Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and other Rockstar classics are coming to the Xbox One next week

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Rockstar is bringing three of its biggest games to the Xbox One through the console’s backwards compatibility feature. Today, the developer revealed that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, and Rockstar Games Presents: Table Tennis will all be available on the console starting on June 7th. For those who own the original discs, both the original Xbox and Xbox 360 versions of the games will be supported on Microsoft’s latest console.

It’s an eclectic lineup, but it’s also one that includes some of the developer’s more influential games. San Andreas is the biggest of the trio and arguably is the most beloved game in the GTA series. It introduced the world to the fictional version of California that would also be the…

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Google launches a beta of Neighbourly, an app for crowdsourcing local questions

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Google is taking another shot at social apps with the beta release of Neighbourly, a new, hyperlocal-focused app designed to answer your questions, via The Next Web.

The company envisions Neighbourly as a sort of crowdsourced city guide. The residents who know your city best can use the app to share tips, tricks, shortcuts, and recommendations with less in-the-know residents.

Users will be able to ask questions, submit answers, and follow other people’s questions if they’re interested to see the results through a simple stack of cards. According to The Next Web, Neighbourly is starting off with a limited beta. It’s only available on Android and only open to residents of Mumbai, with support for English and eight Indian languages.


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Westworld star James Marsden will star in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie

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James Marsden will star in the film adaptation of Sonic The Hedgehog, Variety reports. It’s unclear what role the Westworld actor will play, and whether he’ll voice the iconic character or act as one of those ill-advised humans from later Sonic games.

A hybrid live-action / animated Sonic film has been on the books since 2014 with little forward progress. It’s the first time Sonic will get his own film, though he’s made appearances on-screen in movies like Wreck-It Ralph. The character has struggled in recent years to resuscitate his cool image, while the long-running game franchise continues to whiff on successful releases. Online, Sonic memes can take a bizarre or even toxic turn.

Jeff Fowler is directing the film, which is expected…

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A Hyatt valet somehow parks a Porsche underneath an SUV in bizarre accident

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Porsche’s can be a tricky car to maneuver if you’ve never driven one before (I know – I parked cars for private parties as a teenager and panicked every time I got into a Porsche), but how a hotel valet managed to park a Porsche Carrera underneath an SUV poses a real challenge to the imagination. The scene was so bizarre, a bystander thought they were shooting a movie.

The valet, working at a Hyatt Regency in Sydney, Australia, took the Porsche out of its park position and immediately hit the orange car that was in its way. He then, apparently, accelerated, nosing his way underneath the SUV until the SUV was resting comfortably on top of the Porsche. In the process, a third car was pushed into some posts.

According to CNN:

“I saw the valet hit the car in front from a parked position,” said Jonathan Bouzaid, who watched events unfold and posted photos to Instagram.

“He then must have panicked and hit the accelerator causing the Porsche to go further under the orange car and pushing the white car into the bollards,” Bouzaid said.

“I think the valet wasn’t aware of the power that you get when starting a Porsche,” he added. The luxurious Porsche Carrera can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in less than five seconds, according to the company’s website.

The valet had to be cut free from the wreckage but wasn’t hurt and was sent home to rest, said Camilla Cooper, a spokeswoman from the Hyatt Regency hotel in central Sydney.

Reverse-Emulating NES: Nintendception!

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This is a stellar hack, folks. [Tom7] pulled off both full-motion video and running a Super Nintendo game on a regular old Nintendo with one very cute trick. And he gives his presentation of how he did it on the Nintendo itself — Nintendo Power(point)! The “whats” and the “hows” are explained over the course of two videos, also embedded below.

In the first, he shows it all off and gives you the overview. It’s as simple as this: Nintendo systems store 8×8 pixel blocks of graphics for games on their ROM cartridges, and the running program pulls these up …read more

John Cameron Mitchell’s latest film blends Neil Gaiman, punk, and teen aliens

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Neil Gaiman’s short story How to Talk to Girls at Parties captures a feeling a lot of teenage boys may have at some point: the fear that girls their age are utterly alien, operating on a completely different wavelength. Gaiman just makes that insecurity literal, with a teenage boy awkwardly trying to interact with girls who are actually aliens. John Cameron Mitchell’s film adaptation makes the metaphorical literal in a different way. While his version draws heavily on Gaiman’s 1970s suburban London setting (and on Gaiman’s own history), it also finds an eerie horror-movie symbolism in the generation gap, through a race of aliens that send their children out to have experiences, then devour them afterward.

Mitchell, the…

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Internet of Smells: Giving a Machine the Job of Sniffing Out Spoiled Food

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Has the food in your pantry turned? Sometimes it’s the sickening smell of rot that tells you there’s something amiss. But is there a way to catch this before it makes life unpleasant? If only there were machines that could smell spoiled food before it stinks up the whole place.

In early May, I was lucky enough to attend the fourth FabLab Asia Network Conference (Fan4). The theme of their event this year was ‘Co-Create a Better World’. One of the major features of the conference was that there were a number of projects featured, often from rural areas, that …read more

Solo demonstrates that the Star Wars expanded universe hasn’t been forgotten

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Solo: A Star Wars Story debuted on May 24th, delivering an origin story for one of the franchise’s best-known heroes. The film has underperformed at the box office, setting off a wave of questions about the future of the film franchise. But fans might be interested in a different future entirely — the future of the now non-canon expanded universe, which lives on in a new form in Solo.

Some spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story ahead.

When Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012, the company made a controversial decision: it officially ended the long-running expanded universe, a complicated series of novels, comics, and video games that kept interest in the franchise running long after the first film trilogy ended in 1983. While those books and…

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How to use predictive text keyboards for AI-generated comedy

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I’ve been a big fan of Botnik Studios, the comedy group responsible for internet gems like the neural network-generated Coachella lineup poster containing bands like “Billions of Mario.” They’ve been putting out consistently great parodies of Scrubs scripts, ads for beef, and handsome names for boats, each of them made using a predictive text keyboard. I was curious about what exactly this meant and how I, too, could utilize AI to create viral hits, so I called up Botnik Studios CEO and former Clickhole writer Jamie Brew to explain in the video above.

Botnik has a browser-based Predictive Writer that you can load up with “voices”, hence its name, Voicebox. It works in a similar way to your phone’s predictive text, by suggesting a group…

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Xiaomi’s transparent Mi 8 Explorer Edition doesn’t show the real internals

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Xiaomi’s just-announced Mi 8 flagship has a special “Explorer Edition” that, along with an in-display fingerprint sensor and iPhone X-esque 3D face recognition technology, features a cool transparent back panel to show off the inside of the phone. There’s just one slight problem with that see-through back: it’s not real.

The false back was spotted by Chengming Alpert, who offers a few reasons why the Mi 8 Explorer Edition can’t be real. In a series of tweets, Alpert claims the “S845 can’t be in that position; all the components around is too far away from each other; no graphite or other pipe/wire/cable for thermal.”

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Apple’s WWDC 2018: iOS 12, macOS, and what else to expect

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It’s that time of year again. The days are long, the sun is shining, and Apple is getting ready to take the stage at its annual developer conference to unveil a look at the future of its iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS operating systems. That’s right, WWDC 2018 is here, and it all kicks off on Monday, June 4th at the San Jose Convention Center.

The keynote starts at 1PM ET / 10AM PT on June 4th, and as always, the The Verge will be reporting live from San Jose with all the news as soon as it happens, so keep it locked here for all the details.

The rumor mill has been almost uncharacteristically quiet about Apple’s upcoming announcements this year, but here’s what we’re expecting to show up:


Given that WWDC is a…

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Alcatel’s 1X is the only Android Go phone you can buy in the US

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A version of the Alcatel 1X (the US model has a fingerprint sensor on the back)

Alcatel’s first phone running Android Go, the 1X, will go on sale in the US next week for $100. Not only is this Alcatel’s first device running Google’s optimized OS for cheaper phones, it’s also the one and only phone running it that’s currently for sale in the United States.

Technically, ZTE beat Alcatel with the launch of an Android Go phone in March, but ZTE has since been banned from buying US components and is basically sitting dormant until the ban is lifted. So thanks to an unlikely series of events involving US sanctions on Iran and North Korea, Alcatel gets this dubious honor. (And it won’t be alone for long: the Nokia 2.1 launches with Android Go in July.)

The 1X isn’t a particularly exciting phone, but that’s usually the case…

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