Watch a rusted flea-market lamp get lovingly restored

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“In this video I’m restoring an old French Wonder lamp,” writes MyMechanics (Patreon). “My good friend TysyTube Restoration bought this Wonder lamp on a flea market in Paris. He asked me if I want to restore it and obviously I said yes. He already restored two of them himself, I link his videos and channel below. These Wonder lamps are very well known in France, they’re used on railroads mostly as far as I know.”

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Pixar’s Onward trailer imagines Chris Pratt and Tom Holland as elf brothers

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Chris Pratt (Star-Lord) and Tom Holland (Spider-Man) came out unscathed in Avengers: Endgame, and now they’re reuniting as elf brothers on a journey to discover if magic is still real in Pixar’s Onward.

Onward stars Pratt as Barley Lightfoot and Holland as his younger, meeker brother Ian. They’re stuck in a suburban world where fantastical creatures roam. Dragons are kept as pets, trolls run the bridge toll booths, and garden gnomes have to take care of the lawns they’re standing on. The modern world has lost its magical pizzazz, and it’s up to Barley and Ian to find out if any still exists.

Pratt and Holland are the two main characters in the film. Although they don’t carry the exact same energy as Spider-Man and Star-Lord on the…

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GameShell: hackable portable game console for indie devs and retrogame fans

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The ClockworkPi Gameshell is a portable game console you make yourself, coming as a modular kit and assembling to form a GameBoy-like gadget with a quad-core CPU, 2.7-inch color display, WiFi and Bluetooth, 1GB of RAM, HDMI output and a 16GB MicroSD card holding its Linux-based OS: “a powerful computing platform that lets you begin creating immediately.”

It smoothly runs various dev environments/engines (including PICO 8, LOVE2D, PyGame and Phaser), comes with Cave Story, Doom and RetroArch for folks who just want to dive in, and clearly has its stuff together both as a creative tool and entertainment device. Mike Fahey reports that it runs 16-bit classics perfectly.

Looks like a very serious effort to create a hackable-from-the-ground-up handheld, and a perfect competitor to the recently-announced PlayDate. Yellow is in!

The GameShell is available on Amazon for $159 in red or white; yellow is exclusive to the official website, at the same price. Read the rest

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gets VR support

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the latest flagship Nintendo Switch game to support virtual reality through the cardboard Labo headset. The game’s most recent update, which brings it up to version 3.1.0, adds VR support, though it’s naturally pretty limited. You can only play in single-player, and you’re limited to either fighting against AI opponents or simply taking in the view while computer-controlled characters duke it out. It’s not exactly the most exciting addition, especially given how poorly VR support for Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey turned out. Still, it’s a free update, and if you already own Labo VR, it’s probably worth checking out for the novelty factor. You can read the full patch notes right here.

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Never lose a password again with this encrypted app

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Passwords are necessary. Passwords are also a pain – especially when you’ve got multiple ones to remember for your email, subscriptions, bills and work sites.

The problem is keeping all those passwords stored and ready, yet still secure from hackers and malware. The solution? A subscription to the RememBear Password Manager.

Brought to you by the same company that built the TunnelBear VPN, RememBear already comes with a pedigree of security. The seconds you spend entering your info into the app will likely be the last time you have to do it anywhere. RememBear saves your passwords, ID and credit card info and can autofill the appropriate websites, letting you log in with a single click. And since this is this most sensitive information you have, it’s all protected with AES256 encryption. It can even store notes, and you can retreieve all this data on a number of devices.

Pick up a two-year subscription to RememBear for $39.99, a full 33% off the original price of $60. Read the rest

Detox: Superfast E2E React Native UI Testing

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In recent years, React Native has become a very popular technology in the cross-platform mobile application development race, but choosing a UI testing tool for React Native apps might be quite tricky. There are two great UI testing frameworks for React Native apps — Appium and Detox. Appium is widely used for UI testing but Detox is a grey-box, faster and easy to learn tool for the UI testing of React Native apps. In this tutorial, we will set up some Detox tests for a simple, new React Native app.

Detox: End-to-End Mobile UI Testing

As you may have already known, the major problems in the mobile UI testing are slowness and flakiness. Tools like Appium are completely black-box and use client-server architecture which causes flakiness in UI tests. Detox is designed to solve the problem of slowness and flakiness for mobile UI testing. Some of Detox’s great features are:

Microsoft unveils pride Surface Type Cover and skin

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Microsoft is creating a special pride Surface Type Cover and skin for gay pride this year. The Surface Pro Pride Type Cover is available for preorder on Friday, priced at $159.99 and it includes a rainbow logo set to the usual gray Surface Type Cover. This Type Cover will go on sale on June 27th in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Microsoft is also creating a skin that you can stick to the back of a Surface Pro that includes strips of color to really change the appearance of the device. These strips represent the 16 flags of all the different identities within the pride community. This Pride Skin will go on sale on Friday for $14.99 in the US, Canada, and Australia, but not the UK.

These new accessories are part of a…

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Moto Z4 Brings Back Headphone Jack, Is 5G Ready For $500

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Motorola’s $500 Moto Z4 is finally official, bringing an updated design with a near-notchless 6.4-inch OLED display, headphone jack, and support for the company’s Moto Mods. Other specs include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor, 4GB of RAM with 128GB of storage (expandable via microSD to 2TB) and Android 9.0 Pie, with Motorola promising an update to Q in the future. CNET reports: To improve photography Motorola has added what it calls “Quad Pixel technology,” which uses pixel-binning to allow for 48-megapixel shots with the rear lens, following a trend of other recent higher-end midrange phones including OnePlus’ 7 Pro. Around front is a 25-megapixel shooter which takes advantage of the same “Quad Pixel” tech. Motorola says both sensors should offer improved details and colors as well as better low-light performance. The company has even added its own rival to the Pixel 3’s Night Sight called Night Vision.

In some brief hands-on time with the phone, the phone feels more premium than the rival cheaper Pixel 3a, which starts at $399. Videos looked sharp on the OLED display and the Night Vision did a solid job of enhancing images taken in a dark room. Whether the Z4 can rival the Pixel 3A’s camera or if its cheaper price can top the value of $669 OnePlus 7 Pro’s performance remains to be seen. An optical fingerprint sensor is built into the display, similar to the technology used on OnePlus’ 6T and 7 Pro. As with the OnePlus phones, setup was seamless and unlocking was responsive during our brief use of the phone. Wireless charging isn’t present nor is IP-rated water resistance (Motorola says the phone can withstand spills and rain). The phone will be available from Verizon on June 13, and will support the carrier’s 5G network via the 5G Moto Mod (sold separately).

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‘Deadwood: The Movie’ premieres this Friday on HBO, and looks great

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Deadwood: The Movie airs on HBO in the US on Friday, May 31.

Can’t wait for Swearingen’s swears.

“Thirteen years after it was abruptly cancelled, David Milch’s grimy, glorious western finally gets the ending it deserves

From James Donaghy’s tease in The Guardian:

Set in the historic lawless mining camp in the Black Hills gold rush of the 1870s, Deadwood melded profanity and poetry like no TV show before, reimagining the historic figures of the town in a bloody, grimy revisionist western that felt resolutely arthouse from its first shot to its last. It deserved better and now Deadwood: The Movie is a bold attempt to right that wrong, 13 years after its cancellation.

It does the trick. While it isn’t quite Deadwood at its jaw-dropping best – few things in TV history are – there is enough of the old magic left to deliver a satisfying ending.

We find Deadwood well on its way to gentrification, a far cry from the rough-as-guts encampment that greeted us in 2004, caked in shit and blood. Trains not wagons now deliver newcomers, the thoroughfare looks more like a street, less like a pigpen, and there’s even a public phone. We are 10 years down the line from the final action of the TV show, with the town coming together to celebrate South Dakota becoming the 40th state of the Union. Philosopher king Al Swearengen is in still in situ at The Gem, perma-angry marshall Seth Bullock still inhales and expels pure righteousness and malevolent robber baron George Hearst is back in town.

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JavaScript Objects in Depth, Part 1: The Fundamentals

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JavaScript has two main data types: primitives and objects. The interesting thing here is that other than the primitive type everything else is an object, including functions. Therefore, if we are really interested in learning JavaScript, then understanding objects should be on the top in the list.

An object can be created with figure brackets ( {...})with an optional list of properties where a property is a key:value pair, where the key is a string and the value can be anything. By anything, we mean it can be a primitive or an object or even a function.

Nreal’s AR sunglasses cost $499 and should ship in ‘limited quantities’ this year

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Nreal’s augmented reality glasses — which impressed us at CES back in January — will cost a surprisingly low $499 and are supposed to start shipping this year. The Nreal Light glasses plug into a Snapdragon 855-powered smartphone over USB-C, and Nreal promises they’ll be available to consumers in “limited quantities” later this year, then ship in mass-market quantities next year. A $1,199 kit for developers will include the glasses, a controller, and a dedicated computing pack that can substitute for a phone.

The Nreal Light glasses offer an experience that’s somewhere between a heads-up display and full-fledged, high-end mixed reality — while looking sort of like normal glasses. You can use them to watch video on virtual screens, but…

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