Apple made an ad to highlight the history of MacBooks in anime

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Apple has made a new commercial featuring MacBooks (and MacBook-like laptops) from popular anime. The clips come from Mr. Osomatsu, New Game!, Keroro Gunsou, Your Name, Weathering With You, and more, according to Polygon’s resident anime expert Julia Lee.

The video spot shows how pervasive Apple laptops have become in popular culture. I found it particularly interesting that even though many of the laptops featured don’t actually have the Apple logo on them, they’re all instantly recognizable as MacBook-esque because of their clean silver lines, black keyboards, and some kind of small logo embossed on the back.

And some of those alternate takes on the Apple logo are pretty fun — here’s a few I screencapped:

And it’s not just MacBooks…

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Microsoft drops Cortana consumer skills in new Windows 10 update

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Cortana on Windows 10 is getting some changes, Microsoft announced today, as the company shifts focus for what it wants its personal assistant to be. The new Cortana will emphasize productivity features, like helping to manage your schedule, adding to-do items, or sending emails.

As part of that shift, Microsoft is removing some of the older consumer-facing functionality like the ability to control music, manage a smart home, or support for third-party Cortana skills. In other words, Microsoft is going to stop trying to have Cortana emulate Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and focus more on features that fit in with the rest of Microsoft’s software suite.

Microsoft isn’t removing everything…

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Watch Playboy founder Hugh Hefner clash with members of the Women’s Liberation Movement

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In this absolutely fascinating segment on a 1970 episode of The Dick Cavett Show, two members of the Women’s Liberation Movement, Susan Brownmiller and Sally Kempton, argue with Playboy founder Hugh Hefner about the depiction of women in his magazine. After Brownmiller and Kempton present their argument, Hef says, “I’m more in sympathy then perhaps the girls realize,” in one of his many cringeworthy self-owns on the episode.

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Server Side Pagination Using ASP.NET Core And Angular 8 – Part Two

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In this article, we will learn how we create server-side pagination, which is very useful whenever we need to display a large number of records. This is the second part of my article on server-side pagination, you can check out the first part of this article from the link below. 

How It Will Work?

In this article, we are going to show previous and next buttons with custom logic so whenever we click on next button it shows the next page of records. For example, suppose we are on page one and after clicking on next, it would show the second page of records. However, here we will see different logic. 


Here in the previous article we have already created database and tables so there’s no need to create it again. If you don’t have the related database, tables, and stored procedure, then please check the previous article


Complete code of pagination controller:   

Ably Masterclass, Episode 1 — Building a Realtime Voting App in Less than An Hour

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It was just a month ago that the idea of hosting a monthly masterclass series surfaced at Ably and yesterday I hosted the first episode where I taught the audience how they can build a realtime voting app in less than an hour.

So, in this post I’m summarizing what happened, along with links to some useful resources to check out.

Get a closer look at the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha in MKBHD’s hands-on video

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It’s been six months since Xiaomi unveiled the Mi Mix Alpha, with its intriguing “surround screen” that wraps almost entirely around the phone. Now, tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee (also known as MKBHD) has a more in-depth look at the prototype hardware running prototype software. And while it seems very polished for an unfinished product, a closer look reveals a few areas where its software needs some optimization and where some of its hardware doesn’t quite seem as magical as it did at the unveiling. Let’s touch on the specs first.

Unsurprisingly, the display is the main highlight here, and it’s dazzling to behold. It’s a 2088 x 2250 resolution display, wrapping all the way around the phone and meeting at a ceramic strip on the phone’s…

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Save on Jabra’s Elite 65t truly wireless earbuds, white noise machines, and more

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales

Jabra’s Elite 65t truly wireless earphones aren’t the newest to hit the market, but they’re still easy to recommend if you’re looking for a set that offer good sound quality, reliable wireless connectivity, and a comfortable fit. If you don’t want to spend more than $100 on wireless earbuds, you should check out Best Buy’s deal. They’re $90, down from their usual price of around $130, and currently, all three colorways are available at this price (beige / gold, titanium / black, and copper / black).

Prices for refurbished sets of the Elite 65ts are down to around $50 depending on where you shop, but $90 is an especially great price if you want the product to be new in the box. Amazon is also offering this deal, though just for the…

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In I Am Not Okay With This, being a teen girl does not get easier with superpowers

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Image: Netflix

I Am Not Okay With This begins with Sydney Novak, covered in blood, running down the middle of the street at night. There are probably other ways she’d rather be spending her time. That would seem to make sense with the series’s narrative: her life is pretty normal — up until the part where you find out she has superpowers that allow her to blow things up with her mind.

Netflix’s new comedy is a work of low-key dread that recalls a lot of other stories about young women coming of age. It has Carrie’s supernatural angst, Juno’s oddball quirk, and the smart-twee edge of Scott Pilgrim. Syd is a gross weirdo — she’s equally fascinated and frustrated by her leg acne, pretty fine with being ostracized by her classmates, and perplexed by the…

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Vergecast: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s camera issues and Bob Iger steps down as Disney CEO

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Photo by Avery White for The Ver

Two things that grabbed our attention this week at The Verge was Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra and Bob Iger stepping down as Disney CEO. So that’s what took up a lot of discussion on The Verge’s flagship podcast The Vergecast.

Executive editor of The Verge and co-host of The Vergecast Dieter Bohn published his review of the Galaxy S20 Ultra this week, and the podcast expands upon it, focusing mostly on the camera (pun intended, I guess, since this is edited).

In the second half of the show, Verge reporter Julia Alexander returns to discuss the news that altered her week significantly: Bob Iger has stepped down as Disney CEO. Julia explains how this will affect Disney’s business and who’s in charge now.

There’s a lot more news sprinkled…

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William Osman, Bobby Duke, And Michael Reeves Discuss Being Irresponsible

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A couple years ago I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Bobby Duke, William Osman, and Michael Reeves and discussing their youtube presence. I found their playfulness contagious and I suspect that is one reason their channels are all doing so well on youtube. Watch to see what […]

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Latest Stadia update hints at free tier launch, YouTube streaming features

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Google Stadia had a rough launch, with plenty of missing features and unfulfilled promises. But the latest update to the Stadia app hints that some of those features might be coming soon, including the highly anticipated free tier, YouTube streaming, family game sharing, and more, as spotted by 9to5Google.

The biggest thing is an indication that Google is gearing up to launch its free Stadia Base tier of service soon. 9to5Google’s report found strings in the app that allow for registration without a paid Stadia code, along with a free one-month trial for Stadia Pro memberships (which includes several free games, along with other benefits).

Also found in the app is an indication that Google may be limiting the number of people who can…

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