Fortnite Battle Royale Season 8 has pirates, bananas and battle royale

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Fortnite Battle Royale Season 8 is here!

Season 7 drew to a close with free Valentine’s battle passes for everyone willing to brave holiday challenges. Season 8 lands with map changes, new weapons, and winter put in the vault.

There be pirates and cannon balls!

I haven’t had a chance to check out Murder Island today, but after a short 11GB update I’ll hop on the Battle Bus and see what madness Epic has achieved. Read the rest

SAP builds its own Java distribution

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SAP has released a “friendly fork” of open source Java, called SapMachine.

The project, which began in December 2017, serves as a downstream version of OpenJDK maintained by SAP. SAP customers and partners can use it to run their applications. OpenJDK is the open source version of Java.

Spectre is a new iOS camera app that uses AI to create stunning long exposures

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The makers of Halide, a popular third-party iOS camera app that offers advanced RAW shooting and other powerful tools, are today releasing another photography app: Spectre. Spectre costs $1.99 and comes with one big specialty: long exposures. Long exposures are very common in the DSLR world: they can make an ordinary nighttime city shot feel much more artistic by creating streaks of light from passing cars. Or you can take a long exposure to bring a real sense of moving water to waterfalls or other nature scenes. But on phones, long exposures have often gone ignored: there’s no way of capturing one with the built-in camera on the iPhone or Google Pixel, for example. On devices from Samsung, LG, and others with manual photo modes, it can…

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Samsung’s Bixby button remapping update is now available on older Galaxy flagships

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Samsung’s promised Bixby remapping update is now available for owners of older Galaxy flagships, including the S8 and S8 Plus, S9 and S9 Plus, Note 8, and Note 9, after debuting on the soon-to-be-released S10 line.

Assuming you have a compatible device that’s running Samsung’s Android Pie / One Touch UI software, you should be getting a new update that’ll bring the much requested feature to your phone.

There are a few caveats to the feature, as noted by The Verge’s Dan Seifert on Twitter: you can’t remap the Bixby button to launch another voice assistant, like Google Assistant or Cortana, even if you have those apps installed.

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Samsung will include preinstalled screen protector on Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

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Buyers of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus will find a preinstalled plastic screen protector on their device when they unbox it beginning March 8th. Samsung has confirmed that it’s shipping the S10 with a protector on the display, meaning you won’t have to immediately hunt for something that’s compatible with the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor on day one. Now, this is just your very basic screen protector — similar to what OnePlus does with their phones, if I had to guess — and it isn’t glass, so it’s bound to scratch over time. The included protector has a 90-day warranty.

Samsung will sell extras of its first-party screen protector for $29.99, but the company doesn’t plan to bring it to Best Buy or carrier stores…

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Siri gets new airline, food order and dictionary Shortcuts, with more on the way

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Announced at last year’s WWDC, Apple’s been firing up Siri Shortcuts at a fairly steady clip. The company says there are now “thousands” of apps integrating the iOS 12 feature, which bring all sorts of third-party functionality to the smart assistant. There are five new Shortcuts available starting today. Most notable (depending on where you […]

Apple’s now-defunct home button is a reminder that even the best buttons can fail

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In today’s digital age, it can sometimes feel like hardware has taken a back seat to the software that drives devices. Button of the Month is a column that looks at some of these buttons and switches on devices both old and new to appreciate how we interact with our devices on a physical, tactile level.

Buttons are one of the most ephemeral parts of modern technology. A text file from a decade ago will still load the same, a dead console’s games can live on in emulators, and as the adage goes, nothing is ever really gone from the internet.

But even the best button is doomed to fail. As the only physically moving part in most modern tech, buttons are the one element that can truly, permanently wear down or break.


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How Single Page Web Applications Actually Work

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Single Page Web Applications have come a long way since they first appeared around 2003. They have become an integral part of the modern JavaScript landscape.

But during my discussions with quite a few developers, I feel that there is still a lack of clarity about how single-page applications actually work. Hence, I decided to roll up my sleeves (figuratively speaking) and provide my take on this very very interesting subject.

Tiny Type Museum: own a time capsule of the print age

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The Tiny Type Museum is a limited-edition handmade box set of traditional printing tech, including hot metal and wooden type, custom-made linotype slugs, plate molds, phototypes, plates, Monotype matrixes, other stuff besides, and a book about six centuries of reprographic technology that fits nice and kentucky in a slot.

Glenn Fleishman:

I realize the museum’s price isn’t low, but the intent is for it to be comprehensive, authentic, and long-lasting. Sourcing and commissioning material, building a custom case designed to last centuries (and likely longer), and having the book printed in a historically accurate and archival method adds up quickly.

I wanted to do this right, have it be meaningful, and produce a treasure that will last the ages, and you’ll be proud to own, examine, and share.

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Nokia PureView 9 will be available in the US on March 3rd

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HMD Global’s new Nokia 9 PureView — and all five of its rear cameras — may have just gotten announced at MWC 2019, but it’s hitting stores in the US really soon, with sales set to start March 3rd.

To go with the launch, HMD is also offering a special limited time offer on the Nokia 9 PureView that will lower the price by $100 off the usual $699 price, bringing it down to $599 for the first week of sales. After March 11th, the price will go back up, which doesn’t leave a ton of time for customers to decide on whether they want to buy it. But if you’re planning on being an early adopter, the extra $100 off certainly can’t hurt.

The Nokia 9 PureView’s standout feature is, of course, the quintuple camera array on the back, offering five…

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The X-Men struggle to contain Jean Grey in the latest trailer for Dark Phoenix

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20th Century Fox debuted a second trailer for the long-awaited next (and presumably final) installment its X-Men franchise, Dark Phoenix.

Directed by Simon Kinberg, the film reunites James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Sophie Turner, and others to adapt the Dark Phoenix storyline from the X-Men comics. The story is one of the best-known from the X-Men comics franchise, in which mutant Jean Grey is exposed to radiation, which boost her powers. The studio released its first trailer last fall, showing off the danger that Jean Grey’s powers pose to the world, and the complicity that Professor Xavier (player by McAvoy) has in her formation.

We see a bit of this in the trailer: the X-Men head to space and are…

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This scratch-off map is a great gift for globetrotters

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If you love to travel, you love reminiscing about the places you’ve been. Aside from the photos, you might turn maps into keepsakes, putting pins or stickers onto each country you’ve visited. World Travel Tracker Scratch Off Maps® take that pastime and ramp up the fun, making it easy to keep tabs on your adventures by literally scratching each country off your list.

Like all good ideas, this one is pretty simple. What you’ve got is essentially a 17″ by 24″ scratch-off ticket version of the entire world. Every country is covered in gold foil that rubs off to reveal a different color, highlighting your visit. Stateside road trippers can also keep a tally of their itinerary, with the US, Canada, and Australia broken down into different sections for their own states and provinces. There’s also a gallery of scratch-off flags below the map – one for each of 210 countries.

The World Travel Tracker Scratch Off Map® is available in gift-ready packaging for $22.99, 48% off the MSRP. Read the rest

Fortnite season 8 arrives with pirates, a volcano, and two new locations

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The eighth season of Fortnite has arrived to the sound of an erupting volcano.

The biggest change is the addition of two new locations that have formed in the aftermath — Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps — which can be found in the northwest of the island, around the volcano that sprouted where Wailing Woods used to be. There’s now lava to look out for, and volcanic vents that will give you a boost into the air. The snowy portion of the island that formed in season 7, meanwhile, is still in place leading to the most diverse iteration of the Fortnite island yet.

This season has a pirate and adventure theme, which means not only the changes to the map itself, but also a new pirate cannon weapon. Meanwhile, a number of prominent elements have…

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Fortnite Season 8 is now available, and it includes pirates, cannons and volcano lava

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Fortnite, the world’s most popular game right now with some 200 million players, has just announced that its much anticipated Season 8 is available. For those of you who don’t play Fortnite, the title takes on an episodic approach with new features, tools and maps released every few months. That keeps things fresh, gamers engaged […]

Class Attribute vs. Instance Attribute In Python: What You Might Have Missed

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As an object-oriented language, Python provides two scopes for attributes: class attributes and instance attributes.

While the instance attribute in Python has exactly the same characteristics and definition as the other object-oriented languages, the class attribute is always mistakingly considered to be the exact equivalent of the static attribute in Java or C++. To be accurate, class attributes in Python and static attributes in Java or C++ have a lot in common, however, they have behavioral differences that I will highlight in this article.

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