Square Enix Montreal is no longer making Go games

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If you’ve been hoping for a new clever mobile Go game from Square Enix Montreal, you’re out of luck. In an interview with PocketGamer, the studio behind Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go says that it is no longer producing the premium mobile games in the series, focusing instead on free-to-play games.

Square Enix Montreal studio head Patrick Naud confirmed that the studio is not working on any new Go games, saying that “one of the challenges we have today is the premium mobile market is diminishing.” He pointed specifically to their prices (the Go games are each $4.99), saying that it’s “such a big barrier for mobile users.”

Square Enix Montreal was founded in 2011 as a traditional studio, but pivoted to mobile games, taking popular…

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The Xbox One will reportedly soon support Alexa and Google Assistant

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Microsoft’s Xbox One console will soon include support for both Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant and the Google Assistant. Windows Central reports that future versions of the Xbox One dashboard include the ability to enable Alexa and Google Assistant support through a skill on both platforms. Microsoft currently only supports its own Cortana digital assistant, through its Kinect accessory or a headset, but Cortana has a limited set of skills right now.

The expansion to Alexa and Google Assistant support could mean Xbox users will be able to control their console through both of the digital assistants. It’s not yet clear exactly what features Microsoft will support, but it will likely mean Xbox One owners won’t have to use a Kinect or…

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Facebook is no longer releasing temporary reaction buttons

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June 1st marked the beginning of Pride month, and last year, users who liked Facebook’s LGBTQ@Facebook page could get a custom reaction of a rainbow pride flag for a limited time. This year, that option doesn’t appear, and Facebook tells Business Insider that won’t be releasing custom reactions anymore.

Facebook rolled out its expanded like button reactions — Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry — back in 2016, and has experimented with several custom ones over the years: the company rolled out a purple flower for mother’s day in 2016 and 2017, as well as a custom versions of the reactions to commemorate Star Trek’s 50th anniversary in 2016.

But it seems like those temporary buttons are no more — Facebook didn’t release a flower or…

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3D Printed Clockwork Star Tracker

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Astrophotography is one of those things you naturally assume must be pretty difficult; surely something so awesome requires years of practice and specialized equipment which costs as much as your car. You shake your fist at the sky (since you have given up on taking pictures of it), and move on with your life. Another experience you’ll miss out on.

But in reality, dramatic results don’t necessarily require sticker shock. We’ve covered cheap DIY star trackers before on Hackaday, but this design posted on Thingiverse by [Tinfoil_Haberdashery] is perhaps the easiest we’ve ever seen. It keeps things simple by using …read more

‘Arrested Development’ struggles to shake off recent controversies

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Netflix’s revival of Arrested Development may have had a mixed reception from critics and fans, but the dysfunctional Bluth family isn’t done yet. Five years after the premiere of the much-anticipated fourth season, Arrested Development is back for season five — or rather, the first eight episodes of the season, with more to follow later […]

$6 Weather Station Goes Where you Do

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We admit, we see a lot of weather stations. What makes [Mike Diamond’s] take on this old favorite interesting is that it is tiny enough to carry with you, and uses your cell phone as a hotspot to deliver its data. Of course, that assumes you have a phone that can act as a hotspot.

The parts are straightforward, a power supply, an ESP8266, and a weather sensor board. It looks as though you could easily slip the whole affair into a tube or maybe a 3D printed enclosure. We were a little concerned about the bare wire used, but …read more

You haven’t experienced ASMR until you’ve had Funky Kong console you about your messy divorce

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Sometimes, the world can feel like a relentless nightmare, designed by someone with all your pain points in mind. Being online, whether you have to be or just want to stay in the loop, can make all that worse — your therapist would probably tell you to close this tab and go outside. While that’s generally good advice, all due respect to your therapist, but she hasn’t seen these ASMR role-play videos in which a velvet-voiced Funky Kong soothes your world-weary heart with some gentle understanding and encouragement.

Going through a breakup? Funky Kong has some words of wisdom for you from “his people” (which may or may not just be recaps of various narrative arcs from Donkey Kong games). Love not your bag? Funky Kong knows everything is…

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This solar charger will keep your devices powered up on the trail

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Whether you’re going for a weekend at the lake or just leaving the house for an afternoon, you can’t always count on finding a power outlet to keep your devices juiced up. Therein lies the value of having a portable charger. This Universal Waterproof Solar Charger has enough space to juice your devices several times over, and it can replenish its power supply with solar power tech. It’s available in the Boing Boing Store for $13.99.

Boasting a hefty 5,000mAh battery, this portable charger lets you top off your devices wherever you take them. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices and is designed to be waterproof and shockproof, making it a solid companion for those gritty outdoor adventures.

The Universal Waterproof Solar Charger comes in black, blue, green, and yellow colors and is available in the Boing Boing Store for $13.99.

Lynq is a gadget that lets you find your friends even if you’re off the grid

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This Indiegogo campaign aims to help people who need to locate their friends and family in a pinch. Lynq is a little gadget that you can clip on your clothes or bag that tells you how far and in what direction other people are without any data connection needed.

The palm-sized device is as simple as can be: there’s only one button, and the sole purpose of Lynq is to show the distance and direction of other people in your group via a tiny circular screen. It uses long-range, low-power frequencies to connect to other Lynq devices and GPS for location, so no phones or Wi-Fi are needed. Lynq says it uses a custom antenna and users will have a closed, private network dedicated to the group.

Up to 12 devices can link together, and each one can…

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Someone Set us Up the Compiler Bomb

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Despite the general public’s hijacking of the word “hacker,” we don’t advocate doing disruptive things. However, studying code exploits can often be useful both as an academic exercise and to understand what kind of things your systems might experience in the wild. [Code Explainer] takes apart a compiler bomb in a recent blog post.

If you haven’t heard of a compiler bomb, perhaps you’ve heard of a zip bomb. This is a small zip file that “explodes” into a very large file. A compiler bomb is a small piece of C code that will blow up a compiler — in …read more

Bringing Back A Spectrum’s Rails

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The Sinclair ZX Spectrum was to most Brits the computer to own in the early 1980s, it might not have had all the hardware features of its more expensive competitors but it had the software library that they lacked. Games came out for the Spectrum first, and then other platforms got them later. If you didn’t have a rubber keyboard and a Sinclair logo, you were nothing in the playground circa 1984. That low price though meant that in true Sinclair tradition a number of corners had been cut in the little micro’s design. Most notably in its power supply, …read more

How to Use CSS Reset

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Reset in code presents a short set of rules that resets styling of all elements to a consistent baseline. It is needed because the styling isn’t consistent across browsers. You don’t want something like pre-styling of, e.g. table element, to mess with you when you’re on.


When I was starting with CSS it is said to me that on the beginning you should always write:

Facebook’s Universal Music Translator

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Star Trek has its universal language translator and now researchers from Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) has developed a universal music translator. Much of it is based on Google’s WaveNet, a version of which was also used in the recently announced Google Duplex AI.

The inspiration for it came from the human ability to hear music played by any instrument and to then be able to whistle or hum it, thereby translating it from one instrument to another. This is something computers have had trouble doing well, until now. The researchers fed their translator a string quartet playing Haydn and …read more

Budget Dehydrator Gives your Damp Filament a Second Chance

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If you’ve had the misfortune of leaving your 3D printer filament out on a muggy day or, heaven forbid: showering with it, it’s probably soaked up quite a bit of moisture. Moisture will do more than just make your printer sound like Rice Crispies, it’ll ruin surface finishes and cause the filament to string into thin wisps between separate geometries on the same layer. Luckily for us, though, both [SafetyGlassesRequired] and [Joe Mike Terranella] give us the breakdown on taking a pair of snippers and about $40 in cash to start drying out our filament far away from the possibility …read more

Servo Becomes Mini Linear Actuator

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RC servos are a common component in many robotics projects, but [Giovanni Leal] needed linear motion instead of the rotary actuation that servos normally offer. The 3D Printed Mini Linear Actuator was developed as a way to turn a mini servo into a linear actuator, giving it more power in the process.

A servo uses a potentiometer attached to the output shaft in order to sense position, and the internal electronics take care of driving the motor to move the shaft to the desired angle. [Giovanni] took apart an economical mini servo and after replacing the motor with a 100:1 …read more

Looks like macOS 10.14 will have a new dark mode and an Apple News app

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Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is just a couple of days away, but some of the updates appear to have been revealed early. Specifically, developer Steve Troughton-Smith tweeted some screenshots this morning of what he said was macOS 10.14. And while the screenshots focused on Xcode 10, they also revealed a couple of bigger changes to […]

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