Apple might not include a charger with the iPhone 12. Good

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Lighting port off center on the iPhone XR

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Over the weekend, lots of sites reported that Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo is claiming that the iPhones due to be released later this year won’t have chargers or EarPods in the box. If you want to know what most tech bloggers thought of the rumor, you can head over here to see all the tweets, almost all of which amount to “that sounds like a bad, user-hostile thing to do.”

I say good: drop the in-box charger (but I have a couple requests).

The clearest piece I’ve seen about pulling the charger out of the box comes from venture capitalist MG Siegler. He points out that there are four reasons that Apple might have for doing this: increased margins, shipping costs, the transition to a future no-port iPhone, and the environment. That list, for…

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First Apple Silicon Benchmarks Destroy Surface Pro X

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As expected, developers with early access to Apple silicon-based transition kits have leaked some early benchmarks scores. And it’s bad news for Surface Pro X and Windows 10 on ARM fans. Thurrott reports: According to multiple Geekbench scores, the Apple Developer Transition Kit — a Mac Mini-like device with an Apple A12Z system-on-a-chip (SoC), 16 GB of RAM, and 512 GB of SSD storage — delivers an average single-core score of 811 and an average multi-core score of 2871. Those scores represent the performance of the device running emulated x86/64 code under macOS Big Sur’s Rosetta 2 emulator.

Compared to modern PCs with native Intel-type chipsets, that’s not all that impressive, but that’s to be expected since it’s emulated. But compared to Microsoft’s Surface Pro X, which has the fastest available Qualcomm-based ARM chipset and can run Geekbench natively — not emulated — it’s amazing: Surface Pro X only averages 764 on the single-core test and 2983 in multi-core. Right. The emulated performance of the Apple silicon is as good or better than the native performance of the SQ-1-based Surface Pro X. This suggests that the performance of native code on Apple silicon will be quite impressive, and will leave Surface Pro X and WOA in the dust.

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Learn how to utilize WordPress to its full potential with the help of these training classes

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The saying goes that everyone is looking to build a better mousetrap. In the case of Elementor, they decided to take a swing at WordPress, the platform used to build a third of the world’s websites, and make it better. Four years later, there are already three million sites using Elementor, a WP plug-in which brings an additional level of drag and drop easy to the WordPress environment. 

Elementor has opened up a whole new world to the tried and true WordPress procedure — and with the training in The Elementor and WordPress Master Class Certification Bundle, you can learn all the newest and most effective tactics for elevating a WordPress site into a truly special web experience.

The seven courses featured here not only go deep on Elementor but also offer specific guidance on using WordPress to craft some of the most frequently needed site types, so no matter what website template you need, you’ll have a leg up on getting it done and done well.

The Elementor Master Class 2020 gets the ball rolling as you learn how to build fantastic looking web pages without needing to know any code. The course lays out a full plan for using sections, columns and widgets to craft virtually any web page design, all without ever having to mess with any programming problems.

But Elementor is just the tip of the iceberg. If you need to Build a Full One Page Event Website with WordPress, you’ll get complete training in a plug-in called SiteOrigin to make it look stellar. Read the rest

Google Photos will no longer backup social media folders by default

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Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Google Photos will no longer backup images and videos saved from folders created and managed by social media apps by default (via Android Police). Previously, Google’s photo backup platform would automatically upload all images saved to your Android or iOS device, including those files stored in folders created by apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Now, Google says that feature is turned off, and you’ll have to toggle it on for specific apps or run manual backups on specific folders.

Google is citing the surge in image sharing happening since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. “People are sharing more photos and videos due to COVID-19. To save internet resources, backup & sync has been turned off for device folders created by…

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You may finally be able to watch Netflix in 4K on a Mac with Big Sur

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Watching 4K Netflix video on a Mac seems like it’s about to get much easier, as the forthcoming macOS Big Sur includes a Safari update that reportedly lets you watch Netflix in 4K, along with Dolby Vision HDR, according to a tweet from Ishan Agarwal (via 9to5Mac).

This may mark the first time that macOS users will be able to stream Netflix in 4K. Previously, streaming 4K Netflix on a computer at all required you to be on Windows and using Microsoft’s Edge browser or the Netflix Windows 10 app. That means, in theory, you could watch Netflix in 4K on a Mac via Windows in a Boot Camp partition — but just loading up Safari, which is installed with macOS Big Sur, could be a far easier option once Big Sur is released (it’s scheduled to come…

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Amazon is bringing virtual viewing parties to Prime subscribers with Watch Party

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Amazon is giving its Prime members the ability to watch TV shows and movies on Prime Video with friends using its new Watch Party feature.

The feature is slowly rolling out, according to the company, and is only available in the US right now. Watch Parties will accommodate up to 100 viewers in one group, but each person must have a US-based Prime subscription. Once inside the Watch Party, people can choose from thousands of titles, according to Amazon, including originals and licensed shows and movies.

Anything from the service’s US streaming video on demand catalog is featured. This includes originals like Fleabag, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Jack Ryan, The Big Sick, The Boys, Homecoming, and My Spy, as well as licensed titles available…

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Grandpa Witmer’s Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Mixer

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I don’t know who Grandpa Witmer is, but around our compound, he’s a SubGenius ShorDurPerSav and a Discordian Saint. We use Saint Witmer’s Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Mixer to mix peanut butter quickly and without a mess.

The kind of peanut butter I buy from Trader Joe’s separates into two layers. The oil is on top, and the solid stuff is on the bottom. It’s hard to mix with a knife or spoon. The oil is likely to spill on the counter or splash on my clothes. This hand-powered stirrer does a great job. I bought the model with a lid that fits my brand of peanut butter. The stirring rod slips through a rubber hole in the lid, and when I remove it, the rubber hole squeegees the peanut butter off so there’s no mess. Read the rest

These new monitors can bring a whole new shine to your WFH world

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Whether you’re working from home or working from the office, a few elements of the grind are universal. Emails never stop. Meetings go on way too long. And a bad monitor makes your day monumentally more difficult to tolerate.

Staring at a screen that’s too small or isn’t bright or sharp enough can be enough to make you want to chuck the whole computer out the window. But before you start inflicting property damage and completely deep-six your productivity, check out a handful of monitors now on sale that might just soothe your nerves.

AOC E2070SWHN 19.5″ HD Monitor (Certified Refurbished) – $79.99; originally $98.99

After stepping up to this 1600×900 HD resolution image with crisp detailing, sharp contrast and bright vivid colors, you’ll wonder why you waited so long. You also won’t have to deal with video blur or ghosting issues with this model’s speedy 5ms response time. AOC also allows you to feed in video playback from hundreds of other devices through its standard VGA and HDMI connections, offering top quality video and audio signal for your viewing. There’s even a LowBlue Mode that cuts down on potentially harmful blue light by controlling color temperature without compromising the monitor’s naturally vivid colors.

This certified refurbished monitor has also been thoroughly tested and vetted to look and run as good as new, which means you get a monitor that originally sold for a lot more at a fraction of the price.  

HP EliteDisplay E223d 21.5″ Docking Monitor- $229.99; originally $269
HP EliteDisplay E243p 23.8″ Read the rest

No more spitting in Major League Baseball

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Major League Baseball announced its new rules driven by COVID-19 health and safety requirements. Notably, spitting is banned! I’d imagine that this will be tough to enforce—spitting in baseball is as American as, well, baseball.

Here’s the rule:

• Spitting is prohibited (including but not limited to, saliva, sunflower seeds or peanut shells, or tobacco) at all times in Club facilities (including on the field). Chewing gum is permitted.

It’s also a good thing the spitball was outlawed in 1920.

That said, the new rules also state that, “Pitchers may carry a small wet rag in their back pocket to be used for moisture in lieu of licking their fingers.” Read the rest

Dark Sky alternatives for Android weather watchers

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Radical Drop In Temperatures And Winter Weather In Pamplona

Photo by Eduardo Sanz / Europa Press via Getty Images

If you’re a weather geek, you probably already know that Dark Sky, one of the most popular weather apps around, has been acquired by Apple and is probably being integrated into iOS 14. As a result, anyone who uses an Android device and has the Dark Sky app is going to lose access on July 1st. In addition, a variety of other apps (some not even weather-related) will lose access to the Dark Sky API.

If you’re an Android user with Dark Sky and you’re wondering where to go now for your weather report, there are a few alternatives to choose from. But first, here are a couple of things to consider.

Several Android weather apps have been found to ask for more permissions than they need and to have shared location data with advertisers and other…

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Free download of MagPi – Raspberry Pi project magazine

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The latest issue of The MagPi is out, and you can get a free PDF. The projects in this issue look like fun!

Build a Raspberry Pi 4 games console. We’ve got the best cases, awesome controllers, and easy to use kit. Also a step-by-step guide to setting up RetroPie OS with Raspberry Pi 4, so you can run classic games. Plus! How to get games legally.
Learn Computing & ICT at home. It’s a lot of fun telling computers what to do, but getting started can be intimidating. Here’s a gentle introduction to getting serious with computing.
Build a DOS emulation system. Use the powerful DOSBox-X emulator to boot Raspberry Pi to DOS and run anything from Windows 3.11 to classic games
Upcycle a vintage radio. Fed up with boring black-box Bluetooth speakers? Hack Raspberry Pi into a vintage radio and give it a new lease of life.
Share your keyboard and mouse. Use Barrier to move your mouse seamlessly from Raspberry Pi to the screen of another computer, and control both machines at once.
Use an Inky wHAT display with Raspberry Pi. Make a great impression with a fancy e-ink name badge or custom display that subtly shows off your tech skills.
Piano-Playing Robot. Discover a robot that can play scales, chords, arpeggios, or totally new musical scores.
Singing Toilet. A trip to the washroom need no longer be boring. This musical instrument is played by pulling toilet paper from the roll. Migration Museum. How one museum comes to life when visitors linger near its artefacts. Read the rest

Call of Duty: Warzone will soon offer 200-person matches

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Image: Activision

Popular battle royale shooter Call of Duty: Warzone is upping its already large 150-person lobbies to let 200 people compete in Quad mode contests, publisher Activision announced today. The new lobby size will arrive with an update releasing at 2AM ET tomorrow, June 30th.

Warzone’s large lobbies are one of many ways the game tries to differentiate itself from the increasingly crowded battle royale market. But after this update, if you’re playing in a full Quad mode lobby of 200 people, you’ll be competing against 49 other teams of four, which could make Warzone’s already hectic games even more of a wild ride.

Image: Activision

It seems the mode will only be available for a limited time, according to an image from…

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