Fortnite’s latest collaboration is with aging rock stars Weezer

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To promote the release of their thirteenth studio album, Weezer has collaborated with Epic Games to produce a custom map for Fortnite called Weezer World. The map launched with Season 8 of the game, and can be found as a premade area within the game’s Minecraft-like Creative Mode. The map is the first place you can hear four unreleased songs from the band’s new Black Album, which can be found playing from a jukebox on the island.

The obvious comparison to draw here is with Marshmallow, whose in-game Fortnite concert took over the entirety of Fortnite for 10 minutes last month. However, for Weezer this collaboration is just the latest in a long line of internet experiments the band has attempted over the years.

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The Lenovo Yoga C930 Review: Atmos Acoustics

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Back when laptops were just finding their way into the new world of touch, Lenovo’s Yoga design ended up inspiring the industry, and Lenovo has moved their 360° hinge across their lineup, from laptops starting at $199.99, all the way to their ThinkPad lineup with the X1 Yoga. Today we are taking a look at the Lenovo Yoga C930 which was announced a few months ago. This is Lenovo’s premium offering for Yoga in their consumer lineup, and brings some new innovations to the game that will once again make the industry play catch-up.

The Punkt MP02 is Android minimalism at its finest

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It’s not every day that a tech CEO throws his phone down on the ground before my feet, so when that happened with Punkt’s Petter Neby this week at MWC, it’s safe to say I was intrigued. Punkt, stylized as “Punkt.” in the company’s wordmark, is about putting a full stop to the distractions and diversions of modern life. Its phones are the postmodern anti-flagship devices that suggest that maybe their users don’t need the internet with them every waking moment of every day.

Nebby was talking me through the intent behind the Punkt MP02’s minimalist design when, without warning, he threw his personal phone to the ground, then picked it up, and texted his wife about Belgian potatoes. I’d heard of but never seen the original Punkt MP01, which…

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Why Global Variables Shouldn’t Be Very Global

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One of the biggest blunders a JS developer can do make while writing code is declaring unnecessary global variables. Global variables are extremely helpful for programmers, but if they are not used carefully, they can rob the speed and efficiency of any browser.

Short Note

There are mainly two types of variables that are used in JS: local and global. Local variables are defined and used within a function, whereas global variables are defined for the function window. In short, until the code doesn’t terminate, global variables will be present, lurking in the background.

The OnePlus 7 is looking unlikely to have wireless charging

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<em>OnePlus 6T, the current OnePlus flagship device.</em>

Comments made by OnePlus CEO Pete Lau at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona have cast doubt over the hopeful expectation that the next OnePlus flagship phone will have wireless charging. In speaking with CNET, Lau calls wireless charging “far inferior” to his company’s wired Warp Charge and the tone of the interview, via a translator, was apparently strong enough for CNET to conclude that the feature will definitely not be on the OnePlus 7. The sentiments expressed by Lau echo previous comments he’s made, saying that OnePlus won’t include wireless charging until it can be made as fast as the company’s wired charging, but fans of the brand will have been hoping to hear a different tune in the buildup to the company’s first release of…

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