Toner 2-pack for Brother laser printers: $8

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Life has become immeasurably better ever since I swore off inkjet printers and started using a laser printer exclusively. Unless you must have color print outs, laser printers are faster and less likely to have problems. I have an older model similar to this one. Brother sells toner cartridges for $54, but you can buy a 2-pack of toner cartridges for $8 when you apply coupon code AZ18LV2P at final checkout on Amazon.

Friday Hack Chat: Everything PCB

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It was not too long ago that all PCB design packages were proprietary. Getting PCBs made was expensive, and if you tried to do this over the Internet, the best way was to download a board house’s proprietary software, design your board in their software suite, and send your boards off to be made. A 5 cm square board would cost two hundred dollars. I know this to be true because I’ve said it before, and no one has corrected me.

For this week’s Hack Chat, we’re talking Everything PCB with OSH Park. OSH Park is the leading creators of …read more

Google’s Slack competitor Hangouts Chat is launching for businesses as part of G Suite

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Google is releasing Hangouts Chat this week, a service that allows users to message each other privately or in groups, and work collaboratively on projects. The software was first unveiled in March last year, but to date, it has only been available to companies enrolled in Google’s Early Adopter Program. Now, it’s open to all users signed up to G Suite, Google’s software for businesses that includes Gmail, Google Docs, and so on.

Hangouts Chat represents a big overhaul of Google’s messaging strategy that signals its entry into the business communication arena. For businesses already paying for G Suite tools, Hangouts Chat could be an attractive alternative to Slack as it will be included for every G Suite subscriber at no extra cost….

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Huawei’s entire P20 lineup will likely feature iPhone X-like notches

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Huawei’s rumored P20 phone lineup is becoming clearer. Today, VentureBeat reporter Evan Blass published an image of the P20 Lite, which is expected to round out the full phone lineup, which includes the P20 and P20 Pro. All the devices will likely feature a notch at the top, similar to the iPhone X, as well as 18:9 displays.

Blass reports that the P20 Lite will be a 5.6-inch phone with a 1080 x 2250 display and a rear fingerprint scanner. It’ll feature an octa-core Kirin 659 chipset, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage, a 3,520mAh battery, and will run Android 8.0 Oreo.

Huawei has previously suggested that one of its phones would feature a three-camera system, which would probably show up in the P20 Pro, if at all. The regular P20…

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Hangouts Chat, Google’s Slack competitor, comes out of beta

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 Hangouts Chat, Google’s take on modern workplace communication, is now generally available and is becoming a core part of G Suite. Hangouts Chat was first announced at Google Cloud Next 2017, together with Hangouts Meet. While Meet went right into public availability, though, Chat went into an invite-only preview. Now, Google is rolling Chat out to all G Suite users over the course of… Read More

Scientists in Antarctica watch the movie that inspired The Thing, every year.

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Chock up another one for the women and men who work in Antarctica. Not only do they spent months on end slugging away for the betterment of humankind, they also mark the turning of the seasons by watching a film about a crew in their shoes being hunted by an alien threat.

iO9 reports that every year after scientists and logistical staff leave Antarctica for the winter, the skeleton crew that maintains one of the research stations over the winter months gathers to watch the 1951 sci-fi classic The Thing From Another World. The movie, which is as corny as you might imagine, still managed to be menacing enough to inspire John Carpenter to create The Thing, back in 1982. The best bit: The Antarctic winter crew watch the movie after the last flight leaves the island, knowing that they’ll be isolated for months from the rest of the world as the howling winter storms envelope the continent.

I can’t imagine that the isolation that the winter crew faces while they’re in Antarctica does anything good for their skulls. That they make light of things going terribly wrong for folks in a similar situation to the one that they face? That’s bad ass.

Image via pxhere

The best and worst of Mobile World Congress 2018

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Mobile World Congress 2018

Mobile World Congress 2018: what happened? Maybe it’s best to start with what didn’t happen: Huawei didn’t have a new flagship phone, LG rebadged its old flagship phone, and Motorola and HTC had no phones to show at all. The traditional deluge of new super-specced phones just wasn’t here as it usually is.

But that didn’t leave us with a boring show — far from it. Nokia reached back into the archives to revive another classic, Google’s hardware partners presented their first Android Go devices, and the pervasive buzzwords of 5G and AI were everywhere. There were even some cool laptops to look at. Here are the highlights, followed by the unfortunate lowlights.

The best

The demise of screen bezels

Photo by Tom Warren / The…

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The Clone Wars: iPhone X copycats battle for notch supremacy

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iPhone X and Asus Zenfone 5

Former Tottenham Hotspur soccer player Ledley King looked slightly sheepish as he pulled down the massive red curtain to reveal a new phone, and not just because it got stuck on a hook. And who could blame him? Behind the curtain was a picture of Tottenham’s star lineup, including current Premier League top goalscorer Harry Kane with a pained expression on his face and an uncannily familiar phone in his hand.

Above Kane’s head read the slogan: “Android Oreo Notch Display”.

That’s right: the notch is now a selling point. Kane’s supposed phone, the Leagoo S9 Pro, is just one of a tide of iPhone X clones that have swept through Mobile World Congress this week, often from little-known Chinese manufacturers competing to get products out as…

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A fourth grader reviews the Amazon Alexa Echo Dot and Google Home Mini

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Editor’s Note: You’ve probably seen the Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini critiqued from every direction by adults, but we were wondering what a kid thinks of these new, ubiquitous smart speakers and their virtual assistants. So we asked Verge transportation editor Tamara Warren’s son, Benicio, to give us his take. (You might remember Benicio’s reviews of the Nintendo Switch, the Parrot Mambo and Tynker, and the Tesla Model X.) Enjoy! — Dan Seifert

I recently got the Amazon Alexa Echo Dot and Google Home Mini to review. These machines can do many things to help you in your home when you feel like being lazy and not getting out of bed. Both companies made these great home assistants, and I wanted to look at the similarities and…

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Artificial intelligence brought the freaky visuals to this music video

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A loud experimental band from Monaco named Hardcore Anal Hydrogen enlisted the aid of artificial intelligence to generate the trippy, psychedelic visuals used in their music video for the track, “Jean-Pierre.”

On their site, the band details the ins and outs of how they manipulated Google Deep Dream, Neutral Style Transfer, and DeepFlow to get these results:

How the AI…works seems complicated but it’s not. There are 2 main steps : training, then exploiting. It’s the same thing than learning an object to someone, let’s say a chair. You show him many pictures of differents chairs. Then after learning it, when he’ll see a chair, he’ll be able to answer “it’s a chair”, even if it’s a new one he’s never saw.

Turn down the volume and open your eyes and minds.

(The Awesomer)

Detoured: Fabbing At The Art Institute Of Chicago

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[Majenta Strongheart] is one of the talented folks who works at the SupplyFrame Design Lab, home to dozens of Hackaday meetups, the Hackaday Superconference, and when the shop floor isn’t filled with chairs, is the place where tons of awesome projects are fabricated. [Majenta]’s role at the Design Lab is a Staff Designer, where she’s responsible for working the machines, and holds the distinction of being in the room when the SawStop kicked for the first time. Don’t fret: it was mirrored acrylic.

Among [Majenta]’s other duties at the Design Lab is on the social media front, showing off the …read more

How Annihilation changed Jeff VanderMeer’s weird novel into a new life-form

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Warning: Major spoilers for both the film and book versions of Annihilation.

Alex Garland’s Annihilation, the mind-bending science fiction journey into the world of Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach books, is an astounding film. It’s smart and daring and almost as satisfying to talk about as it is to experience firsthand. It’s even more astonishing considering its source, a seemingly unadaptable, utterly bizarre novel. But Garland found a way to make the film into its own creature. His version is simultaneously faithful in spirit and shockingly bold in its departures in plot and theme.

The film carries over the book’s core elements: a mysterious barrier, known as Area X by the shadowy government agency that studies it, appears around a…

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Watch the first teaser for Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

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Disney’s 2012 film Wreck-It-Ralph followed a pair of arcade game characters as they tried to find some purpose beyond their programming and ended up saving one another. The film was a delightful, self-aware movie, and judging from the first teaser, its sequel looks as though it’s going to have all the same elements that made the first one so much fun to watch.

The trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 debuted this morning, and as its title suggests, Ralph (John C. Reilly) and his friend Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) once again leave their arcade games when the proprietor of their arcade hooks everything up to the internet. They go online and encounter websites like IMDb, eBay, annoying pop-up ads, distracting click-bait…

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David Lynch Teaches Typing is probably not the best way to learn to type, but it is fun and very weird

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David Lynch Teaches Typing, a free game from developer Hyacinth Nil and writer Luke Palmer, is a terrible way to learn how to type.

For starters: if you’re a child and you don’t yet know how to use a keyboard, why are you familiar with the oeuvre of David Lynch? You’re not ready! I’m 24 years old and I’m not ready. That’s why I’ve seen only two episodes of Twin Peaks and 30 minutes of Blue Velvet, which I turned off because I was too unnerved to continue. (I don’t even think I’m out of line with that one. It’s so disturbing!) For children, there are many ways to learn how to type and most of them involve nice things like skateboards and astronauts.

If you’re an adult and you’ve not yet learned to type, you’ve still spent enough time…

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This “Floral Tea Story” photo series offers a whimsical tea time

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As part of her incredibly aesthetically pleasing Instagram account, Russian artist Marina Malinovaya creates these whimsical photographs in which plants and flowers stand in for tea and steam.

You can see more Floral Tea Stories, as well as other gorgeous photography, on Malinovaya’s Instagram.

[via My Modern Met]

Artist humorously adds himself beyond the edges of iconic album covers

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Russian digital artist Igor Lipchanskiy humorously imagines what’s just beyond the edges of iconic album covers. In every case, it’s him.

He writes, “I like to listen to music and when I peer into the cover of the album I find a place for myself there.”

(Bored Panda)

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