Extreme Pi Overclocking With Mineral Oil

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Liquid cooling is a popular way to get a bit of extra performance out of your computer. Usually this is done in desktops, where a special heat sink with copper tubing is glued to the CPU, and the copper tubes are plumbed to a radiator. If you want dive deeper into the world of liquid cooling, you can alternatively submerge your entire computer in a bath of mineral oil like [Timm] has done.

The computer in question here is a Raspberry Pi, and it’s being housed in a purpose-built laser cut acrylic case full of mineral oil. As a SoC, …read more

Huawei’s Nova 4 hole-punch camera display has made its real-world debut

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Huawei has started teasing an unusual solution to the camera notch problem: a phone with a circular cutout in the display. Apparently, the Huawei Nova 4 (the company’s first phone to feature the hole-punch camera) has already been spotted in person during a live stream for the 18th birthday of Chinese singer Jackson Yee, according to a report from WinFuture.

While there isn’t much information about the Nova 4, there does seem to clearly be a camera cutout in the screen. And honestly, it doesn’t look that bad. Sure, having an omnipresent black dot in the corner of the screen might take some getting used to, but likely no more than a notch would.

Photo: iQIYi (via WinFuture)

Huawei isn’t the only company pursuing a…

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Toyota taps Docomo 5G to remotely control its humanoid robot

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Toyota introduced T-HR3 to the world right around this time last year. The humanoid robot is capable of mimicking to the motions of a plugged-in human, a la Pacific Rim and countless other sci-fi franchises. The ‘bot’s learned a few new tricks in the intervening years, including, notably, untethered control via 5G. Using the next-gen wireless […]

Packing Decimal Numbers Easily

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While desktop computers have tons of computing power and storage, some small CPUs don’t have a lot of space to store things. What’s more is some CPUs don’t do multiplication and division very well. Same can be said for FPGAs. So suppose we are going to grab a bunch of three-digit decimal numbers from, say, a serial port. We want to store as many as we can, and we don’t want to do a lot of math because we can’t, it is slow, or perhaps it keeps our processor awake longer and we want to sleep to conserve power. We …read more

Niantic teases long-awaited Pokémon Go battles

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It looks like one of the most anticipated Pokémon Go features is finally on its way. In a series of tweets, developer Niantic teased what sure looks like player-versus-player battles. It’s a feature the developer has promised for some time, and it’s an integral part of the traditional Pokémon experience. In fact, battles were part of the initial pitch when Pokémon Go was first announced back in 2015. But, much like trading, battles took longer than anticipated to actually implement in the game. Unfortunately, right now, we don’t know anything about how the feature will work or when it will be available. But given the tease, it likely won’t be long before battles are officially unveiled.

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Top 21 JavaScript and CSS Libraries for UI/UX

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1. Algolia

If you want to add forms on your website with autocomplete features, this is the library that you should use. It is accurate and fast. We specifically loved the map feature which allows you to add a map in the address field for searching locations.

2. Wired Elements

Let’s suppose someone asked you to create a page where the elements seem to be hand drawn. To be clear, there should not be any pattern between 2 elements. Wired Elements is the solution to that. This JavaScript \ library enables you to design UI elements and make them look like they have been drawn by hand.

Overwatch is still king of Tumblr, but self-generated fandom rules the rest

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On gaming Tumblr, Overwatch rules. Blizzard has built a deep and compelling backstory for its team-based multiplayer shooter through animated shorts, comics, and character bios; even if you’ve never played a single match, you can still immerse yourself in a world teeming with fan art and fan fiction.

Every year, Tumblr analyzes tens of thousands of lines of data — posts, tags, searches, reblogs — to rank and reveal its top trends of the year. In 2018’s gaming category, that ranking looks slightly different than usual: in addition to the larger list for video games, this year’s roundup also includes one for mobile, to better account for fandoms around titles like Overwatch, Undertale, or Life Is Strange, vs. mobile hits like Harry Potter:…

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Fortnite star Ninja’s first EDM album includes an amazing new Tycho track

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Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is branching out into other business ventures, partnering with some of the world’s biggest EDM artists for a standalone album called Ninjawerks, which is based on Epic’s popular game.

Although the album was first announced a month ago at TwitchCon, Blevins premiered the first three tracks last night during a stream. Alesso, a popular European DJ, is contributing a song called “Tilted Towers,” which is based on the popular zone within the Battle Royale map. American DJ 3LAU collaborated with Blevins for his track “Game Time,” while Tycho, an artist known for his synth and downtempo work, contributed his own track, “Jetty.”

All three tracks are available at the bottom of the page.


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Conan’s Japanese rent-a-family is told to laugh at all his jokes

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You may remember that, in Japan, you can rent fake family members to fight loneliness (or for other reasons, like you want your kid to have a “dad”). Well, Conan O’Brien has been filming in Japan and, while in Tokyo, he hired a new wife, daughter, and father. He told them right from the start that they must laugh at his jokes (his real wife is “tired” of them, he says) and they do, even when it’s inappropriate. It’s funny, as are the other “Conan Without Borders” videos he and his crew shot in Japan. You can watch them all at the Team Coco website. If you love vending machines like I do, don’t miss the one labeled “Tokyo.”

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Netgear’s Arlo Ultra is a 4K HDR wireless security camera with built-in spotlight

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Arlo, the security camera company launched by Netgear, has announced its debut 4K security camera: the Arlo Ultra. As well as upping the resolution and offering HDR recording, the wireless camera also includes a built-in spotlight that you previously had to buy separately, allowing it to record in color at night with an improved 180-degree field of view over last year’s Arlo 2 Pro.

4K security cameras are still something of a rarity in 2018. The Nest Cam IQ, which is also available as an outdoor variant like the Arlo Ultra, features a 4K sensor, but its streams top out at 1080p. The higher resolution of the Arlo Ultra should make it easier to see finer details like the license plates of unwanted visitors, although Arlo’s announcement…

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Apple Music is coming to Echo devices next month

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Amazon’s Echo smart speakers already support a variety of music services, including Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn. And starting on December 17th, Apple Music will join this little cohort.

Apple Music users will be able to ask Alexa to play their favorite songs, artists, and albums, as well as any of the streaming service’s curated playlists and radio stations. Echo owners will simply need to enable the Apple Music skill in the Alexa app, link their account, and they’ll be good to go.

Making Apple Music available on Echo devices might seem like it’s running counter to Apple’s usual strategy of using services as a lure for hardware (and vice versa), but the company can apparently see the sense of making its streaming service…

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An online market of goods made by the XOXO community

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Want to skip Amazon and support independent artists this holiday season? Head to the online market put together by the good folks of the XOXO festival. They’ve curated some really cool stuff made by enterprising members of their community.

These are just some of the things I have my eyes on:






Previously: Videos from this year’s XOXO festival Read the rest

New Part Day: The Twenty Five Cent USB Microcontroller (With A Toolchain!)

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Last year, Jiangsu Yuheng Co., Ltd introduced a new microcontroller. The CH554 is a microcontroller with an E8051 core with a 24 MHz clock, a little more than 1 kB of RAM, and a bit more than 14 kB split between the code and data Flash. In short, it’s nothing too spectacular, but it makes up for that with peripherals. It’s got SPI and ADCs and PWM, UARTs, and even a few capacitive touch channels. It’s also a USB device, with some chips in the series able to function as a USB host. You can buy this chip for a …read more

Apple cases for the iPhone XS increases to twelve, iPhone XR still zero

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<em>The three new iPhone XS case colors include yellow, green and pink.</em>

If you’re looking to add a dash more color to your iPhone or Apple Watch then you now have a few more options to choose from. Apple is now selling three additional colors of silicone cases and watch straps on the Apple Store in yellow, green and pink (via MacRumors). In addition to these new colors, the teal, olive and mauve Watch straps that were previously exclusively available through Nike’s iPhone app are now also available for purchase directly from Apple.

Unfortunately, there’s still no sign of any official first-party cases for the iPhone XR. Previously we’ve speculated that the reason for the lack of cases has to do with the handset’s bright color schemes, which you wouldn’t want to cover up with an opaque shield. Mysteriously a…

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Calamityware now makes porcelain ornaments with its signature disaster scenes

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If you’re not familiar with Don Moyer’s Calamityware, you should be. His series of blue-and-white porcelain pieces look like ordinary dinnerware at first glance but look closer and you’ll spot the fantasy disaster scenes he’s cleverly included (like UFO attacks and active volcanoes). You can get Calamityware as plates, mugs, bowls, platters and now, ornaments. Yup, he’s essentially shrunk down the dinner plates and made ornaments that can be hung on the Christmas tree (or wherever).

There are 12 designs in all (see the rest at his site). A set of four ornaments is $52 or get all 12 for $144.

Previously: Calamityware: horrifying blue-china plates

(The Awesomer) Read the rest

One More For the Road: The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats are back!

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Back in 2007, Adam “Apelad” Koford created a marvellous, funny, weird alternate history for the then-viral phenomenon of LOLcats, running-gag memes of cats whose superimposed dialog had many odd grammatical quirks: the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats,” a pair of comic-strip hobo cats straight out of the 1930s, who found obscure and clever ways to riff on our contemporary LOLcats.

What could have been a one-off joke became a beloved franchise. Koford has found a kind of weird magic with Pip and Kitteh, a lineal descendant of the floppy Peanuts and Beetle Bailey collections of my boyhood, complete with nostalgic jokes about half-understood things that are nevertheless so humorous that they have you, uh, laughing out loud.

The latest Laugh-Out-Loud Cats collection is One More For the Road, and it is the first Laugh-Out-Loud Cats I’ve read with my daughter Poesy, who is nearly now 11 years old (!). Poesy gave this book her ultimate stamp of approval: after we read the first 30 or so pages at bedtime, she picked it up the next morning and read it straight through, before school, and still let me read her more of it the next night.

In some ways, the latest collection is gloriously more of the same: more of everything I loved about the earlier collections like Down With the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats, The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats Sell Out.

But in an important way, the experience of reading the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats in late 2019 is different: it’s been 15 years since LOLcats came into vogue, and they are largely forgotten, though the narrative, aesthetic, and linguistic conventions they spawned linger, or rather, their descendants do. Read the rest

The Dyslexie Font makes reading easier for people with dyslexia

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They say to create solutions for the problems you have and that’s just what graphic designer Christian Boer did. He has dyslexia and, for his graduation project a few years back, he created a font that makes reading easier for people with dyslexia. According to his site, people with dyslexia often have difficulties reading because of certain “common reading errors” including “swapping, mirroring, changing, turning and melting letters together.” Boer’s Dyslexie Font is a typeface with uniquely-shaped letters that remove these common reading errors.


research suggests that it’s effective (though some disagree) and also because Boer has made the font available for free. Many educators and businesses already make use of Dyslexie. For instance, Project Literacy integrated the typeface into its logo.

Recalling an anecdote from one of his design clients, Boer notes, “They were creating an animated commercial and hired a dyslexic voice-over artist to narrate it. He wanted to be able to read the script fast enough to match the video’s pace, so he asked them to lay it out in Dyslexie first.”

For many… individuals and families who have used Dyslexie, the results are transformative. One mom emailed Boer to say that being able to read this font has encouraged her son to dream big.

“He is looking forward to the possibility to become an engineer, now that this is available for him,” she wrote.

Dyslexie can be downloaded to use in programs and documents. It is also available as a browser extension for Chrome. Read the rest

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