Gmail adds email scheduling and Smart Compose improvements for its 15th birthday

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Gmail turns 15 today, and to celebrate Google is launching some minor updates: improving Gmail’s Smart Compose function and giving users the option to schedule emails.

The updates to Smart Compose are pretty vague. Google unveiled the feature back in May 2018, which suggests ways to finish sentences in emails. The updated version, says Google, “can now adapt to the way you write,” matching your individual writing style.

Google says this might mean Smart Compose remembers your preferred way to greet certain colleagues (eg “Hey Team”), but doesn’t offer more detail than that. In addition, Smart Compose will now also suggest subject lines based on the body of your email.

Google says Smart Compose has saved people from typing “over 1…

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Gmail turns 15, gets smart compose improvements and email scheduling

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Exactly fifteen years ago, Google decided to confuse everybody by launching its long-awaited web-based email client on April 1. This definitely wasn’t a joke, though, and Gmail went on to become one of Google’s most successful products. Today, to celebrate its fifteenth birthday (and maybe make you forget about today’s final demise of Inbox and […]

Old maps of Scotland impressed upon 3D elevation models

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The National Library of Scotland released an online viewer that combines historical maps with the latest elevation data. The results are a remarkably beautiful wedding of old and new.

Here’s a 1940s map of Loch Tay, in 3D.

The 3D map viewer includes our standard interaction options, including a zoom slider, a scalebar, mouseposition location, as well as the ability to choose georeferenced overlays and background layers. Our standard map location options, such as geolocation, the ability to locate the map with placenames and drop-down lists of counties and parishes are all included.

The 3D map viewer uses open-source technology, which has been shared on Github and described with notes in the GeoCart Historical Maps Online Workshop.

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For sale on Craigslist: 1978 undercover police surveillance van!

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You could be the proud owner of this customized 1978 Tradesman 200 undercover police surveillance van! Currently for sale on the San Francisco Bay Area’s Craigslist, the white, 8-cylinder automatic has just 78,000 original miles. Asking price is $4,000. And now for the good stuff:

It has been carpeted with a bench and workbench inside. It is chock full of surprises and cool modifications including; a CB radio setup (don’t think it currently works), police band radio/scanner, black out windows/shades, custom AC unit designed to run off a few deep cycle-cell marine batteries (daisy-chained together), a door to separate the cab from the rear of the vehicle, and best of all…..a periscope that comes out of the vent. It does have some minor dents and dings as a 40 year-old truck will likely have, but no major defects/issues. Everything seems to work on it, but I haven’t done much driving in it since it is not currently registered or insured. Seats are going to need to be recovered or replaced. This van would make an awesome undercover PI van, party van, camper van, hippy van, surfer van, boogie van, classic 70’s van. I have another one already, and with two jobs, and school, I don’t have a lot of free time to convert a second van. I may consider a trade for a 4×4 van, or similar, Suburban, Bronco, Scout, Jeep etc.

1978 Dodge Tradesman 200 undercover police van – $4000 (san mateo)(Craigslist)

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