Perl is the most hated programming language

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What do computer programmers not want to code in? Perl, the Old Spice of programming languages, is the most disliked by a significant margin, reports Stack Overflow. Delphi, used by children to write viruses for adults, and Visual Basic, used by adults to write games for children, are running neck-and-neck for second place.

Trailing far behind are PHP, for people who still don’t care about security, and Objective-C, for people who still don’t realize they work for Apple. Coffeescript, a language designed to make Javascript more annoying, takes sixth spot; Ruby, very briefly popular among people who wanted to write web apps without actually doing any work, lurks in seventh.

If you’ve read some of our other posts about the growing and shrinking programming languages, you might notice that the least disliked tags tend to be fast-growing ones. R, Python, Typescript, Go, and Rust are all fast-growing in terms of Stack Overflow activity (we’ve specifically explored Python and R before) and all are among the least polarizing languages. Similarly, many of the shrinking tags, such as Perl, Objective-C, and Ruby, are ones we’ve previously observed to be among the fastest-shrinking tags on the site.

The best unicorn wine bottle holder

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The Wine Of Sacred Purity Unicorn Wine Holder ($19.95, Amazon) holds only one bottle of wine, but it holds it very well.

“Add some falir [sic] to your kitchen by displaying your wine bottles in this holder,” the marketing copy suggests. “Beware of knockoff imitation pieces sold by unlicensed sellers.”

“It’s not all joy and rainbows,” warns verified purchaser Jon Hanson. “I bought this unicorn thinking it would bring luck, joy and rainbows into my home. Instead he just sits there, staring through my soul with his cold black eyes, just daring me to steal his bottle.”

“Everything you could ever ask for in a creepy unicorn,” counters My Name Here, a sentiment that Mir agrees with: “Such A Majestic Housewarming Gift.”

Hackaday Prize Entry: Radio Telescope Interferometer

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Radio telescopes are one of the dark arts of science. Not only do you have to deal with RF wizardry, the photons you’re detecting are so far out of the normal human experience that you really don’t know what you’re looking at. It’s hard, but that’s the point — there’s a lot to learn with a radio telescope.

[alfazoOm]’s entry in the 2017 Hackaday Prize seeks to counteract a two-part problem: first, there is a dearth of educational radio interferometers in Latin America. Secondly, in Colombia, there’s only so much clear sky so radio astronomy is the preferred technique. Even …read more

Microsoft launches a revamped version of Mixer into beta

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 Microsoft today announced the launch of a new beta version of its mobile gameplay streaming app, Mixer, for both iOS and Android. The company says the new app features an entirely different codebase that will allow it to roll out updates more quickly, and includes a number of changes focused on improving the core user experience, content discoverability, app performance and personalization.… Read More

Amazon Prime Video launches globally on Xbox consoles

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 Today, Amazon Prime Video is launching globally for Xbox One, and will also be available on the new Xbox One X when it lands in stores on November 7. The streaming app, which is the only place to watch Amazon Originals like Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle, is going live in Canada, Mexico, France, Italy, Spain and India. In January of 2016, Netflix globally expanded its service to cover… Read More

Rita Levi-Montalcini Had Nerves of Steel

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When we think of role models, it’s easy to categorize them narrowly on the basis of their skill set. We might say that he’s a great mathematician, or that she is an excellent chemist. Some role models are admirable on a deeper, human level. These are the kinds of heroes who obliterate all the obstacles dropped in front of them to tirelessly pursue their interests and devote their lives to doing the kind of stuff that makes the world better for everyone.

Italian Nobel Laureate Rita Levi-Montalcini is this kind of role model. Her scientific curiosity and unconventional thinking led …read more

Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE will now stream music

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One of the early promises of an Apple Watch with phone-free, LTE service was the ability to stream music directly from the watch itself — only the Apple Watch Series 3 didn’t launch with that promised feature. Now, more than a month after launch, it’s arrived.

Notifications just started going out for the official version of watchOS 4.1 software, which includes, among other updates, music streaming for Apple Watch Series 3s with LTE. This update had been rumored before; not only was the software expected to arrive before the end of the month (cutting it close there), but a developer had leaked the software release notes last week. CNET also had early access to these music streaming features.

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iOS 11.1 is out now with new emoji and Wi-Fi bug fixes

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Apple just released iOS 11.1, the first major update to iOS 11 since its release in September. Included in the changes are over 70 new emoji, along with some other minor updates, like the return of the 3D Touch option to open up the app switcher by pressing down on the left side of the screen that Apple mystifyingly took out in the original iOS 11 release.

iOS 11.1 also features a patch for the “Krack” Wi-Fi hack vulnerability, which is good news and a reason to make sure that you’re updated on your devices, even if you aren’t particularly excited by the idea of a broccoli emoji. And of course, there’s the usual “bug fixes and Improvements,” which should hopefully make iOS 11 a little more stable.

iOS 11.1 is available to…

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Instagram adds right-to-left language support starting with Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew

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Instagram today added support for languages that are written and read from right to left, starting with Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew. It’s been a long time coming for such a software update, considering Instagram has up until today supported 33 languages, including everything from Tagalog to Romanian to Bahasa Melayu. Instagram says it had to reformat its entire app to support an opposite text flow, according to TechCrunch.

There are still some popular right-to-left languages left out, including Urdu and Azeri, but Instagram is starting with official country languages to mainly help Android users of the MENA (or Middle East and North Africa) region. To that end, and because Android is the operating system of choice for more than 70 percent…

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GM’s Cruise sets special self-driving event for November 28

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 GM’s Cruise self-driving unit is hosting a special event at the end of November, the company revealed today via invites to select media. The tagline for the event is “Come experience our vision of a self-driving future,” and while advance details are scarce, it sounds likely that Cruise will take the opportunity to allow media and other guests to experience their pilot… Read More

Microsoft rolls out LinkedIn integrations in

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 Microsoft’s $26.2 billion acquisition of business networking site LinkedIn is starting to pay off – at least in terms of product integrations that make sense. The company today announced that LinkedIn integration within is now going live, allowing email users to view insights, profile pictures, work history and more from within their inbox. The addition of LinkedIn… Read More

Alas, Astropad’s ‘Camera Button’ was too cool for Apple

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 Astropad’s forthcoming Luna display adapter and software turns your iPad into a wireless, essentially lag-free monitor for your Mac – and the company wanted to make it even cooler by including a clever hack that turned the iPad’s mostly useless front-facing camera into a software button. But, unsurprisingly, Apple has nixed the feature by rejecting the update which included… Read More

Applications to volunteer at Disrupt Berlin are now open

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 If you’re looking to roll up your sleeves to help put on the best startup show in Berlin, you should definitely sign up to be a TechCrunch Work Exchange Volunteer at Disrupt Berlin 2017. TechCrunch is thrilled to announce that we are now accepting applications to the Work Exchange at this year’s show in Berlin, and we hope you’ll consider joining us. Read More

Apple releases iOS 11.1 with shiny new emojis

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 New emojis. Do you need to hear anything else? Apple just released an iOS update. iOS 11.1 is the first feature update for iOS 11. It adds a couple of new things, starting with dozens of new emojis. Apple already previewed some of the new emojis, but they are now available to everyone. It includes mythical creatures, such as wizards, fairies, mermaids and vampires. There are some new… Read More

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