Can an electric bandage kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria?

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Can an electrified bandage really kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria (and make the wear not as smelly)? Chemical and Engineering News put one, made by Vomaris Innovations, to the test, and the answer seems to be yes.

Although the bandage is about a decade old, recent research has shown the technology can destroy hardy, antibiotic-resistant biofilms in pigs (Ann. Surg. 2017, DOI: 10.1097/sla.0000000000002504). Soon, the makers hope to prove the bandage’s efficacy in human clinical trials, and they also have their eyes on other commercial applications, including sportswear that fights smelly bacteria (shown). The latest episode of Speaking of Chemistry explores the science behind the bandages and puts their odor-fighting claims to the test.

This guy made a video showing the most annoying driving behaviors

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Inconsiderate drivers cause accidents. This guy used clips recorded from his dashcam to show examples of rude, annoying driving behaviors – people who don’t use turn signals, people who slow down when they merge, people who speed up when someone tries to pass them, people who slow way down at a slight bend in the road, and my pet peeve – people who pull in front of you and force you to slow way down.

Jiffy Pop always did suck over a campfire

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I have wonderful childhood memories of Jiffy Pop over a campfire. They are absolutely false.

Jiffy Pop is the hardest way to make popcorn I’ve seen. Even stove top preparation is a pain. If you pay a lot of attention, and keep the pan in constant motion, Jiffy Pop on a gas stove is still a pleasure. The spiral aluminum top is just heaven to watch fill up.

Cooking Jiffy Pop over a campfire results in upset children. Jiffy Pop really can not be popped over dancing flames and massively uneven temperatures. If you really want to make campfire Jiffy Pop I suggest you dig some coals out of the fire, make a small pile, and try with more even heat.

I’m going camping, and I take Jiffy Pop with me! I just use a gas stove I use to pop it.

Jiffy Pop Butter Popcorn via Amazon

Best day ever: This six-year-old kid was given $1K to spend in 24 hours

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One six-year-old kid, one thousand dollars, one day to spend it.

The guys at Yes Theory gave Huck a cool grand in cash to spend on anything he wanted. Inspired by a scene in Home Alone, he starts with renting a limo. Then it’s eating pizza in the limo and then it’s taking the limo to the toy store. By the end of (what is a surprisingly heartwarming) video, he’s got a bag full of candy and empty pockets (because he gave a bunch to people in need).


3D Printed Tourniquets are Not a Cinch

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Saying that something is a cinch is a way of saying that it is easy. Modeling a thin handle with a hole through the middle seems like it would be a simple task accomplishable in a single afternoon and that includes the time to print a copy or two. We are here to tell you that is only the first task when making tourniquets for gunshot victims. Content warning: there are real pictures of severe trauma. Below, is a video of a training session with the tourniquets in Hayat Center in Gaza and has a simulated wound on a mannequin. …read more

DC’s new digital streaming service is opening its beta this August

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We’ve known for some time that DC Comics has been preparing its own digital streaming service, but today, the company revealed that the platform will go far beyond just TV shows. DC Universe isn’t a streaming platform so much as a subscription service for all things DC, including comics, TV shows, and movies. A beta version will be going live this August.

The new original TV shows that will premiere on the service have already been announced: the live-action Titans is scheduled to debut later this year, with Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol scheduled for 2019. On the animated side, the third season of Young Justice: Outsiders and the new Harley Quinn series will debut in 2019, as well. But DC Universe will also feature other films and TV…

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Razer revamps its mechanical keyboards with the Huntsman’s new optical switches

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Razer has a pair of new keyboards out today, the Huntsman and the Huntsman Elite, which offer a new spin on mechanical keyboards: they’re Razer’s first models to feature opto-mechanical key switches, which combine the tactile clicking of a mechanical keyboard with optical, IR-based technology that detects when the key is pressed for far faster actuation.

It’s a clever solution that allows Razer to offer even better responsiveness for gamers who need it, while still keeping the tactile, mechanical feel that’s so important to enthusiast users. Razer says that the keys themselves should offer a similar feel to the existing Razer Green switches used in its other keyboards, but with 30 percent faster actuation than traditional mechanical…

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Ant-Man and the Wasp is a solid improvement on Ant-Man

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Given the far-ranging, universe-shaking implications of Avengers: Infinity War just a few months ago, it’s hard to remember that there are still stories to be told within the Marvel Cinematic Universe that don’t take place on cosmic stages, or have world-shaking stakes. Ant-Man and the Wasp, the third and final MCU film planned for 2018, jumps back in time and scale from Infinity War. Instead of taking in the fate of every sentient being in existence, it focuses on the attempts to rescue one woman who’s been gone for 30 years. And instead of enlivening suffocating dread with occasional banter, it fully invests in its silly sight gags and endearing humor. It’s a breath of fresh air after Infinity War.

It’s also a breath of fresh air after…

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The Nintendo Switch hacking scene is chaos right now

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For the last few months, fans have been clamoring about an unpatchable hardware exploit that allows people to jailbreak the Nintendo Switch. The excitement around being able to do nearly anything on the console is less theoretical now: people are messing with online games, getting banned by Nintendo, and even locking each other’s consoles over piracy.

As reported by Polygon last week, one of the most visible consequences of Switch hacking is that a small number of players are running into indecent content in first-party Nintendo games. Specifically, Switch tinkerers are using developer software to set custom profile pictures, like so:

This small modification is inadvertently causing problems in the wider Switch landscape…

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DC Entertainment opens sign ups for its streaming and digital comics service

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DC Entertainment is sharing more information today about DC Universe, a subscription service built around DC superheroes. The biggest draw remains the previously announced slate of original shows, starting with “Titans,” a series that brings the Teen Titans (a team led by Dick Grayson/Robin) to live action. There also will be live action “Doom Patrol” […]

Magnificent new show of Scott Albrecht’s deconstructed, typographical art opening in San Francisco on Saturday

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This Saturday (6/30) in San Francisco, Brooklyn-based artist/designer Scott Albrecht opens “A Forgiving Sunset,” a large solo exhibition of new woodworks, works-on-paper, and steel sculptures. Scott continues to amplify his blend of artistic vision and exquisite craftsmanship in captivating works that are based in simple typographical forms but manifested from his puzzle-like assembly of numerous individual pieces of paper, wood, or, now, steel.

“The work for this show pulls from a range of experiences and inspirations over the last two years,” Albrecht says. “A recurring point of reference in the work was the social climate and the growing gaps I was seeing among relationships — both on a cultural level as well as a personal level — and my own desire to return to something more connected. When I began this collection I developed a somewhat daily habit of listening to the poem, Desiderata by Max Ehrmann. Although it was originally written in 1927, it is, among many things, a fairly timeless call for empathy, compassion and understanding, which seems just as relevant and needed today as I’m sure it did when it was written.”

A Forgiving Sunset hangs at the First Amendment Gallery until July 28. The opening reception is Saturday, June 30, from 7-10pm.

What is this strange metal artifact that washed up in North Carolina?

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A mysterious metal object washed up on a beach in Corolla on the Outer Banks in North Carolina and nobody seems to know its origin. Is it part of a Russian nuclear sub? An ocean buoy? Advanced alien technology? Or something far stranger? From the Charlotte Observer:

Cape Hatteras National Seashore, which controls much of the land along the Outer Banks, says the object is outside its jurisdiction. “I don’t know what the object is,” said Mike Barber, a spokesman for the National Park Service.

Sam Walker, news director at Max Radio of the Carolinas in Nags Head, is the one who first started asking questions about the object. He says it’s sitting far from any beach access ramp, making it tough for heavy equipment to remove it. “Stuff washes up all the time, and if it’s not bothering anything, it just stays,” he told the Observer. “There’s no telling how deep this thing is in the sand.”

Bee Gees’ Barry Gibb was knighted by Prince Charles

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Buckingham Palace showed how deep their love is for Barry Gibb, the only living member of the Bee Gees, by knighting him in honor of his work in music and charity. Prince Charles performed the ceremony on Tuesday. The 71-year-old pop singer and songwriter dedicated his knighthood to his late siblings in a moving speech.

BBC News:

Sir Barry is the last surviving member of the band after the death of Maurice following a bowel operation in 2003 and his twin Robin in 2012 from cancer.

“If it was not for my brothers, I would not be here. If I had spent my whole life writing songs on my own, it would have meant something else altogether.

“I hope and pray they are aware of what’s happened…”

Move Aside Mercury: Measuring Temperature Accurately with an RTD

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Temperature is one of the most frequently measured physical quantities, and features prominently in many of our projects, from weather stations to 3D printers. Most commonly we’ll see thermistors, thermocouples, infrared sensors, or a dedicated IC used to measure temperature. It’s even possible to use only an ordinary diode, leading to some interesting techniques.

Often we only need to know the temperature within a degree Celsius or two, and any of these tools are fine. Until fairly recently, when we needed to know the temperature precisely, reliably, and over a wide range we used mercury thermometers. The devices themselves were …read more

Overwatch’s next hero is a hamster in a giant, rolling mech suit

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Overwatch has revealed the latest hero to join the roster of the popular online multiplayer shooter — and it seems to be a hamster piloting a giant, rolling, machine-gun equipped mech suit. That’s a series of words that I would wager have never been put together in that sequence before today.

For now, Blizzard hasn’t actually revealed anything about the new hero, who will be the 28th member of the roster, so we have no idea how they’ll play, what their abilities are, or even what class they fill. Although based on the size, it would seem tank or defense are likely choices.

Assuming the hamster mech pilot isn’t some kind of elaborate troll ahead of a larger reveal on Blizzard’s part, there is precedence in Overwatch’s lore…

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