World.

And as of Saturday afternoon, she’s blind in one eye.

Tirado had been covering the protests and riots in Minneapolis:

But around 2:30am on Saturday, May 30, Tirado posted that she had been hospitalized. According to Twitter, the doctors believe she was hit in the eye with a tracer or a rubber bullet, which either exploded, or just hit her in the exact nerve spot to cause damage. While the blindness is likely permanent, Tirado did offer the cold comfort that it was not her photography eye.

Click the links to read the tweets if you want more detail. You can also support her Patreon.

Let this be your occasional tragic reminder that the “less than lethal” tactics used by riot police are indeed quite dangerous, and potentially deadly; when I was in college, a girl at my school was killed by a pepper spray canister to the face after the Red Sox beat the Yankees in the ALCS. The idea that pepper spray and rubber bullets and tracer shells might be “less lethal” just makes police use them more egregiously, which leads to more and more of these horrible scenarios. Read the rest

‘Super 8: An Illustrated History’ Will Scratch That Analog Itch

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Both rookie filmmakers and analog die-hards alike will find something to love in Danny Plotnick’s new coffee table book ‘Super 8: An Illustrated History.’ Newcomers will whisper a quiet “thank you” before tucking in their iPhones tonight after they’re introduced to the laborious process that their filmmaking ancestors went through, from buying expensive film stock to processing by hand. Experience the dizzying highs and treacherous lows as the author recounts his own decades-long love affair with Super 8 filmmaking (see: Skate Witches). The glorious photos of vintage cameras and projectors that adorn this book will have even the most casual gearhead drooling and interviews with underground filmmakers who cut their teeth on Super 8 including Richard Linklater, Bruce LaBruce, and GB Jones will offer insights into the passion that drove no-budget artists in the pre-digital age.


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Sennheiser’s limited edition HD 25 headphones have a pop of retro color

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Image: Sennheiser

In celebration of the company’s 75th anniversary, Sennheiser is releasing a limited edition version of its HD 25 headphones. While they usually feature a nondescript all-black design, the limited edition will come with an extra pair of bright yellow ear pads inspired by Sennheiser’s other iconic headphones, the HD 414. The company is also reducing the price of the headphones while it’s selling the limited edition models, from $149.95 to $99.95.

The catch is that Sennheiser isn’t going to offer a foolproof way of getting your hands on the limited edition model. It’s not selling them separately. Instead, if you want a pair, you’ll have to order a regular pair of HD 25s from Sennheiser’s store and cross your fingers that one of the limited…

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