How to Save Money on Software Design

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To figure out what goes into your app or website design cost and how to reduce these expenses, it is important to understand that designing a software solution is all about problem-solving. When working on a concept of a custom new product, the first and foremost thing you should consider is how it can help your users solve the problem and be best at it.

Let us share our vision on where to begin in designing your software solution, as well as how you can make your design stage cost less and even turn it into a great ROI in the long run.

Mewtwo is nearly impossible to beat in new Pokémon Sword and Shield raid

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In celebration of Pokémon Day, there’s a new raid battle for Mewtwo, which is perhaps the most legendary of all of the legendary pokémon, in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. I was excited for the chance to take on one of my favorite monsters in the series — though sadly, the game doesn’t let you catch it. But even when I brought my best pokémon to the battle, I consistently got my clock cleaned.

Mewtwo has always been very powerful in the Pokémon games, but this iteration is particularly strong. It’s also incredibly fast, so it usually gets a move or two in before any of me or my fellow raid partners can attempt to attack. And more often than not, those first attacks knock out one or two of the pokémon participating in the raid. The…

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One of these trusty multi-tools or pocket knives could be a virtual lifesaver

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Admit it…even having a pocket knife within reach at a moment’s notice makes you feel a little like James Bond, right? Like, if you run up against a locked vault or a sinister superweapon, all you’d need are a couple of hand-held tools to diffuse the whole situation and save the world.

Look, we don’t recommend trying to disable a bomb with any of the 10 cool pocket knives and multi-tool gadgets in this assortment, but they do offer some peace of mind in a jam.

B-2 Dog Tag: Fully Concealed Nano Blade Pocket Knife – $34.99; originally $69

Is there a more badass a feeling than knowing you’ve got a blade hanging around your neck? This Kickstarter-funded survivalist dream is a military-style lightweight dog tag with its own key-sized blade. The 1-inch blade can even be removed and re-inserted to create its own blade and handle set-up for added versatility.

Pocket Samurai Keychain Knife – $17.99; originally $19.99

A pocket knife with a decidedly Japanese feel, the Pocket Samurai folds together the popular higonokami knife style into this portable package. With a razor-sharp tanto style blade, pocket clip and keychain loop, it’s super handy.

TriTac Tactical EDC Penknife – $41.99; originally $69.99

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but what if you could have both? This stainless steel blade and tungsten carbide window punch can handle all your on-the-spot cutting, all while housed in the body of a pen that can write in any conditions, even on wet paper. Read the rest

Dear Apple: don’t let a trackpad turn the iPad into a Mac

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The third-party Brydge keyboard

Good morning and congratulations on making it through another week. I had been planning on writing about some of the issues I had while writing my Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review — specifically my bafflement that Samsung is once again asking reviewers like me to be beta testers. It’s inconceivable that the company didn’t realize there were issues with the camera and also very strange that it didn’t so much as hint at a software update to me until the day before yesterday. I’ll say it again: never buy anything on the hope that future software updates will fix it. Wait.

But we covered it pretty well in The Vergecast coming out later today, so please give it a listen. Instead, to the surprise of absolutely nobody given my obsession with…

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Daylite is an affordable CRM specially designed for small businesses

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There’s no shortage of CRMs out there for large corporations, e-commerce companies, and booming startups to utilize. Think Salesforce, for example. But if you’re running a small business of ten employees max, there’s no way it makes sense to invest in an expensive, robust option like that. You’re better off using your old system of spreadsheets, emails, and Post-its.

Or instead, you can turn to a solution like Daylite. Not only is the pricing structure more small business-friendly, but it’s actually designed for small teams, especially those just starting out. Use PCs and Android? It’s probably not for you. Daylite is a native solution for Mac and iOS only. It’s designed for companies that work with clients, like law firms, consulting firms, financial firms, and real estate brokers, but not for traditional e-commerce companies.

At its core, Daylite is a CRM, meaning it organizes all the client details and communications, deals, leads, and information that make your business run. It keeps all of the above organized, and incorporates project management tools to keep you on track. You can set automated reminders, delegate tasks, and link your calendar so that you never let anything fall through the cracks. And most importantly, it can be used by your entire team, so everyone has access to all of the information from anywhere (with permission controls to help you determine who’s allowed to have access, of course.)

It’s worth saying that Daylite is more focused on efficiency and project management than your average CRM. Read the rest

Apple reportedly releasing an iPad keyboard with a trackpad later this year

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Apple is planning to release a new iPad keyboard with a built-in trackpad later this year, according to The Information. The new accessory is likely going to release alongside the next version of the iPad Pro, said The Information’s source.

Adding a trackpad to an iPad keyboard would be yet another move from Apple to bring functionality typically associated with a laptop to the company’s popular tablet line. iPadOS already has mouse support, but it’s an extension of the iPad’s AssistiveTouch technology and you have to dig into the accessibility menu to turn it on. And the on-screen mouse pointer isn’t the usual little black arrow you might be used to on your computer — it’s a big, semi-opaque circle that has a dot in the middle.

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Google’s new search tools help you find the perfect pop culture GIF

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Happy Rick Walking Dead GIF

Google has launched a few tools to make it a lot easier to find the right GIF for your conversation.

The tools work like this: search for a celebrity or fictional character in the drop-down box, and it displays the type of emotions or reactions that are most associated with them, or vice versa. So if you are searching for a GIF of Michael Scott, you will most likely find GIFs associated with happiness.

Another tool lets you search through various emotions to find the most popular celebrity or fictional character. If you are searching for a GIF associated with the word “shrug,” for example, you will most likely find GIFs of Kanye West, Elmo, and Oprah Winfrey to convey that feeling of confusion or indifference.

These new interactive…

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Apple Arcade’s latest exclusive is a new Crossy Road spinoff

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Image: Hipster Whale

The latest entry in Apple’s mobile game subscription service, Apple Arcade, is Crossy Road Castle, a brand-new endless runner-style game from developer Hipster Whale.

The studio made its name creating the Frogger-inspired endless runner Crossy Road back in 2014, which has enjoyed a fair amount of success as both a mobile game and a smart TV one available on Apple’s tvOS platform. Now, Hipster Whale is back with not quite a sequel, but more a spinoff using the same art style and cast of characters.

Crossy Road Castle is still an endless runner, but instead of crossing a busy street full of cars, you’re traversing an endlessly high castle tower full of obstacles and enemies. The levels are procedurally generated, Hipster Whale says, and…

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Weblium helps you build professional websites with a click and a drop

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Website building apps are all about one thing — helping you craft a great-looking, fast-running website without having to mess with all that back-end code. However, nobody wants their site to look just like a template, so customization is all but a must. So how easy is it to make those changes and still not get sucked into the programming code weeds?

A lot simpler than you might think with the aid of services like Weblium Website Builder. A previous holder of a #2 Product of the Week ranking on Product Hunt with over 200,000 users around the globe, Weblium has carved out a place as a website builder that makes executing your specific vision of your website in detail with remarkable ease.

Getting started with Weblium begins with choosing from the more than 180 available site templates. There are 20 different site categories to sample, so you’ll pretty much always find a tone or style that matches the vibe you seek for your new site.

This is the stage where the nitty-gritty truly kicks in, and with Weblium’s block design aesthetic, it’s hyper-intuitive to just pick and choose from over 200 different drag-and-drop content blocks to position on your pages any way you like. The Weblium AI Design Supervisor offers dynamic edit capabilities, so you’ll always be able to see the exact changes you’re making to a block show up immediately in your build with no guesswork later.

Just add an FAQ section in one corner of your page, comments in another and maybe a social media feed along the right side — each move is as simple as point and click. Read the rest

Amazon’s first Tales from the Loop trailer brings Simon Stålenhag’s sci-fi suburbs to life

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The first trailer for Amazon’s upcoming retro-futurstic sci-fi show Tales from the Loop has arrived, giving the first look at how Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag’s fantastical worlds have come to life.

The show is based on the art book by Stålenhag, which imagined an alternate version of our world filled with fantastical machines and creatures juxtaposed against a suburban countryside. Stålenhag’s paintings were set in a shared universe, where a massive particle accelerator built underground — dubbed “The Loop” — caused “strange and mysterious” machines and events to occur.

The series appears to be following the same conceit of Stålenhag’s book, although the action appears to have been shifted to the Midwest…

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How to parallel park perfectly “every time”

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I consider myself to be a skilled parallel parker, mostly because I spent my younger years driving my mom’s 1975 Oldsmobile Delta 88 land yacht. I’m not sure if I follow the steps laid out in this video by Jalopnik’s Andrew Collins but his does seem like a technically sound approach that’s infinitely better than the dreaded “park by touch” methodology.
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Clojure use grows in the workplace

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Clojure, a functional programming language for the JVM that also works with JavaScript and Microsoft’s Common Language Runtime (CLR), is enjoying increased usage in the workplace, according to a user survey. Yet the language still faces obstacles such as difficulty persuading coworkers of its merits and difficulty understanding its error messages.

Results of the State of Clojure 2020 community survey, released last week, found that roughly 69 percent of respondents used Clojure in the workplace, up from about 25 percent 10 years ago. The survey also found that Clojure adoption had increased among large companies, i.e., those with at least 1,000 employees.

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