7 new trailers you should watch this week

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I watched (most of) the new Bob Dylan documentary that Martin Scorsese made for Netflix the other week. It has some really relaxed and quirky behind-the-scenes footage of Dylan and the (often famous) people around him, along with some great performances.

But there’s one thing about the documentary that is completely bizarre: portions of it are fake. Scorsese introduces viewers to a handful of talking heads who say they played a key role in documenting or creating the tour Dylan is embarking on, but in reality, they’re just actors.

It’s not really clear why Scorsese did this (maybe it would be clearer if I had finished the film, but reviewers seem to say otherwise). It’s sort of just a prank, one you could seemingly go without finding out…

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This week’s best deals include the 2017 iPad Pro and Steam’s summer sale

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Prices tend to drop around each major US holiday, and with July 4th around the corner, we’re seeing that start to happen. And then there’s Amazon Prime Day 2019, a shopping holiday that will begin on July 15th, though we expect to see a few early bird sales before then.

We’ll be keeping you in the know about any good deals coming up, but these are the best deals that we’ve seen this week.


Sony’s Xperia 1 is now available for preorder. The price is $949.99, which is admittedly not cheap for a phone, but if you order before July 12th, you’ll receive a free set of Sony’s 1000X M3 wireless noise-canceling headphones with your purchase. Those usually cost around $300 or more, which is a great incentive if you were tossing around the…

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Richard Kadrey discusses his new dieselpunk noir novel “The Grand Dark”

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Earlier this month, I reviewed Richard Kadrey’s new novel “The Grand Dark” for the LA Times; as I wrote, “His latest is “The Grand Dark,” a noir, diesel punk book set in a Weimar world of war trauma, debauchery, cabaret and looming disaster — and it’s superb.”

As part of his publicity for the book, Kadrey appeared on Rick Kleffel’s (previously) podcast, “Narrative Species,” for a wide-ranging, hour-long conversation about the various species of noir, what is and isn’t horror, and the role of art during the buildup to a fascist takeover (MP3). It’s a characteristically great interview with Kadrey, who is always fascinating, and Kleffel, who is a perspicacious literary thinker and critic.

Kadrey’s urban creation knows no boundaries of genre. He crafts his world with the precise language of science fiction and the wild abandon of modern fantasy. Keeping it tightly focused and ever-immersive are his carefully crafted characters. Read a page or so of this book, and you won’t be thinking of genre. Instead, you’ll start to worry for and with Largo. He’s no naïve kid from the sticks. He’s a scrappy, yet caring underdog from a bad part of town with no plans to return.

Richard Kadrey The Grand Dark [Rick Kleffel/Narrative Species]

(Thanks, Rick!)
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Tic-Tac-Toe, In TTL

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We’ll all be familiar with Tic-Tac-Toe, or Noughts and Crosses, a childhood pencil-and-paper diversion which has formed the basis of many a coding exercise. It’s an easy enough task to implement in software, but how many of us have seen it done in hardware alone? That’s just what [Warren Toomey] …read more

How to move from Chrome to another browser

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Despite some new improvements to user privacy, Google’s popular Chrome browser has recently been lambasted in some quarters as problematical when it comes to privacy issues. These same articles suggest that if you’re concerned about the security of your data, you should try an alternative browser, such as Firefox, Safari, or Brave.

Of course, anyone who has used a browser for any length of time will have built up a considerable library of bookmarks, preferences, and saved passwords. If you do move to a new browser, you won’t have to sacrifice your bookmarks; you can easily import them from Chrome into your new browser.

Here’s how to do it.

If you’re moving to Firefox:

  • After you’ve installed Firefox, click on the “Library” icon to the…

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Score amazing deals on Chromebooks, tablets, WiFi extenders, & more

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Looking for new tablets or other essential gear? Normally, you’re out of luck in the summer – that no man’s land for shoppers at the farthest point from the holidays. But here are ten examples where the prices have most definitely thawed out. Check out these deep discounts on Chromebooks and other refurbished gear, from chargers to robots.

Rock Space WiFi Range Extender

Got a big house that needs coverage? This booster is just the ticket, with a 2.4 and 5 GHz dual-band extender that will supercharge your wi-fi. The Rock Space WiFi Range Extender is $24.99, down 58% from the original price of $59.99.

Samsung Chromebook 11.6″ 16GB (Refurbished)

Chromebooks make any web-based work easier, and this one comes pre-loaded with Chrome OS and the latest Google products plus Gmail and YouTube. Pick up the refurbished Samsung Chromebook 11.6″ 16GB for $99.99, more than 80% off the MSRP.

Samsung Galaxy View 18.4″ 64GB WiFi + AT&T 4G LTE Black (Refurbished)

Binge anywhere with this big-screen viewer, capable of bringing your favorite shows to life in 1080p HD. All that, plus the battery will outlast even the longest movies with 8 hours of life on a charge. The Samsung Galaxy View 18.4″ 64GB WiFi + AT&T 4G LTE Black (Refurbished) is on sale for $449, down 43% from the list price.

rero:micro Coding Robot

Equipped with IR sensors and an LED matrix, this roving robot is perfect for teaching kids to code. Program it to follow a hand-drawn track, play music and more through the MakeCode editor or with simple JavaScript. Read the rest

‘How I built a 4,000 gallon Koi Pond,’ DIY fishpond project (photos)

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Holy crap this is the most ambitious ‘hey I think I’ll build a fishpond’ project I’ve ever seen.

IMGURian @jcardona1 shares this incredible step by step photo gallery, and starts with the finished product:

You can’t have a DIY post without showing the finished product first so here it is! This is the koi pond as of a few days ago. Still have a few projects to wrap up and some finish landscaping but it’s mostly complete for now. Been running for almost 4 months now and the fish are doing great.

About the photo below, they say: “In a few years these baby water cows will be full-on meat torpedoes.”

Now, here are the first three steps of the project:

Go check out the whole gallery, with shot-by-shot commentary.

Hats off, this is a great HOWTO post, and it’s a lot of fun to keep koi.

I used to keep koi, in a suburban but wild-hills-adjacent part of the East Bay in the SF Bay Area. Coyotes were always finding a way to come in and eat them, though.

How I built a 4,000 gallon Koi Pond

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Apple’s HomePod smart speaker is $199 for the first time ever

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Apple’s HomePod is $199.99 at Target. This Siri-equipped smart speaker is usually $299, and this sale marks the lowest price that we’ve seen yet. You can get the white-colored speaker right now, though the charcoal color option is temporarily out of stock. If you want the darker shade of HomePod, you can sign up to be notified when it’s available.

The HomePod will gain a few new abilities once iOS 13 launches later this year. With the update, it will be able to identify who’s talking to it, adjusting its responses accordingly to provide a personalized experience for multiple people in the home. Apple will also bring a handoff feature to HomePod that lets it seamlessly take over playing music when you bring your iPhone nearby, like when…

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Jony Ive designed a toilet

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Jony Ive, who is leaving Apple after decades as its design chief, once designed a toilet. It looks very much like it could be an Apple toilet, but the thing is, of course, that everything Apple makes is simply the work of Jony Ive.

His work was not well-received by his client Ideal Standard, however. In a 2014 interview with Time magazine, Sir Jonathan recalled how his client – sporting a Red Nose Day plastic nose – joked about how his work was overly modern and expensive.

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Data Goggles or Eye Massager?

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Suggested marketing copy for the Breo iSee4 Eye and Temple Massager Temple:

He is wearing shiny goggles that wrap halfway round his head; the bows of the goggles have little earphones that are plugged into his outer ears.

The earphones have some built-in noise cancellation features. This sort of thing works best on steady noise…

The goggles throw a light, smoky haze across his eyes, and reflect a distorted wide-angle view of a brilliantly lit boulevard that stretches off into an infinite blackness. This boulevard does not actually exist; it is a computer-generated view of an imaginary place.

Actually, the eye massager does not immerse you into the Metaverse, but Snow Crash fans will want this anyway!

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