April Fools’ Day 2018: the best (and lamest) pranks

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April Fools’ Day is upon us, bringing with it a deluge of terrible jokes, ill-advised pranks, and the occasional inspired product concept. The “holiday” has been around for centuries, and companies from all over the internet have been imposing their jokes on us for the last couple of days.

While most are pretty groan-worthy, some are actually a bit entertaining, so we’ve rounded up some of the best (and some of the lamest) to check out. We’ll update this list throughout the day as new jokes (“jokes?”) emerge.

23andMe + Lexus

23andMe teamed up with Lexus to … use your DNA to figure out which Lexus is right for you, tailoring a vehicle just for you, which you can start by licking the steering wheel. Right. Funny.


British VOD…

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Incandescent Luminescence Of Semiconductor Junctions Characterised In The Lab

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One of the humbling things about writing for Hackaday comes when we encounter our readership and learn the breadth of our community and the huge variety of skills and professions you represent. Among your number are a significant representation among scientists, and as a result we often receive fascinating previews of and insights into their work. Sometimes they deserve a little bit more attention than one of our normal short daily pieces, and such a moment has come our way this week.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have an early look at a paper which makes detailed observations of a …read more

Everything coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now in April

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Next month is April, which means it’s time for the second season of HBO’s Westworld to arrive. Yes, there’s also going to be some “movies” at your local “theater” that may be considered “important if you want to stay remotely in touch with mainstream pop culture,” but mostly it’s going to be about Westworld.

Okay, maybe I’m just enthused thanks to the show’s latest trailer. But either way, only two episodes of HBO’s sci-fi drama will be released during April, which means you will have to find other things to watch — and thankfully the host of modern streaming services will be there to help. Netflix will be adding its own sci-fi series to the mix on April 13th, with the debut of its Lost In Space reboot, as well as releasing the Jay Z…

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This endoscopic camera helps you find problems at their source

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When it comes time to unclog a drain or figure out what’s going on inside your car’s engine, the human eye can only see so much, and our hands, while maneuverable, aren’t necessarily built for snaking around tight spaces. Therein lies the value of having a Wi-Fi HD Waterproof Endoscopic Camera. Whether you need to diagnose a clogged drain or simply fish your keys out from under the fridge, this camera gives you an unbeatable vantage point, and it’s on sale for $29.99.

Featuring an 8-way adjustable LED and 2 MP resolution camera, this device lets you peek around tight spaces and beam a feed straight to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. Plus, this camera boasts an IP67 waterproof rating, making it ideal for snaking around drains, pipes, and other damp spaces.

Now, you can pick up this WiFi HD Waterproof Endoscopic Camera on sale for $29.99 in the Boing Boing Store.

Facebook kept copies of videos you deleted

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Madison Malone Kircher writes that Facebook keeps copies of “every video you ever filmed on the platform”, even after you think you’ve deleted them.

Stephanis says that her archive contains videos she clearly never planned to shared with anyone. “There are videos of me just checking my teeth,” she explained. My sister also had videos — rehearsing for school musicals and cheerleading — where she was using Facebook’s desktop camera to review herself and then erase, or so she thought, the video forever.

I thought this was a funny quirk of my sister’s. And then I looked at my own data archive. There, at the bottom of the list of videos I’d put on the platform, I found clips that appear to have never been posted to Facebook but were saved anyway.

From what I can tell, most people haven’t noticed this yet.

Facebook is a permanent record of everything you do on Facebook.

Motorcyclist lucky

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There are countless videos of accidents and near-misses on YouTube, but this one’s fractional difference between life and death makes it particularly alarming. (The very high-quality footage helps.)

Remarks from the rider:

Gloves, jacket, helmet. I wasnt wearing my riding jeans and shoes though because I was just going up the road. Just had on regular jeans and boots.

Everyone was ok, no one needed an ambulance thankfully. That guy was just an idiot, wasnt paying attention. One of the first things he asked was “was the light green or red?”… probably texting but he had two passengers in the car as well, so not sure how they were all completely oblivious.

The IoT (Internet of Teeth)

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Get ready for another step towards our dystopian future as scientists have invented a way to track and monitor what we eat. This 2mm x 2mm wireless sensor can be mounted on to teeth and can track everything that goes into your mouth. Currently it can monitor salt, glucose, and alcohol intake. The sensor then communicates wirelessly to a mobile device that tracks the data. Future revisions are predicted to monitor a wide range of nutrients and chemicals that can get ingested.

It uses an interesting method to both sense the target chemicals and communicate its data. It consists of …read more

Reverse Engineering Bottle Threads for Fun and Profit

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Recently, one of [Eric]’s clients asked him to design a bottle. Simple enough for a product designer, except that the client needed it to thread into a specific type of cap. And no, they don’t know the specs.

But that’s no problem, thought [Eric] as he turned on the exhaust fan and reached for the secret ingredient that would make casting the negative image of the threads a breeze. He mixed up the foul-smelling body filler with the requisite hardener and some lovely cyan toner powder and packed it into the cap with a tongue depressor. Then he capped off …read more

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