A delightful cover of “I Saw A Tiger,” the insane country anthem from “Tiger King”

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First of all: if you haven’t watched Netflix’s Tiger King documentary series yet, then what the hell are you waiting for? It’s got everything: tiger, ligers, lions, and bears; gay polygamists who are also straight; murder cover-ups galore; lots and lots of meth; fucking tigers; straight polygamists who are really just harem cult leaders who also own tigers; mullets; tigers; country pop songs about tigers and the Deep State; more meth mouth; more tigers; more polyamory; more conspiracies; FBI entrapment schemes; strip club owners who are also narcs; that libertarian campaign manager who actually seems like a decent guy; the multiple employees with amputated limbs who also seem like decent people in spite of their tragic stories; more guns and explosions; and of course, tigers.

But one thing it doesn’t go into enough in its already-overpacked-seven-episodes is the Tiger King’s alleged music career. While the series shows some clips from Joe “Tiger King” Exotic’s country music videos, it doesn’t explain who actually wrote and produced those songs, or let you hear any of them in their full WTF glory.

Slate was fortunate enough to interview the songwriters involved in such hits as “I Saw A Tiger” — and if you’ve seen the show, you won’t be surprised that they were kind of conned by Joe Exotic, too, just like everyone else around him.

But perhaps even more glorious is that people like BJ Barham (above), one of my favorite alt-country singer/songwriters and the frontman for American Aquarium, has already taken to covering Joe Exotic’s Tiger songs. Read the rest

Children are becoming snail mail pen pals with Fairyland “elves” in this time of social distancing

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You might remember that when I’m not blogging for Boing Boing, I can usually be found at my other gig — Children’s Fairyland. Of course, the Oakland, California kiddie theme park is closed now and will be until it’s safe to reopen. But, we do have a skeleton crew of essential “elves” who are on site to care for the donkeys, miniature horses, and other animals. While there, they also water our plants and check our mail. That’s when we got the idea to offer the children in our community a chance to became pen pals with these “elves.” We already have stacks of super-fun, kid-sized stationery, so launching it was just a matter of announcing it on social media.

The offer:

Play with us! Have your child draw us a picture or write us a note, and then snail mail it to us. Our “elves” promise to write back (on special Fairyland stationery designed by Oakland artist Michael Wertz, no less).

Send to: 699 Bellevue Avenue, Oakland, CA 94610

Well, in just a week, the response has already been incredible. Local children, plus some as as far away as Texas and Utah, have been sending us snail mail like crazy. Read the rest

How to Build a Fire with a Knife and a Piece of Bamboo

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My friend Dug North shared this video on YouTube at the request of another friend. It is unedited and a bit long, but it’s a fascinating technique that requires only a knife and a segment of bamboo.

Like a lot of friction fire techniques, the prep is important (and a tad fussy) and it takes a while to get the hang of it, but it looks as though, once you learn it, it’s really not that hard.

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The ‘Super Bad Transmittable Contagious Awful Virus’ song, a parody of ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!’

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You need this. So do I.

Ladies and gentlemutants, this is Daniel Matarazzo performing his ode to coronavirus, ‘Super Bad Transmittable Contagious Awful Virus!.’ It’s a parody of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, from the 1964 musical ‘Mary Poppins.’

I love this man and I love his song so very much.

Tom Lehrer, reincarnated, and stuck at home during a pandemic.


Now when a virus comes along that’s spreading like a plague
and POTUS and his lackeys have been nothing if not vague
Well then you’ve got to trust the CDC and listen well
Unless you want to bid our free society farewell

There is a…
Super bad transmittable contagious awful virus
And if we don’t act quick and social distance it will mire us
In a stretch of quarantine that lasts until July, a
Super bad transmittable contagious awful virus

(And if ya gotta better cough in your arm
And if ya gotta better cough in your arm)

Now back in 1918 Influenza had its run
But half their docs were busy overseas with World War I
Today we have mass media and scientists to say
If you don’t want this virus well then stay six feet away!

Super damn important that we practice isolation
Cause we’re asymptomatic while it’s in incubation
We’ll overwhelm our hospitals if there’s not mitigation
Super damn important that we practice isolation

(If we don’t do it then we’re all gonna die
If we don’t do it then we’re all gonna die)

And so I hope at last you take the lesson here to heart,
cause it’s already scary and we’re only at the start
If you get bored just think of the immunocompromised
Who can’t go much of anywhere unless it’s sterilized

Super bad transmittable contagious awful virus
And if we don’t act quick and social distance it will mire us
In a stretch of quarantine that lasts until July, a
Super bad transmittable

A super bad transmittable

A super bad transmittable contagious awful virus!

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“Overly descriptive” color pallettes

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Colors.lol combines two things the web was made for: color scheme generators and uncanny generative text.

Created as a fun way to discover interesting color combinations. Palettes are hand-selected from the Twitter bot @colorschemez. The randomly generated palettes match each color with an adjective from a list of over 20,000 words.

Created by Adam Fuhrer.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Chromebook hits shelves April 6th

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Dieter Bohn/The Verge

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Chromebook finally has an official release date. You’ll be able to buy it at Samsung and Best Buy next Monday, April 6th, starting at $999.

The device comes in Mercury Gray, or the bolder Fiesta Red that looks bright orange in some settings. It’s the first Chromebook to sport a 13.3-inch 4K OLED display. It also has a more powerful processor than most Chromebooks, an Intel 10th-generation chip. It includes 8GB of RAM (LPDDR3) and a 256GB SSD as well.

When we first saw the device back in January, Samsung indicated that there’d be additional configurations available, featuring up to 16GB RAM and a 1TB SSD. The company seems to have killed those models, however; the base model is now the only variant available.


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Take part in the clean energy movement with Arcadia

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At this point, it’s every single person’s responsibility to reduce their own carbon footprint and transition to a more sustainable lifestyle. But if you consider the grim fact that the biggest culprit of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities in the U.S. is burning fossil fuels for electricity, things, like pivoting to metal straws and carpooling to work, seem painfully insignificant.

Studies have shown that choosing clean energy can reduce your carbon footprint by over 40 percent, but it’s not an easy feat. Even if you’re willing to consider renewable energy options, having large solar panels installed on your roof is probably the first thing that comes to mind, and frankly, it’s not something that everyone can afford to do. Luckily, it’s not the only alternative power source for your home.

What is Arcadia?

Enter: Arcadia. A service that allows you to have a sizeable green impact at home and on your community. It breaks down the barrier to entry to supporting clean energy sources and helps you significantly cut down on your carbon footprint. Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, Arcadia enables you to make better choices by providing easier access to clean energy sources in your area, as well as finding ways for you to save on energy where possible. That means not only does it offer a way to help you save the environment, it helps you find ways to save money on your bills, too.

How it works

When you join the platform, it asks you to connect your existing utility account to identify the clean energy plans available in your area. Read the rest

The Station: Bird and Lime layoffs, pivots in a COVID-19 era and a $2.2 trillion deal

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Hello folks, welcome back (or hi for the first time) to The Station, a weekly newsletter dedicated to the all the ways people and packages move around this world. I’m your host, Kirsten Korosec, senior transportation reporter at TechCrunch. I also have started to publish a shorter version of the newsletter on TechCrunch . That’s […]

Canva Pro can be the ultimate design tool for all us non-designers

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Companies that don’t have their own in-house design teams (which means 99 percent of all companies these days) face lots of serious questions. Among those questions is how you keep up with all the design requirements of a 21st-century company without the personnel.

It isn’t just a website or an annual product catalog anymore. It’s promotional materials, both physical and digital. It’s a fundamental brand identity building. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface on the design needs of a company that wants a robust social media or app presence.

It can be a lot for the non-artist tasked with getting everything done. A Pro subscription to Canva is one of the tools that can help even graphically-challenged creators come up with beautiful, professional-grade work in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise.

Canva is a design and marketing service that lets creators assemble attractive materials like posters, logos, presentations, flyers, cards and social media art in a matter of minutes. From over 60,000 templates across a variety of categories, users maneuver the easy-to-access interface and can literally drag and drop customized fonts, images, and even video content right into their project.

With Canva, your library of available resources is truly massive. You can choose from over 4 million different photos and graphics to give your project the individual spark that it needs. Of course, if nothing grabs you, you can always upload your own images, fonts, and logos and import them right into your work. Meanwhile, Canva Pro’s nifty Magic Resize feature allows you to instantly crop, save and export your work or any part of your work to just the size and format you want for exporting. Read the rest

Latest OnePlus 8 leaks reveal “Interstellar Glow” and other colors

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WinFuture.de/Roland Quandt

A pair of leaks shows renders for the upcoming OnePlus 8 series that include a slate of new colors, including a purplish-red one called Interstellar Glow. WinFuture and Ishan Agarwal both posted images of the new colors, which also include a Glacial Green and Onyx Black, according to Agarwal.

It’s not clear whether all the new colors will be available for the OnePlus 8 Pro and the OnePlus 8, but a previous leak showed renders with…

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Doctor on the front lines in NYC shares his thoughts to his family and friends

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Dr. David Price of Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City shares information in a March 22 Zoom call with his family and friends on empowering and protecting them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As with any information coming out during this crisis, consume at your own risk and know that the situation and advice may change as knowledge of the virus and conditions on the group change.

I found this nearly one hour video to be extremely informative, level-headed, and moving.

The bottom line of the video is what we’ve been hearing since the beginning: Keep your hands clean, don’t touch what other people touch (out of an abundance of caution), and don’t touch your face.

He suggests wearing a mask if you go out, any mask, not to prevent exposure, but to remind you to keep your hands off your face! Read the rest

C-3PO and R2-D2 present a hip-hop PSA about coronavirus

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The Auralnauts are a comedy troupe that does video overdubs — most prolifically (and, in my opinion, hilariously) of Star Wars videos. Their latest masterpiece is this coronavirus rap performed by “Creepio” and “Fartoo,” which digs deep into the Star Wars footage archives, even going as far as getting the Muppets involved in their hilarious but surprisingly helpful public service announcement. Read the rest

All five seasons of Samurai Jack are available for free streaming

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Adult Swim has made all five seasons of Genndy Tartakovsky’s Samurai Jack available for free streaming on their site. You don’t even need to register an account.

If you’re not familiar with the series, this ‘splainer video should help. You may recognize Genndy Tartakovsky distinctive art style from his other popular series, Dexter’s Laboratory.

Image: YouTube Read the rest

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