It’s time to enter, pitch, party and network @TheEuropas, July 3rd

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Yes, it’s that time of year again! It’s time to grab tickets for The Europas, the annual gathering of Europe’s hottest startups in London, in partnership with TechCrunch. On 3rd July, The Europas will feature an afternoon of awesome networking with its famous Unconference, a series of great speakers leading deep-dive discussion, a fantastic opportunity […]

Time-Saving Chrome DevTools Shortcuts

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It is impossible to imagine modern web development without the use of Chrome DevTools. Thanks to a clean UI and continuous improvements to meet real-world needs, the tool has become the go-to live development environment that surpasses many contemporary IDEs in both functionality and performance.

But how productive are you with the DevTools in your daily development workflow? I’d like to share some of my favorite shortcuts that will help you master the tool.

Comparing Making To Buying A Lithium Ion Battery Pack

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At Hackaday we’re all about DIY. However, projects can have many components, and so there’s sometimes a choice between making something or buying it. In this case, [GreatScott!] wondered if it would be cheaper to make or buy a lithium-ion battery pack for his new eBike kit. To find out, he decided to make one.

After some calculations, he found he’d need thirteen 18650 cells in series but decided to double the capacity by connecting another thirteen in parallel. That gave him a 5 Ah capacity battery pack with a nominal voltage of 48.1 V and one capable of supplying …read more

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