Decellularization: Apples to Earlobes

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Our bodies are not like LEGO blocks or computers because we cannot swap out our parts in the living room while watching television. Organ transplants and cosmetic surgery are currently our options for upgrades, repairs, and augments, but post-transplant therapy can be a lifelong commitment because of rejection. Elective surgery costs more than a NIB Millenium Falcon LEGO set. Laboratories have been improving the processes and associated treatments for decades but experimental labs and even home laboratories are getting in on the action as some creative minds take the stage. These folks aren’t performing surgeries, but they are expanding what …read more

Windows 10’s April 2018 Update is now available

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 April 2018 Update is available today and ready to download. After months of testing, Microsoft is making its latest Windows 10 update available for anyone to install today. Like previous updates, Microsoft is rolling it out in stages and you’ll have to manually update today to get it early, or wait until it’s more broadly available on Windows Update on May 9th.

The Windows 10 April 2018 Update includes a number of new features. Timeline is the biggest addition, and it lets you see what apps are running across all your PCs, but also what apps and activities you’ve used on your Windows 10 PC in the past 30 days. Microsoft is also adding a new dictation option with this update, a mute tab feature for Microsoft Edge,…

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Please don’t use this study to justify your horrible habit of using two spaces after periods

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Is it better to have one or two spaces after a period? The first study investigating this hotly contested issue is here, and it supposedly gives the win to the two-spacers. But a closer look at the research suggests that the only reasonable interpretation is that double spacing after a period remains bad. It’s ugly, it doesn’t help when it comes to what matters most (reading comprehension), and the experiment that supports its benefits uses an outdated font style.

The “two-space” convention is left over from the days of typewriters. Typewriters allot the same amount of space for every character, so a narrow character like “i” gets as much as a wider character like “w.” (This is called a “monospaced font.”) With a typewriter, it makes…

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Web Dev Roundup: What the CRUD!

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Greetings and thanks for tuning in for this month’s roundup! Last time, we discussed the Django framework for Python-based web application development. In this month’s post, we look at how the DZone community is using the create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations of a relational database in their web applications. Keep scrolling for some great articles by DZone contributors, and some cruddy puns by yours-truly. 

And, as a quick side note, if you’re interested in writing for DZone, but don’t have a topic in mind, come check out our Bounty Board, where you can win prizes for providing great content, and our Writer’s Zone which has plenty of prompts, tips, and tricks! 

Samsung is releasing 128GB and 256GB versions of the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

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Samsung announced today that it’s releasing both 128GB and 256GB versions of its Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus in the US this month. Preorders open May 1st on with the devices actually coming out on May 18th. (They’ll only be for sale through the company’s website.) The new storage options will be available in all three of the phones’ color choices: purple, blue, and black.

The 128GB Galaxy S9 will cost $769.99, while the 128GB Galaxy S9 Plus will cost $889.99. The 256GB Galaxy S9 will retail for $819.99, and the 256GB Galaxy S9 Plus goes for $939.99. All preorders will include a free Gear IconX (2018) or the chance to a buy a Gear S3 Frontier for $99. These models were already introduced in some international locations, including I…

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Halide’s iOS camera app now lets you strip the location data from your photos

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Halide, the premium iOS camera app from ex-Apple designer Sebastiaan de With and Twitter engineer Ben Sandofsky is today launching one of its biggest upgrades since its arrival last year. The updated app includes a Self-Timer, redesigned photo reviewer, accessibility improvements, and more. But perhaps its best feature is the ability to take better control over your […]

The Supermicro C7Z370-CG-IW Motherboard Review: SM’s First Mini-ITX Gaming Board

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Today we get an opportunity to look at a board from Supermicro’s consumer segment, SuperO, in the exquisitely named C7Z370-CG-IW. This is their first gaming Mini-ITX motherboard, and having spoken to the team in charge of it, they are very hopeful in entering this market. This small board includes Wi-Fi capabilities, USB 3.1 ports, dual M.2 slots, as well as RGB LED features. These are all features we are used to seeing in a board designed for gaming, so it will be interesting to see if Supermicro has executed them well.

Surfer sets record for riding the biggest wave ever

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Brazilian surfer Rodrigo Koxa set a new Guinness World Record for riding the biggest wave ever sufed, an 80-footer in Nazaré, Portugal.

“I try to surf big waves all my life, and I had a huge experience in 2014 where I almost died at Nazaré,” Koxa said. “Four months later, I had bad dreams, I didn’t travel, I got scared, and my wife helped me psychologically. Now, I’m just so happy, and this is the best day of my life.”

Now he and Mick are planning to wing on over to London and jam with the Stones.

(Sports Illustrated)

Watch a dolphin knock a stand-up paddleboarder right off his board

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Andrew Hill was stand-up paddleboarding off Gracetown, Western Australia when a pod of dolphins interrupted his fun.

“Eight or nine of them decided to catch that wave and surf straight at me, which has happened lots of times in the past to me and generally they just take off to one side left or right,” Hill told PerthNow. “It’s good to see dolphins. Surfers like seeing dolphins, but obviously I’d prefer them to stay a little bit further away than they did yesterday.”

I’m sure they’d prefer the same of Mr. Hill.

Enjoy a tarantula burger in Durham, North Carolina

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When I was in elementary school, one of my classmates liked yanking the legs off Daddy longlegs spiders and popping the body into his mouth. He would likely enjoy the tarantula-topped cheesburger available on a limited basis at Durham, North Carolina’s Bull City Burger and Brewery. Apparently the arachnid adds a pleasant crunch to the burger. Proprietor Seth Gross (yes, that’s his last name), says his restaurants exotic meat offerings have “always been about diversity and teaching people about different types of cuisines and maybe other diets around the world.” From Fox13:

Normally in the U.S. people keep spiders as a pets, but overseas, they are hunted and eaten. The creatures can be found in the forests of Cambodia and adult males can grow up to six inches – or the size of a human hand.

“There’s something thrilling about eating your fear. So a lot of folks who are afraid of spiders, this is like the big one,” Gross said.

(via Weird Universe)

Tiny Arduino + FPGA = Sno

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Alorium rolled out a new product late last year that caught our attention. The Sno (pronounced like “snow”) board is a tiny footprint Arduino board that you can see in the video below. By itself that isn’t that interesting, but the Sno also has an Altera/Intel Max 10 FPGA onboard. If you aren’t an FPGA user, don’t tune out yet, though, because while you can customize the FPGA in several ways, you don’t have to.

Like Alorium’s XLR8 product, the FPGA comes with preprogrammed functions and a matching Arduino API to use them. In particular, there are modules to do …read more

Simple web music box

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Creative Beats is a single-serving music box designed to show how easy it is to create things when simple, effective tools are available. I reviewed a Novation Launchpad once and could barely figure it out, but I’d gotten something out of this within a couple of minutes:

It’s part of a book project by Questlove, and made with Glitch. If the foolproof scale and single kick drum prove too limiting, there’s plenty out there to graduate to.

Dynamic Class Instantiation and NS in PHP

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The first step in developing every program’s business, right after designing and defining the required classes, is class instantiation. And it is a very straightforward process. You call the class constructor which is exactly the same as the class name, followed by the respective namespace, pass the required arguments (if any), and that’s it.

The scenario described above is exactly what happens in nearly all situations. But there is a condition where exceptions may arise: whenever you try to instantiate a class dynamically.

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