HTC’s unlocked U11 phone is $50 off until July 1st

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HTC just released the red version of its squeezable U11 phone in the US, and now it’s being marked down by $50. You can get it on sale for $599. The rest of the U11 color lineup is also available at the $50 discount, including the silver, black, and blue versions. The deal includes free shipping and is valid until July 1st — tomorrow. You can order an unlocked phone through HTC’s website and enter the code “AMAZINGU11” at checkout.

A similar deal was initially available when the phone launched earlier this month. The U11’s most unique feature is its pressure-sensitive areas that respond to one-handed squeeze. You can configure a squeeze to launch different apps, turn on the flashlight, or access Google Assistant. It’s pretty gimmicky,…

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In this harrowing exclusive clip from 2:22, precognition and air travel don’t mix well

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It’s pretty well known that airlines prefer not to show in-flight movies featuring air disasters or near-disasters, so they’re certainly going to want to avoid Paul Currie’s 2:22, a supernatural thriller about an air-traffic controller whose ability to visualize strange patterns in the world pulls him into a mystery based in time, numbers, and eerie coincidence. But first, it distracts him at a crucial moment, leading to a near-disaster that no one’s going to want to watch on a plane. Here’s an exclusive clip from the movie:

2:22 clip courtesy of Magnet Releasing

Michiel Huisman, (Game Of Thrones’ second, better Daario Naharis) stars as Dylan Branson, a savant with a Beautiful Mind-esque talent for seeing how things converge and unite…

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Facebook is rolling out its “Find Wi-Fi” feature worldwide

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 Facebook is expanding one of its newer features designed to help mobile users find accessible Wi-Fi networks. The company had begun testing a “Find Wi-Fi” option last year on mobile, which highlighted free, public Wi-Fi networks nearby. At the time, the option was only available on iOS in select countries, as something of a test. Today, Facebook announced users worldwide on both… Read More

The Enermax Revolution SFX 650W PSU Review: Compact & Capable

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High performance SFX PSUs are gaining ground on the market and Enermax joins the train with the Revolution SFX series. The Revolution SFX units are modular, 80Plus Gold certified and boasting impressive performance specifications that rival these of current ATX designs. The Revolution SFX units are available in just two variations, the ERV550SWT and the ERV650SWT, and we are having a close look at the more powerful 650W version in this review.

Broflake defined

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Perhaps you are tired of the terminology of online trashtalk, where words (such as snowflake and bro) form billowing epicycles of sincerity, appropriation and reclamation. Me too! Yet there is such a pure beauty to this morning’s surprisingly viral portmanteau, Broflake.

From the Urban Dictionary:

Broflake: Straight white male offended by any feminist or ethnic activity which is not directly designed for him.

Kyle: “How come there’s no Straight Pride parade”?

Me: OMG you’re such a delicate little broflake.

If anything, this definition is too precise, as the word perfectly captures the broader dynamic wherein a person adopts a posture of devil-may-care principled insensitivity to offense, only to collapse in a puddle of outrage and/or legal threats when they are offended.

(For example, the NRA’s Dana Loesch is an excellent candidate for Broflake of the Day for Friday, June 30, 2017. After pitching an insanely totalitarian NRA recruitment ad whose anti-violence fig leaf only drew attention to its naked thirst for bloodshed, she was apparently up all night shrieking legal threats on Twitter at random anonymous interlocutors, insisting that their mockery is not free speech.)

Printrbot Teases Infinite Build Volume Printer

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[Brook Drumm] of Printrbot is teasing a new 3D printer. This is no ordinary 3D printer; this is an infinite build volume 3D printer, the Next Big Thing™ in desktop fabrication.

The world was introduced to the infinite build volume 3D printer last March at the Midwest RepRap Festival with a built by [Bill Steele] from Polar 3D. The design of [Bill]’s printer began as simply a middle finger to MakerBot’s Automated Build Platform patent. This was patent engineering — [Bill] noticed the MakerBot patent didn’t cover build plates that weren’t offset to the plane of the print head, and …read more

Toyota built a robot to help a paralyzed Army vet around the house

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Toyota recently completed its first in-home trial of its new Human Support Robot. The Japanese auto giant built the HSR to help people with disabilities perform everyday tasks around the home, like open doors and fetch water bottles. In this case, the robot was delivered to the home of a US Army vet who is paraplegic, and, as you can imagine, the results were quite heartwarming.

The HSR, with its articulated torso and arm and video calling functionality, has mainly been in use in hospitals in Japan, helping with that country’s rapidly aging population. Demonstrations showed people operating the HSR remotely via a touchscreen tablet to open curtains and deliver food and water to bed-ridden family members. But this is the first time the…

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This augmented reality concept is like a real-life video game tutorial for your Airbnb rental

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We’ve seen some cool uses for Apple’s ARKit and other phone-based augmented reality, but this concept design is one of my personal favorites: an AR overlay for settling guests into an Airbnb rental. It’s like a real-life version of the tutorial interface in a video game, except instead of telling you that you can open grates to sneak into locked rooms, it shows you how to use the thermostat or find a first-aid kit. (It’s also a clever replacement for taping notes to the wall, which is probably more accurate, but less fun to imagine.)

The concept was made by interface designer Isil Uzum, who imagines combining the augmented reality capabilities of ARKit or Google’s Project Tango with a smartphone’s location-sensing features. Airbnb hosts…

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The Cnct Intelliplug is probably the cheapest way to add smart outlets to your home

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If you’re interested at all in turning your house into a smart home, you’ll probably need some smart outlets. And the Cnct Intelliplug — currently running a funding campaign on Indiegogo — might be the cheapest and smallest plug on the market.

Cnct is currently offering the Intelliplug in three heavily discounted bundles on Indiegogo: a $25 two-pack, a $35 three-pack, and a $40 four-pack. (The $40 bundle can only be accessed through that direct link.) At $10 per plug, it’s a good deal for any smart outlet, but the Intelliplug offers some pretty robust features for the price.

Each Intelliplug has built-in Wi-Fi, so you don’t need to set up a separate bridge; offers both scheduling and timer options for switching devices on…

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Canyon and Kraftwerk collaborated to create the ultimate techno bike

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Canyon bicycles has announced that it is collaborating with famed electronic group Kraftwerk to produce a limited edition run of bikes.

Called the Ultimate CF SLX Kraftwerk, the 21 bikes produced will feature a geometric black-and-white design that harkens to Kraftwerk’s signature aesthetic developed by founding member Ralf Hütter. It’s the most complex design ever applied to a bike by Canyon; every reflective strip is cut to measure and hand-laid, taking a total of seven hours per frameset to complete.

The limited edition bikes will also feature the SRAM wireless eTap groupset, an electronic gear-shifting system that allows riders to shift with electronic switches instead of mechanical cables and switches. The components are placed on a…

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Cabin secures $3.3M for its “moving hotel”

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Cabin sleeping bus Cabin recently announced that it had secured $3.3 million in seed financing for its sleeper-car buses. (I’ll explain that concept in a minute.) The funding was led by Founders Fund’s FF Angel, with participation from half a dozen other investors. This new round of funding will enable Cabin to expand its overnight transportation services regionally and nationally.
Now, about that… Read More

Deal-finding browser tool Honey now tracks Amazon price drops, offers hotel savings

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 Since its launch several years ago, the deal-finding browser add-on Honey has grown its install base to 4.4 million users on Chrome, in addition to its smaller presence on Firefox and Safari. Initially conceived as an easier way to find savings by tracking sales and retailers’ promo codes, the company is now expanding its selection of online shopping tools to include an Amazon price… Read More

Hacking On Mars In “The Martian”

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It’s been 6 years since the hacker’s treat of a book, “The Martian” by Andy Weir, was self-published, and 2 years since the movie came out. We’ve talked about it briefly before, but enough time has passed that we can now write-up the book’s juicier hacks while being careful to not give away any plot spoilers. The book has more hacks than the movie so we’re using the book as the source.

For anyone unfamiliar with the story, Mark Watney is an astronaut who’s left for dead, by himself, on Mars. To survive, he has a habitat designed for six, …read more

Unity is the little game engine that could revolutionize animated movies

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This week, I attended the Unite Europe conference in Amsterdam, where more than 1,400 current and aspiring game developers gathered to see the latest tools and innovations from Unity, the company responsible for one of the most popular and widely used game engines. But my big takeaway from the event was less about gaming than about moviemaking: the new Cinemachine component that’s coming to Unity’s 2017.1 release feels a little bit revolutionary. It grants amazing directorial and cinematography powers to even neophyte users like me, and it goes to the heart of Unity’s stated mission of democratizing development. It’s like the stuff Epic Games talked about with the Unreal Engine back in 2015 made real today.

The web has made the pursuit…

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These $3,000 headphones roll up like a metal link bracelet

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On-ear and over-ear headphones generally tend to offer dramatically better sound than smaller, in-ear buds. The trade-off is, in exchange for better music, you have to carry around the bulkier, larger devices.

But what if you didn’t? What if you could roll up a pair of on-ear headphones and just stow them in a jacket pocket like you do a pair of earbuds? That’s the idea behind the Luzli Roller MK01, a pair of handcrafted stainless steel and aluminum headphones that feature a headband similar to a metal link bracelet on a watch. The flexible band allows them to roll up into a compact and portable package.

According to Luzli, the Roller MK01 features 22 separate stainless steel springs built into the headband, allowing the…

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Twitter inks live stream deals for Wimbledon, Comic-Con coverage, and more

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 Twitter is continuing to grow its live streaming business, with a series of new deals announced over the past week or so, including a partnership that will bring live streams from the floor of the San Diego Comic-Con in July, as well as behind-the-scenes action and news from Wimbledon, among several other efforts.
You may recall that Wimbledon was the first live-streamed sport to pop up on… Read More

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