Introspection is at the core of puzzle game Old Man’s Journey

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It can be difficult to find time to finish a video game, especially if you only have a few hours a week to play. In our biweekly column Short Play, we suggest video games that can be started and finished in a weekend.

It may be called Old Man’s Journey, but this game is really a leisurely stroll through beautiful coastal hills and towns. The story begins with the titular old man receiving a letter in the mail that sends him on his travels, during which we learn the reason behind his solitary, introspective pilgrimage. Your job as the player is to help him navigate the rolling coastal landscapes by bending the terrain so he can break the laws of physics and travel between the hills in the foreground and those in the background.


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People are getting their blocks off with LEGO porn

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Agalmatophilia, a sexual attraction to dolls and other human figures, is nothing new: people have been attracted to and humping dolls for as long as there have been locks on doors – not that the practice needs to be kept a secret. Human sexuality is a weird attic to stumble around in. If your kink hurts no one and leans towards watching wee plastic people get it on, I say it’s fair game. Apparently so do a lot of other folks.

From Motherboard:
The longer you look for Lego porn, the more you see, and the more you see, the more have you wonder what the odds are that someone near and dear to you is consuming Lego-themed fetishism as their kink. There’s a subreddit dedicated to Lego porn with 725 subscribers, and only 15 posts over five years, but it’s quality over quantity—which makes me think a lot more people are consuming than making Lego porn.

There’s the Big Lego Porn Album, a glorious repository of some of the greatest Lego porn, from New Yorker style cartoons of Lego sex workers to tentacle-Lego crossovers. Several of the images are watermarked with, which now redirects to a Japanese-language blog about someone’s toddler, and definitely not hardcore brick fucking. This album has more than 34,000 views.

r/legoporn features a few crossposts from r/bdsm with bricks, which are actually quite artful. Another crossover fandom: Harry Potter.

Motherboard’s Samantha Cole spent a good chunk of time researching the smutty-stop-motion underworld of LEGO pornography, those that make it and the folks that consume it. The feature contains video. You will, either for the doings in your pants or out of unbearable curiosity, watch it.

Image via Flickr, courtesy of Brickset

Bee spit is the special sauce in this Japanese Voice Care Candy

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Are you one of those people who use your voice a lot? Work, home, a side hustle like a podcast perhaps? If you are, then I’ve got the candy for you. While searching for chocolate one day, I ran across these Voice Care Throat Lozenges (by the Japanese company Kanro). The Japanese is fine, but I love the English tagline: “Let’s Sing in Your Best Voice!”.

Now I’m like you and just guessed these are like any other cough drop or hard candy. The package tries to tell you differently though. The front boasts that the candies were developed jointly with the Tokyo College of Music (Ongaku Daigaku), and it sounds like they spent a lot of time trying to develop a product that really does do wonders for your throat. The back notes they are for people who “talk a lot, sing a lot, people who want a clean throat or just want to feel refreshed.”

Photos by Thersa Matsuura

Along with various unidentified herbs (the ingredients only mention “herb extract” along with orange, apple, and olive leaf essence), propolis seems to be the special sauce of Voice Care Candy. Propolis, if you don’t know, is sometimes called bee glue, think bee spit mixed with beeswax. It is used by bees to seal small gaps in the hive. Traditionally, it was also used as a medicine to treat cold sores, genital herpes, and mouth pain after surgery, not that there was much evidence showing that it worked for any of those things. Propolis is also sometimes used as a varnish for makers of stringed instruments or even in car wax. All of these examples makes me think that maybe, yes, Voice Care Candy would be good to coat, soothe, and perhaps freshen my throat.

I do a little podcasting and mouth noises are the bane of my (and my tech guy’s) existence, so I decided to give these a try. I don’t want to get too excited yet, but after one recording (post sucking on a Voice Care Candy) my tech guy said, “I don’t know what you did but do it again.” When I told him what I’d done he told me to buy all the bags of Voice Care Candy. It seems like all those squishy and popping mouth noises were significantly reduced. Again, this is still early in the testing, but I have bought a couple more bags and plan to use them. Oh, and they taste really nice, too!

Photos by Thersa Matsuura

Weekend Tunes: Nick Burbridge – Song of Sisyphus

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You won’t find Nick Burbridge’s music charting on any Top 20 lists and, to the best of my knowledge, he’s never toured extensively, by himself or with his band McDermott’s 2 Hours. But his music, once you hear it, is hard to stop listening to. Burbridge sings of the disenfranchised, the marginalized, and those working underground to subvert the status quo. These are protest songs and songs for the working class from the depths of a poet’s heart, and its on constant rotation in my home.

Finding silence online is difficult, but the pursuit is worthwhile

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In My Year of Rest and Relaxation, the latest novel from the ferociously talented writer Otessa Moshfegh, the protagonist sets out to sleep through an entire year to get far enough away from her life so that she might have a chance at rebirth. “Mine was a quest for a new spirit,” Moshfegh’s unnamed narrator says near the end of the book. “At the end of my hibernation, I’d wake up — I imagined — and see my past life as an inheritance.” She sets out on her project using a series of increasingly strong downers.

To me, the impulse is relatable; the idea that the silence of deep sleep — and that alone — can remake you is compelling, not least because it requires (seemingly) so little work. But sleep and rest are different, and it’s possible…

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Branch out your SQLite Database with LiteTree

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Whether you want some quick and dirty data storage, or simply don’t have that heavy requirements for your local database system, SQLite is always a good choice. With its portable single-file approach, bindings to all major languages, and availability on systems of all sizes, it is relatively easy to integrate a SQLite database in your undertakings. And if you tend to develop directly in your production environment, you may be interested to hear that the folks at [aergo] made this a lot more flexible (and interesting) by adding Git-style branching to the SQLite engine.

Similar to Git, each database operation …read more

This encrypted camera keeps tabs on your home while you’re away

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Home security cameras give us an extra pair of eyes to keep tabs on our home when we’re out and about. But, if you’re not smart about which device you use, your camera could turn against you, as hackers can easily tap into your feed if it’s not secured. Encrypted against hacking threats, the iPM World HD 360 Degree 1080p Wireless IP Camera watches over your home and keeps hackers from peeping in.

In addition to its hacker-resistant design, this WiFi camera gives you 360 degrees of uncompromising coverage that you can view straight from your smartphone. It’s small enough to tuck away in tight spaces, and you can rotate it to get the perfect viewing angle via the app. The camera also comes equipped with infrared night vision, so you can even monitor your place when the lights are out.

The iPM World HD 360 Degree 1080p Wireless IP Camera usually retails for $129.99, but it’s on sale today for $44.99. Plug in the LABORDAY15 coupon code at checkout, and you can save an extra 15% off the sale price.

One extra week to apply for Startup Battlefield Africa 2018

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There’s no lack of creative innovators, makers and technical entrepreneurs throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, and that’s why we’re bringing Startup Battlefield Africa 2018 — our world-renowned startup pitch competition — to Lagos, Nigeria on December 11. We want to give every innovative early-stage startup in the region the chance to compete, which is why we’re extending the […]

Epoxy Embedded Electronic Art Running On Pyramid Power

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We sometimes get our inspirations from art. When [kodera2t] saw some Japanese art of fish drawings embedded in clear epoxy he just had to make his own. But while skilled in electronics, he wasn’t skilled at drawing. We’d still call him an artist, though, after seeing what he came up with in his electronics embedded in crystal clear epoxy.

His first works of electronic art were a couple of transistors and some ICs, including an 80386, encased in epoxy. But then he realized that he wanted the electronics to do something interesting. However, once encased in epoxy, how do you …read more

Transistor Fundamentals Animated

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When we were in school, every description of how transistors work was pretty dry and had a lot of math involved. We suppose you might have had a great instructor who was able to explain things more intuitively, but that was luck of the draw and statistically unlikely. These days, there are so many great videos on the Internet that explain things that even if you know the subject matter, it is fun to watch and see some of the great animations. For example [Sabin] has this beautifully animated explanation of how MOSFETs work that you can see below.

It …read more

Meet the Vue Vixens [Podcast]

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On this episode of Eat Sleep Code, Jen Looper and Diana Rodriguez discuss Vue Vixens, an organization of people who identify as women and who want to learn Vue.js to make websites and mobile apps. Jen and Diana share their story of creating and building a successful developer community and growing Vue Vixens into a worldwide organization.

You can listen to the entire show and catch past episodes on SoundCloud. Or just click below.

LED-ifying A Guitar

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Say you have a guitar, an expensive guitar – one of only three like it. And say this guitar sounds great, but it’s missing something. It needs something, but something that won’t ruin the finish. Over at Sparkfun, [Englandsaurus] was asked to come up with a really cool looking mod to a three-of-a-kind guitar – covering the body with LED strips to create light patterns on the guitar.

In order not to damage or modify the guitar [Englandsaurus] sandwiched the body between two plexiglass sheets, connected together by 3D printed clips. The clips have a dual purpose – they hold …read more

A BCD Clock For Your Desk

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We see so many clocks here at Hackaday, and among those we see our fair share of binary clocks. But to see one that at first sight looks as though it might be a commercial product when it is in fact a one-off project is something special. That’s just what [Tobi4sDE] has done though, with his desktop BCD binary LED clock.

The front panel is a black PCB on which sit the LEDs that form the binary display, and its back holds an ATMega328P microcontroller and DS3231 real-time clock. A smart desktop case is 3D-printed, and while the clock is …read more

Talk To The Faucet

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Your hands are filthy from working on your latest project and you need to run the water to wash them. But you don’t want to get the taps filthy too. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just tell them to turn on hot, or cold? Or if the water’s too cold, you could tell them to make it warmer. [Vije Miller] did just that, he added servo motors to his kitchen tap and enlisted an AI to interpret his voice commands.

Look closely at the photo and you can guess that he started with a single-lever type of tap, …read more

You’ll Be Shocked At This Way To Improve Your Video Game High Score

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What if you could play video games perfectly? Would you be one of the greats, raking in millions of dollars simply by playing competitive Fortnite? That’s what Twitch does. Twitch plays video games for you. The irony of this name should not be lost on you.

For his Hackaday Prize entry, [Peter] built a device that shocks you into playing a computer game perfectly. These experiments began with a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS), or basically a device that makes you… twitch. This device, however, is connected to four buttons, representing up, down, left, and right. This is a video …read more

GoPro’s Hero 7 camera has leaked via a store display

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GoPro’s next camera appears to have leaked via a store display. Imgur user Austin Mittelstadt posted a series of images that show off the company’s Hero 7 camera, which is expected to be announced later this month.

The camera appears to come in three colors: white, silver, and black. The display also shows off some of the usual features that we’ve seen with prior models, like image stabilization and that it’s waterproof up to a depth of 33 feet. A couple of the models appear to come without a front screen, echoing what we saw with the Hero 4 line, where the silver model came without the screen, while the black version did.

Image: AustinMittelstadt

GoPro has had a rough couple of years. It slashed its camera lineup…

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DJI Mavic 2 review

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The Mavic Pro was a revelation. It wasn’t a perfect product, to be sure, but it represented a new paradigm for DJI and the consumer drone industry in general. It was compact, folding up into a nice, portable package, while still being portable enough to shove into a backpack. It was also the beginning of […]

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