New leak of Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro shows its 3-camera setup and teases AI

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Shortly after Apple unveiled its new iPhone lineup in September, Chinese smartphone maker Huawei took a jab at the company, promising to unveil a “real AI phone” in the form of its Mate 10 lineup later this month. Reliable leaker Evan Blass has procured a new image of the Mate 10 Pro, which shows off the phone’s three-camera setup and hints at the company’s AI ambitions.

Blass revealed last month that the company will release a trio of Mate 10 models: a standard version, the Mate 10 Pro, and the Mate 10 Lite. This new image backs up what Blass has written about the Pro model over onVentureBeat. It will have an edge-to-edge display with an 18:9 aspect ratio and will come with a three cameras: a 12- and 20-megapixel duel-camera setup on…

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Capitalism without consequences

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 Technology decouples economies. AirBNB owns no rooms, but provides accommodations; Uber owns (essentially) no vehicles, but provides transport; Stripe is not a bank, but provides bank accounts; a vast panoply of corporate services run on Amazon-owned servers. There are many excellent things about this decoupling; it improves efficiency, aids focus, and spurs innovation. But technology also has… Read More

A Screwdriver for the Lazy

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The TS100 soldering iron is a sleek handheld device with a tiny display. Now the same people behind it have introduced a motion-controlled screwdriver, the ES120. While we are fans of large electric screwdrivers for working on large projects, we aren’t sure we need a $90 screwdriver for little fasteners. However, if you watch the video review from [Marco], you’ll see it has an interesting user interface that might be useful in other projects. [Marco] is also a bit of a cut up, so you’ll get to see how well the little tool can froth milk, provide transportation, or change …read more

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