‘Deadly Manners’ is a new podcast starring LeVar Burton, Kristen Bell, Anna Chlumsky and RuPaul

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 Podcasts are a growing area of interest even for media companies that typically work in TV and other formats, and AMC/Sundance is extending its bet on making something of streaming audio. The show is called “Deadly Manners,” and it’s a fictional murder mystery with some big-name stars, including Kristen Bell, Anna Chlumsky, RuPaul, LeVar Burton, Denis O’Hare and Alisha Boe. Read More

Jet.com to launch its own ‘everyday essentials’ grocery brand, Uniquely J

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 Walmart’s Jet.com is going after millennials shoppers with the launch of its own grocery brand called Uniquely J, which is expected to arrive in a couple of months. The goal with the brand – beyond an obvious desire for increased margins – is to attract a younger shopper. Jet believes that Uniquely J will do so not only by nature of a product selection that includes… Read More

Facebook tests facial recognition for account recovery

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 Facebook has its own version of Apple’s Face ID. If you get locked out of your Facebook account, the company is testing a way to regain access by using your face to verify your identity. That could be especially useful if you’re somewhere that you can’t receive two-factor authentication SMS, like on a plane or while traveling abroad, or if you lose access to your email… Read More

QVC host and guest debate whether Earth’s moon is a planet or a star

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“No, I don’t like that at all. I don’t even know what that means”

Bo Gardiner:

Not sure what [Isaacs] Mizrahi’s excuse is, but you gotta love his “let a man set this silly woman straight” tone with his own silliness. As for [Shawn] Killinger, an avid Christian, perhaps she got her science from Genesis in Sunday school.

Check out the model’s reaction at 0:39! I like to imagine she models to put herself through an astrophysics Ph.D.

Announcing Oracle JET 4.0 and Web Components

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This release of Oracle JET brings many new features. None bigger than a completely new Custom Element based syntax for defining all JET UI components. We believe you will find this new syntax more intuitive and natural to work with when developing your HTML content. This is being done to further our effort to stay current with HTML standards and specifications such as the HTML5 Web Component specification. To learn more about developing with this new syntax, refer to the JET Developers Guide.

While you don’t have to move to the new custom element syntax when you migrate your application to use v4.0.0, it is highly recommended that you start all new work using this new syntax. The custom element syntax can co-exist with the existing data-bind syntax (e.g. ojComponent) in the same page without any problems. They are designed to work together until the time the data-bind syntax has reached End of Life, which is currently planned for on or about the time JET v8.0.0 is released (approx two years from the v4.0.0 release).

I can’t stop buying video games I already own

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At 2:59PM on September 28th, less than 24 hours before the launch of the SNES Classic, I felt a deep, familiar pang of regret about not purchasing one in advance. I’m generally against the idea of preordering anything, but the order window for the Classic had long passed. If I wanted to buy one on launch day, my options were as follows: get in line hours early and hope for the best, or follow someone who did get one, and mug them.

Desperation makes a woman do crazy things, but the most outrageous thing about my internal ordeal is that I already own every game I’m dying to play on the SNES Classic. Earthbound and Super Mario RPG? Picked them up on my Wii U virtual console ages ago. Would you like to know which copy of Final Fantasy III I…

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Listen to everything Amazon announced during its hardware event this week

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Amazon announced a few more Echo devices this week, and The Vergecast is here to recap it all. Nilay, Dan, Dieter, and Paul discuss Amazon’s strategy with these new products, as well rumors of stuff that will be announced at Google’s event next week.

There’s a whole lot of stuff in between that — like Twitter’s new 280 character limit — so listen to it all and you’ll get it all.

02:22 – Twitter just doubled the character limit for tweets to 280

06:08 – The 5 biggest announcements from Amazon’s surprise hardware event

09:23 – Amazon’s Echo and Echo Plus are hiding a lot of new tech

16:41 – Amazon’s Echo Spot is a sneaky way to get a camera into your bedroom

24:31 – Google pulls YouTube off the Amazon Echo Show

41:16 – This week in TV…

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Dell’s 38-inch ultrawide monitor is the display of my dreams

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Of all the tech I get to use on a regular basis, my monitor might be my favorite. That may sound silly if you’ve been using a laptop or a standard desktop monitor for years, but I use an ultrawide display (one that has an aspect ratio of 21:9 or wider) and it’s a massive canvas for me to digitally spread out on. Instead of needing two monitors to display my workspace, I can have all of my windows on the same panel at the same time without having to switch between multiple virtual desktops or split my view between two displays. Once you go ultrawide, it’s hard to go back to using anything standard.

For the past few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of sitting behind Dell’s 38-inch UltraSharp monitor. The best way I can describe this monitor is…

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Reactant is a new native framework for iOS apps

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 Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Xcode, a small Czech team called Brightify has created Reactant, a framework that makes it easy to program iOS apps. The system is a Swift-based framework that offers live-reload of code, allowing you to add elements on the fly as you program. “The Reactant architecture dictates how to structure an iOS project from start to finish. It… Read More

Roqos Core is a router that comes with its own cybersecurity hub

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The Roqos Core Firewall Router comes with a built-in VPN and a host of other cybersecurity features, giving your home network powerful protection from online threats with minimal setup.

Like any respectable consumer router, the Roqos Core provides dual-band WiFi and gigabit ethernet — but its security features truly tip the scales. To ensure that you’ll stay safe from malware, ransomware, and denial-of-service attacks, it blocks anything deemed fishy by the Roqos cloud at the network level. It’s always connected to stay up to date on the latest threats, and it doesn’t store any of your user data so you maintain total privacy. This router is also built on open-source software to give you maximum flexibility in your network configuration. 

If you’re looking for a wireless solution that doesn’t require tons of software to be installed on your devices, or an extra layer of security for your home automation, the Roqos Core Firewall Router is a solid all-around choice. You can get it here for $119, which includes a month of their integrated cybersecurity, parental control, dynamic DNS, and VPN services for free.

The story of Casa Jasmina: the first automated home built to improve its residents’ lives

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Casa Jasmina (previously) is a groundbreaking experiment in human-centered, open source home automation, the birthplace of the Internet of Women’s Things — built in Torino, Italy by Boing Boing pals Jasmina Tesanovic and Bruce Sterling with the help of the Arduino organization, Casa Jasmina pushed the boundaries of what a home-automation system would be like if it were designed to make peoples’ lives better without extracting revenue from them.

Earth Rovers Explore Our Own Planet

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While Mars is currently under close scrutiny by NASA and other space agencies, there is still a lot of exploring to do here on Earth. But if you would like to explore a corner of our own planet in the same way NASA that explores Mars, it’s possible to send your own rover to a place and have it send back pictures and data for you, rather than go there yourself. This is what [Norbert Heinz]’s Earth Explorer robots do, and anyone can drive any of the robots to explore whatever locations they happen to be in.

A major goal …read more

The SNES Classic is getting a wireless controller from 8bitdo

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As with its predecessor, the biggest issues with the miniature SNES Classic Edition are its wired controllers and lack of a dedicated home button. Thankfully, 8bitdo is fixing both of those problems with its new wireless controller.

The new gamepad looks almost identical to the original Super Nintendo design, but with a solid dark grey front. More importantly, 8bitdo’s option comes bundled with a wireless dongle so that you don’t have to fuss with the frustratingly short cords available on Nintendo’s controllers. The third-party gamepad also includes the ability to access the SNES Classic’s main menu without having to physically hit the reset button on the console; you simply hit down and select at the same time if you want to change…

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The retro Nokia 3310 now comes with 3G and works in the US

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Earlier this year, HMD Global revived Nokia’s classic 3310 candy bar phone with only the slightest updates. And next month, the phone is in for another tweak: a new version is getting support for 3G, which will open it up for use in a lot more countries — including the US. The phone should work on AT&T and T-Mobile, but not Verizon and Sprint.

The new Nokia 3310 3G will sell for €69 (about $81 USD), a slight bump up from the original version, which sold for €49 (about $58 USD). There are some other slight changes, too: the new model is ever-so-slightly taller, wider, and thicker. And in a very big change, its estimated battery life is way down, from 22 hours of talk time on the 2G version to just 6.5 hours on the 3G version.

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8bitdo’s new wireless controllers are perfect for your new SNES Classic

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 The SNES Classic Edition is out today, and is probably currently en route to those lucky enough to have scored a pre-order, and being picked up by bleary-eyed fans who set up early at game store locations around the world. Reviews have been almost universally positive for the small console, which is not surprising, so a lot of folks will probably also be in the market for accessories –… Read More

Walmart Labs open sources its tool for bringing React Native to existing mobile apps

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 Walmart is placing a big bet on React Native. With Electrode, the company’s Walmart Labs division open sourced the React-based framework that powers Walmart.com’s frontend and today the same group is also launching Electrode Native, its tool for bringing React Native to existing native apps on iOS and Android. The basics idea here is that Electrode Native allows large companies… Read More

Amazon is developing three new high-profile sci-fi TV adaptations

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 Amazon Studios is on a quest – a quest to bring Jeff Bezos a ‘Game of Thrones’ of his very own. But the Amazon version may be found in the stars, rather than in a mythical fantasy past. Amazon Studios is working on three new series (via Deadline) based on celebrated science-fi book properties, including Ringworld, Lazarus and Snow Crash. The series are all part of efforts… Read More

Russia’s space blockbuster Salyut-7 is a fascinating look at cinematic heroism

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Welcome to Cheat Sheet, our brief breakdown-style reviews of festival films, VR previews, and other special event releases. This review comes from Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas.

In its opening moments, the Russian space thriller Salyut-7 feels like an alternate-universe version of Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity. Two cosmonauts on a spacewalk in 1983 joke with a compatriot inside the Salyut 7 space station, theorizing about when the USSR government will want to experiment with sex in space, and how much time they’ll need to (or get to) spend in Earthside training simulators for the project. Then a minor welding accident punctures one cosmonaut’s glove. As her suit pressure rapidly drops, hypoxia threatens, and she becomes less and less…

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The Overwatch League continues to emulate traditional sports with reveal of first team logo

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So far, Blizzard has revealed that 12 teams across 11 cities and four countries will be participating in its upcoming, ambitious Overwatch e-sports league. But we haven’t heard anything about what those teams will look like or what they’ll be called — until now, that is. Today, the Overwatch League’s sole Chinese franchise became the first to reveal its official name, logo, and colors. The Shanghai Dragons will sport a sleek shield icon, and utilize a red, white, yellow, and black color scheme.

The branding looks much more like a traditional sports club than an e-sports franchise. The shield is both a dragon and a stylized S, and there are English and Chinese variants of the design, in keeping with the league’s global ambitions. It also…

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One Video: Love is Blind by Fergie

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Every week, a slew of new music videos hits the web. Watching them at your desk is not time theft because you deserve it; think of it as a nice reward for surviving another work week. But what if you don’t have time to watch every video — maybe you have a deadline, a hungry pet, or other grown-up concerns. In consideration of your schedule, Lizzie and Kaitlyn bring you a series called One Video. Each week we’ll tell you “one video” you need to watch, why, and for how long.

This week’s video: “Love is Blind” by Fergie

Lizzie: This week’s pick joins a small but sturdy group of previous One Video winners who managed to snag the top spot in spite of the song attached to their video. This group includes MattyBRaps, Ansel Elgort, and Taylor…

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