The FEZ vaporizer is very chill

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The FEZ Vaporizer is highlighted by 60-second convenience and temperature customization, and is currently available in the Boing Boing Store for 43% off retail price.

Despite its minimalist look, this vape lets you choose the right heat level to match your herbal strain. Its single button control makes it dead simple to use — just give it a press, and it’s ready to go in less than a minute. You can get over 2,000 puffs on a single charge, and it’s easily rechargeable from any USB power source.

The FEZ also comes with a full set of miniature cleaning tools, but you rarely need to clean it; it’s designed to eliminate toxic compounds from plant material. You can get the FEZ Vaporizer from the Boing Boing Store in black, white, or red for $79. Plus, you can use coupon code CYBER20 (yes, Cyber Monday continues!) for an extra 20% off at checkout.

A Look at ‘Domain-Driven Design Distilled’ by Vaughn Vernon

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We are big fans of DDD and we were lucky enough to assist an event held by Magento, with Vaughn Vernon as a key speaker, presenting his latest book: Domain-Driven Design Distilled. I bet you can imagine how exciting it is to share the room with someone that is recognized in the programming community, especially when you get a few hours off of work because of that. 

You are probably already familiar with Vernon’s work, because of the ‘red book’: Implementing Domain-Driven Design, one of the most influential pieces of work of the last decade. If not, I strongly recommend it to any person that is eager to learn about Domain-Driven Design.

Some Google Home Mini speakers are reportedly crashing when playing music at full volume

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The Google Home Mini isn’t exactly known for having a powerful speaker, but it seems that the smaller version of Google’s smart speaker is stronger than we thought. Reports have been cropping up on Google’s forums and Reddit about the device crashing if the volume is turned up too loudly, as spotted by SlashGear.

At this point, it’s not entirely clear what causes the crash. Google team members have already responded in the forum threads to try and gather more information. So, at least the company is aware of the issue, even if it doesn’t seem that they quite know what the problem is.

Adding to the confusion: some users are reporting that the crash only occurs with certain songs, like “Royals” by Lorde, which is either indicative of a…

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A Lorde superfan hung ‘Melodrama’ in the Louvre

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After dodging security, photographer Nina Richard quietly hung Lorde’s well-reviewed, sophomore album Melodrama onto the walls of Le Musée du Louvre in Paris, France.

Presenting her photographic evidence, she tweeted:

Why the Louvre?

According to Slate, the act of displaying the album in the museum is a way of bringing the lyrics of its fourth track, “The Louvre,” to life:

But we’re the greatest, they’ll hang us in the Louvre

Down the back, but who cares, still the Louvre

Melodrama was recently nominated for a 2018 Grammy Award.


Spectacular photos of an active volcano in Bali

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You may have heard that Mount Agung, an active volcano in the Indonesian island of Bali, started erupting Saturday.

It just so happens that my friend Kyle Kesterson is currently traveling there. He’s staying in Ubud, about two hours away from the volcano.

On Wednesday, he shared his experience of getting to and witnessing the eruption, alongside some really stunning photos:

While I appreciate the concern for my safety as messages have been pouring in about Mt Agung’s current eruptions the last few days, FEAR is the common underlying theme.

Those who know me, know that even the slightest whiff of fear must be faced head on and transformed into excitement.

So at 2am, my fearless friend Valeria and I found a bold and curious taxi driver to drive us 2.5hrs in the direction of Mt. Agun, cameras in hand. As we pulled up around 4:30am, we saw the glow from the magma lighting up the slow billowing ash entering the atmosphere. Underneath it, our entire horizon was made up of the ghostly shape of this restless, commanding, all powerful giant.

We sat, stunned in the deepest sense of awe, underneath the clearest Milky Way and longest shooting stars I’ve ever witnessed.
Instantly, I was small. Weak. Absolutely nothing against the formidable nature of nature. Nothing, but a spectator and participant in this collision of living energy.

Fear would have kept me tucked warmly in my sheets with the illusion that I was safe to begin with. But stepping through it, with complete reverence and heightened to the situation and ready to act, I am forever changed and more alive.

Later, he wrote,

Up until now, the news has been overly sensationalized with how they are reporting on Mt Agung’s activity. Life right at the base of the volcano was calm, people carrying on with their daily duties. No panic. No hysteria. It was surprisingly calm. However as of yesterday, rocks and debris have started to fall from the sky in the surrounding villages, starting to make the threat very real. Now people are starting to truly be displaced. There are a couple effective organizations helping with this process. Please join me in sharing a few dollars to help these people.

photos by Kyle Kesterson, used with permission

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Emirates’ new first class suites feature virtual windows and a ‘zero-gravity’ seat

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Emirates has just completed the first flight of its new 777 equipped with glorious first class suites inspired by Mercedes-Benz. Those lucky (or rich) enough were treated to what Emirates says is the world’s first fully enclosed suite, measuring a spacious 40 square feet. The private rooms feature “zero-gravity” seats, virtual windows, and active noise cancelling E1 headphones from Bowers and Wilkins developed for exclusively for Emirates (but based on B&W’s P7 wireless cans). The rooms were also fitted with a pair of Safari binoculars, an entertainment system featuring 2,500 channels and wireless remote, a super-wide 32-inch full HD LCD TV (Emirates says it’s the largest widescreen digital touch TV in the world on any aircraft), and…

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The $80 Power Supply for Almost Everyone: The Corsair TX550M 80Plus Gold PSU Review

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Today we are having a look at the Corsair TX550M, a product designed to compete in the mainstream market by combining good overall performance, high quality, and reasonable cost. It comes with an 80Plus Gold efficiency certification and with a power output perfect for the vast majority of single GPU gaming systems. We are having a closer look at its quality and overall performance in this review.

A Teardown Of Something You Should Not Own

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GPS jammers are easily available on the Internet. No, we’re not linking to them. Nevertheless, GPS jammers are frequently used by truck drivers and other people with a company car that don’t want their employer tracking their every movement. Do these devices work? Are they worth the $25 it costs to buy one? That’s what [phasenoise] wanted to find out.

These tiny little self-contained boxes spew RF at around 1575.42 MHz, the same frequency used by GPS satellites in high Earth orbit. Those signals coming from GPS satellites are very, very weak, and it’s relatively easy to overpower them with …read more

Create the unholy DIY union of Alexa and Furby this weekend

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 As we approach the End Times there will be great signs and portents. They say the dead will rise and walk the earth. Great fire will come from the sky and burn the wicked and the good alike. A Furby will speak in the voice of Alexa. The Turtle of the Universe will cough up her young to pass judgement on our collective consciousness. At least one of those things has just come true. In this… Read More

Google’s cute voice experiment lets you track the world with paper

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Google’s latest voice experiment is the cutest one yet. Paper Signals is an open-source project that lets you build a paper object that can be controlled with your voice. The paper objects let you see how Bitcoin is doing, get a visual representation of the weather, or even track NASA rocket launches. Google has built a number of different signals, and the code has been open sourced to let developers create their own custom versions.

To build a paper signal you’ll need a Paper Signals starter kit that includes an Adafruit board, all the necessary cables, and a micro servo motor to get your paper print outs moving. You’ll also need a device that supports the Google Assistant, a printer, and some household items like a craft knife, glue,…

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Design Patterns in JavaScript, Part 1

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In handling large-scale JavaScript applications, we need to manage the code accordingly. While devising the architecture for your large-scale application, it’s important to think ahead. You can also break down your application’s functionality into blocks or modules by using any of the patterns.

What Is a Pattern?

A pattern is a kind of reusable solution that can be applied to a commonly occurring problem in your application during the design phase. In this article, I will be considering only JavaScript applications.

Arduino Saves Gameboy Camera

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[Brian Khuu] bought a few Gameboy cameras on the Internet and found that they still had pictures on them from a previous owner. The memory in the camera has a backup battery and if that battery dies, the pictures are history. [Brian] bravely decided to extract the pictures to a PC. He knew the protocol for how the Gameboy talked to the companion pocket printer was available, so he used an Arduino and a Web browser to extract the photos. The resulting code is on GitHub if you want to save your pictures.

Although Brian didn’t have to crack the …read more

Graphic India raises $5M to build a Marvel-like digital comic brand for India

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 It’s been some time since we wrote about Graphic India, a new media startup that believes India should have its own home-grown answer to cartoon empires like Marvel. The 30-person company been busy developing its IP and bringing its creations to audiences via film and TV since we last covered it in 2015, when it raised $2.5 million from investors, and now it has added to that war… Read More

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