The new 7,541-piece Lego Millennium Falcon is the biggest and most expensive set ever

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It’s 7,541 pieces. That’s the number of Lego bricks in the newly updated Ultimate Collectors Series Millennium Falcon set that Lego announced today (via io9). It’s the single largest Lego set ever sold (by a considerable margin), and with a whooping $800 price tag, it’s also the single most expensive Lego set the company has ever sold.

And let me tell you, it looks glorious. Lego has put a ton of work into making this a super detailed version of the actual ship from the films — to the point that it includes swappable deflector dishes to match either the original trilogy or the more recent Force Awakens variants of the ship, along with accurate interior sections. It’s the sort of thing Lego has become known for on its Ultimate Collector…

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Amazon’s noir fantasy series to lands Cara Delevingne in star role

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 Amazon has a new fantasy series coming to its streaming service, which is “a fantasy-noir set in a neo-Victorian city,” according to Deadline. All eight episodes of the show, called Carnival Row, were picked up by Amazon, which means it won’t go through the usual pilot process Amazon uses to test much of its Prime Video original programming.
That’s probably because… Read More

Pokémon GO gets three new Legendary Pokémon that’ll move around the world each month

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 Back in July, Niantic introduced a new concept to Pokémon GO: Legendaries. Meant to be some of the hardest to catch, Legendary Pokémon are ultra-strong, appear only for a limited time and require players to form “raid groups” take them down. Later today, the first set of Legendary Pokémon are leaving — and, perhaps a bit surprisingly, three new ones are already prepped to… Read More

Nobody is going to ask Cortana to talk to Alexa

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 The future of conversational AI is not a league of anthropomorphic voice assistants that we address by name to handle our problems. We will not unlock our iPhones and ask for Alexa when we need to dim our lights. We will not ask Alexa through our Echo to ask Siri to play a song. Asking your personal assistant for what amounts to a warm intro to another assistant is absolute lunacy. Read More

Microsoft’s new Mixer Create app lets you live stream games from your phone

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 Microsoft’s mobile game streaming app Mixer Create is launching out of beta testing today on iOS and Android, allowing gamers to broadcast the games they’re playing right from their phone. This feature works on Android with all games, but is more limited on iOS. On iPhone, select games that have enabled Apple’s ReplayKit functionality will work, the company notes. That… Read More

Creating a Front-End for Your User Profile Store With Angular and TypeScript

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I recently wrote a tutorial titled, Creating a User Profile Store with Node.js and a NoSQL Database, as it is a very popular subject and use-case when it comes to NoSQL databases. In that tutorial, we created an API using Node.js and Couchbase for storing users, information associated to particular users, and expiring sessions. However, it was strictly backend related with no user interface.

What if we wanted to realistically use the user profile store API? We’re going to see how to create a client front-end written in Angular with TypeScript, that communicates with each of the API endpoints.

Review: Aneng LT-001 USB Soldering Iron

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When it comes to soldering irons, most of us are likely to be in agreement that there is a level of quality below which we will not descend. To do a decent job requires a decent tool, and when it comes to soldering that means a good quality temperature controlled iron with a decent power level and a quality bit. Anything else just isn’t worth considering.

But what if you look at it from the opposite angle? When it comes to soldering, just how low can you go? In that case probably the ultimate scraping of the soldering barrel comes …read more

Marshall Headphones upgrades its Bluetooth speakers with multi-room audio

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Marshall is a name best known for its high-powered guitar amps, but the company has been licensing its brand to Zound Industries to produce more consumer-focused headphones and speakers for years now under a separate (but also very well-regarded) Marshall Headphones brand. And at IFA 2017, those speakers are making the jump to multi-room audio with upgraded versions of three of the more popular models — the Acton, the Stanmore, and the Woburn.

The biggest change for the trio of speakers is an updated control panel, which adds a new dial for adjusting between Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and preset internet radio or Spotify stations. (If that sounds at all similar to Urbanear’s multi-room speakers, it’s because it is — Zounds is a…

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Microsoft’s new Mixer mobile app lets you stream games from iOS and Android

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Microsoft is launching its Mixer Create app on iOS and Android today, allowing gamers to steam mobile games. Both apps will support mobile gameplay streaming, but there are some restrictions on the iOS side. Any games can be streamed from Android (just like YouTube or Twitch currently support), and games will need to support Apple’s ReplayKit to enable streaming from an iPhone. That means not every iOS game will work, but titles like Star Trek Timelines, Goat Simulator, Into the Dead, and Modern Combat 5: Blackout will all be supported.

Mixer Create will also include co-streaming so you can team up with PC or Xbox One streamers in a single session for viewers. During broadcasts the app also supports full access to the chat interface just…

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You can now view Instagram Stories on the web

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Instagram is adding the ability for you to view Stories on desktop and mobile web so you can see the ephemeral posts on larger screens. Instead of the usual tap left or right to move between posts and stories, Instagram is adding arrows to help you navigate.

Soon, Instagram will also allow users to upload stories via the mobile web, which might be helpful for those who go the extra length of editing their images and videos before sharing them as stories. This practice is common with brands and media companies like The Verge, but also with professional videographers and photographers. (When alerted to the news, The Verge social media team erupted in glee, describing it as “heaven sent” and “game changer.”)

The update is beginning to roll…

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Technics debuts the SP-10R, its most premium analog turntable to date

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Technics has announced it is reissuing its classic SP-10 as the Reference Class SP-10R, a model that parent company Panasonic is calling the brand’s “most premium analog, direct-drive turntable to date.”

Panasonic displayed the SP-10R prototype at IFA 2017 in Berlin, and its high-end features see it falling in line with the brand’s turn toward audiophiles in recent years. At first glance, the turntable is simply beautiful to look at, with a weighty 7KG platter for stable rotation made of brass, aluminum, and rubber. It has a separately housed power supply that’s a departure from most turntables’ all-in-one design, meant to minimize hum and vibration. It also features an updated model of the coreless direct drive Technics has featured in…

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Apple’s iPhone 8 event is happening on September 12th

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Apple has sent out invites for its next big event on September 12th, where the company is expected to reveal the next iPhone, along with updates to the Apple Watch, Apple TV, and iOS software.

Apple is widely expected to announce three new iPhones at the event: a next-generation iPhone 8 model with an edge-to-edge OLED display and a new 3D face-scanning camera, according to earlier reports in Bloomberg; and updated versions of the current iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with wireless charging. Additionally, the company is rumored to have a new 4K Apple TV in the works, along with Apple Watches that could feature LTE connectivity.

And per usual, the company is also likely to release final version of its new iPhone and Mac software around the time…

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Sony made a 5.6-foot-tall speaker for lit block parties

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Sony’s thinking of all the neighborhood DJs with its newest, massive speaker, the MHC-V90W. It’s one of the most extra speakers I’ve seen. It includes lighting effects that synchronize to the beat, and it supports Chromecast, meaning you can control it through the Google Assistant. This seems like the strangest use for Google Assistant, or at least I never thought of the Assistant being used to control massive party speakers, but I suppose DJs can benefit from voice controls, too.

The V90W syncs with up to 10 other speakers over Wi-Fi, so if one 5.6-foot speaker isn’t enough, you can get a true party chain together. The speaker features four tweeters, four mid-range speakers, and two woofers. Of course, it includes built-in wheels, so…

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Alexa and Google Assistant HomePod competitors are coming from Sony, Harman and more

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 Berlin’s big IFA trade show doesn’t officially open until tomorrow, but the announcements have already started pouring out of the show that’s come to be known as the “CES of Europe.” The event’s late-August/early-September timing has been a big part of its increasing relevance in recent years, as companies use the platform to debut wares in time for the… Read More

Five years after its launch, website building platform Strikingly raises $6M Series A

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 Half a decade after it was founded, website building platform Strikingly finally decided its time to raise a Series A. The Y Combinator alum announced that it closed a $6 million round from investors including CAS Holding, Infinity Venture Partners, Innovation Works, former Y Combinator partner Kevin Hale and TEEC. Strikingly also recently launched an app that lets users build and publish… Read More

India’s Treebo raises $34M for its budget hotel network

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 Treebo Hotels, one of the most prominent members of India’s emerging budget hotel networks, has closed a $34 million Series C round. The deal was led by new backers Ward Ferry Management and Karst Peak Capital, two Hong Kong PE firms, with participation from existing investors SAIF Partners, Matrix Partners India and Bertelsmann India Investments. Before this deal, two-year-old Treebo… Read More

This VR-ready drone is over 30% off right now

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The Micro Drone 3.0 streams live 3D footage to VR headsets, and is available in our Boing Boing store for $145.

Drones are the perfect way to cheaply shoot aerial video, but it can be difficult to accurately point its camera when your view is limited to a tiny smartphone screen. This quadcopter offers a first-person view of the action in immersive 3D, so you can frame your shots as if you were flying.

The Micro Drone 3.0 can reach speeds of up to 45 mph, letting you capture wide swaths of landscape for up to 8 minutes straight. It captures 720p HD footage, and can be piloted up to 500 feet away with its handheld controller.

This drone kit is usually $215.00, but you can pick one up for just $145.

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